Paradise Lost: 'Before the Internet, Music Was More Honest'

"There's no money for the music industry, but there is money for the bands," guitarist Greg Mackintosh adds.

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Paradise Lost guitarist Greg Mackintosh recently discussed the way internet has changed the music world, calling the pre-internet music "more honest."

"It's kind of killed it a little bit, because there is no money for the industry," he told the Metal Road. "I don't mean for the bands - I mean, just in the industry, there's no money - so there's not as much for tour support, things like that, or promotion, so everyone kind of has to do extra things which you wouldn't normally want to do.

"Even just like the packaging of an album, you have to do 20 different formats just to try to sell it to people. It leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. We started in the music scene when it was more honest, shall we say?! But, I mean, there's plus points to the way it is now. People get to hear things faster, people get to promote things instantly. We don't have to rehearse as much, 'cause we just send each other things over the internet," the guitarist added (via Blabbermouth).

During the rest of the chat, Greg discussed the new album progress, the follow-up to 2012's "Tragic Idol." "We're writing a new record at the minute," he said. "I think we've got about eight tracks done; we're gonna write maybe another four. So we'll get in the studio maybe October or November. Maybe November. And then the whole thing starts."

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    I think with the whole article in context, he makes a fair point of the pros and cons of the changes the internet has brought to musicians/the music industry.
    Promotion of records is something to think about though. If you rationalize there's no reason you should give more attention to someone just because they're being marketed in some well-known media vehicle.
    Seriously UG, can you learn to make headlines which do not ****ing twist the entire meaning, making him look like just another "it used to be better" whiner, when he's saying something entirely different? Do sensational headlines as much as you like when it doesn't matter, but don't screw over the meaning. On a different note, glad to see Greg here, one of the most underrated guitarists ever imo. Also, what he said seems reasonable.
    before you guys changed your sound and were a Death/Doom band, music was more honest, Gothic is one of the best metal albums of all time.