Paul Di'Anno Announces Retirement

Former Iron Maiden singer confirms quitting music.

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Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno announced retirement from the music world after wrapping up his upcoming set of tour dates. As Antimusic reports, Di'Anno made his decision crystal clear, saying, "For anyone who doesn't already know - I am retiring." The vocalist added, "But, there are still have a bunch of shows to do, that could not physically be placed into 2013 - even though I was contracted to do them during that period. So there's those shows (here and there) mostly in far off places, that I'll keep my word to perform at. In the mean time - here are the 11 remaining shows for this year (making a total of 101 shows in 2013). Hope to see many of you metal heads at some of them." Di'Anno was a member of Iron Maiden from 1978 to 1981, a period during which he delivered vocals on the band's self-titled 1980 debut and 1981 sophomore effort "Killers." The singer gained a fair amount of infamy through outbursts toward former bandmates and the current Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson. Check out his upcoming tour dates below. Paul Di'Anno 2013 Tour Dates: 12/06 - Sea Legend - Napoli, Italy 12/07 - Club House Indian Bikers MC - Salice Nuovo, Foggia, Italy 12/08 - Locanda Atlantide - Rome, Italy 12/12 - Black Horse - Como, Italy 12/13 - Blogos, Casalecchio di Reno - Bologna, Italy 12/14 - Fuori Orario - Reggio Emilia, Italy 12/15 - Wanted Rock Club - Grantorto, Italy 12/18 - Katalin - Uppsala, Sweden 12/19 - Harry B James - Stockholm, Sweden 12/20 - No Name MC - Strangnas, Sweden 12/21 - Bankiren - Vasteras, Sweden

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    Paul Di'Anno is retiring from having people not lisgten to his music
    Really? He's like injured at his knee... This guy still rocks i saw him last month in concert and it was ****in amazing. By the way, which are the best Maiden albums? Ah, right! Killers and Iron Maiden... Thank you Paul for what you did. Enjoy your retirement
    "By the way, which are the best Maiden albums? Ah, right! Killers and Iron Maiden..." No, they are not.
    Killers and Iron Maiden are the best Maiden albums with Powerslave and Piece of Mind imo. I don't understand your problem UG, I saw Paul Di'Anno this year and it was clearly one of my best concert ever. Even if he had problems to walk due to his injure, he still gave the best of himself for his audience and he enjoyed to sing... He's really stupid sometimes (usually?) i can't deny that but he was an influential and a great singer and YOU can't deny that or you know nothing about music. He's deeply human. JUST SHOW SOME RESPECT TO THIS GUY.
    He can't sing for bollocks. The best Maiden albums are Seventh Son and Powerslave. He's a homophobic, irrelevant relic. my nigga
    Who cares about a man who clearly lost all integrity a long time ago. No place for homophobia these days, could of maintained a bit of pride and shown some respect for Bruce.
    I don't care what happens to the guy, but anyone who writes off the first two Iron Maiden albums on the grounds that Paul's a douche, or they don't do the same E5-C5-D5 progression that every other Bruce era song does is a tool. Classic albums that helped set the bar for metal, and the songs flat out kick ass. I love me my Somewhere in Time and Powerslave, but Phantom of the Opera, Murders in the Rue Morgue, Killers, the underrated Prodigal Son, so much good shit. As far as the views of washed up singers from 80s metal bands, I flat out don't care what he has to say on homosexuals, race, politics, religion, etc. Those things distract from the music only as much as I choose to let them. He's a singer, you're not having the guy over to discuss the nuances of various social issues.
    I said the same thing, you are +3, I am -14.
    I think you got downvoted for saying people hate him for his punk attitude. Being an ******* =/= punk (not being ironic :p). Punk actually has/had ideals that aren't just 'talk of out your ass and don't give a shit.' If he was in the British punk scene in the 80s, there's no way fans and other bands would have put up with that shit. Hell, I'm pretty sure a band like Discharge would have collectively stomped the shit out of him. At least with Maiden his only job was to go up there and sing the songs, not shoot from the hip about whatever half assed idea farts into his head. I can separate the music from the man, and some of the things he says are flat out funny because of the irony, but the guy's been a 'professional' ******* for over 30 years.
    I don't know what to think, really. I really love the albums he did with Maiden, and some of his performances later were pretty decent (check out the acoustic "Wratchild" on Youtube, it's awesome), however his recent subpar performances and outbursts of homophobia, hostility towards his ex-bandmates, and flat-out stupidity have really made it hard for me to sympathise with him at all.
    Oh well, better late than never. Personally, I think he should have called it a day back in 1985.
    Its about time, this guy has been a total parasite of Iron Maiden's popularity for decades...
    The only Maiden albums which I never bothered to add to my collection are the first two. Can't stand them.
    matteo cubano
    what a passionless tone to the interview. "I'll keep my word to perform". like it's a chore to play a few more shows for whatever fans he has by some miracle.
    SHaun Steel
    This guy was done 15 yrs ago although killers is still my favorite maiden album though.
    Thank god, maybe he'll be able to get over his butthurtedness over the whole Iron Maiden thing when retired.
    remember tomorrow is a good song, one of my favorite maiden songs actually. bruce dickinson also performs it well. probably very disappointed that he was fired from one of the most popular bands ever...especially seeing what they have done since 1981.
    About Di'Anno, we got to separate the musician, the singer of the total ***** he is being nowadays. I respct him for the music, but not for the homophobic and Maiden-related commennts(even though it might really piss anyone off for some people screaming your sucessor's name in the band you got fired on your concert).
    The good thing about Di Anno is that he sang on my favouritve Maiden album - the first one, and I really appreciate him for that.
    I'm surprised by the lack of Jake e Lee's "Red Dragon Cartel" coverage on here. Paul Di'Anno sings on a couple of songs on their album, but no mention of it here at all.
    Total legend. People hate on him for his punk attitude, but its that exact attitude that made Maiden.
    I just can't realy respect Paul Di'Anno. All the shit he talked about Steve (comparing him to Hitler, wtf.....) and Bruce and maiden in general. being an ******* about contracts enc...Flipping out at some guy for shouting Dickinson. I mean he's not a bad artist i still consider the first 2 maiden albums to be good. but not there best. Paul Di'anno should not be such an ass