Paramore Dedicate Their Song 'Last Hope' to Robin Williams

The band joined the list of musicians paying their respects to the late Robin Williams.

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Paramore have joined the list of musicians paying their respects to the late Robin Williams.

At a recent concert in Denver, Colo., the rockers dedicated their song "Last Hope" to the fallen comic and actor, who passed away last week in an apparent suicide attempt, reports.

Singer Hayley Williams preceded the song with a long speech about fulfillment and how everyone is a "part of something," no matter how big or small their contribution.

"I realized how sad that we had been and how we had been in this place where we weren't content, we weren't fulfilled anymore," she said about the recording of their self-titled album, released last year. "It was very scary, it was very depressing. And then this song happened, and sort of a light came on and it was amazing how much I realized I was a part of something - we, the three of us, are part of something.

"I want you to know, before you leave tonight, that you, being here listening to any of your favorite bands, writing songs yourself, writing poems, reading books, any of that, you're part of something and it goes on way longer than any of us will ever be alive. You are part of something. Please know that. This song goes out to Robin Williams."

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    "passed away last week in an apparent suicide attempt." I think we're a little ways past "attempt."
    That's probably happened before. I could see someone trying to kill themselves and then end up dying in some unexpected way during the attempt. Like someone going to drive their car into a ravine and getting unintentoinally creamed by a semi on their way to do it. People generally are quite impaired in that kind of emotional state, increasing the likelihood of unusual things happening to them.
    It's kinda like Oderus Urungus dying from an "accidental" heroin overdose. That's like saying "The victim stabbed himself numerous times in the chest, but ultimately died from a condition known as 'Too Many Stab Wounds'"
    in 20 years hes gonna turn into a kurt cobain. and millians of teenage girls will have him on there shirts
    Wasn't ment to be mean. It's true. An "inspiration "
    Im still waiting for all the Bob Ross T shirt wearing girls in that case. "Inspiration" take away the quotes, the man was funny as hell, im sure he really was an inspiration to many people, in 20 years im sure he still will be