Paul Di'Anno: 'First Iron Maiden Album Sounds F--king Awful!'

Former frontman wants to see first Maiden album remixed.

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In an interview with Rock Overdose, former Iron Maiden front man Paul Di'Anno has revealed that he hates the sound of the first Iron Maiden album. When asked if he believed if the sound of the first Maiden record was more punk than metal, Di'Anno responded with the following:

"... I mean Iron Maiden was always a heavy metal band with a punk kid that was me, but the sound, oh god the sound of the first album was f--king awful.

"Somebody should remix that, there were some of the best songs on the first album, and on the second one. Somebody should do it because then it will sound even more fantastic with a really good sound behind it. But yes, we were so different from everybody else, that's what we were. A heavy metal band, playing complicated heavy metal. That was some of the fine changes that happened there. That was it, it was all good!"

Di'Anno also revealed that, contrary to rumors, his current tour will not be his final one, and that he is planning to record a new album:

"I'm gonna get my knee fixed up at some point, because it's absolutely an agony everyday with my bad knee as far as the concerts, but it's ok cause they don't wanna f--king see me, they want to hear the voice. But right now I'm making the new album, we've got about six tracks released.

"The band is called Architect To Chaos, it's a German band and we're going to do the same thing we do with Sorrowful Angels, but we've become a band, it's not just a project, it's a band. We just found out we just made the EP Of The Month in Rock Hard magazine, so it's looking great! So, one's the album is out we'd be happy to come out on the road and tour around the world again!"

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    Maybe they should re record the first and second album with Bruce Dickinson.. just a thought..
    Sorry, technically Bruce is a far more gifted singer, but Paul Di'Anno, for all his dickery honestly does suit the sound of the first two albums better. Songs like Killers and Running Free sound great with Bruce, for sure, but Di'Anno's rougher sound suits them better. Bruce is most comfortable in his falsetto, where Di'Anno's register was ideal for what they put on those albums. They were justified in firing him and he's clearly bitter as hell about it but honestly that part of the band's history should be left as is. He might look it when compared to Bruce, but at the time he was not a bad singer at all.
    Maybe they should re record the X Factor and Virtual XI with Bruce Dickinson while they're at it. it hurts me to hear Blaze singing "Afraid To Shoot Strangers," possibly my favorite Maiden song.
    Afraid to shoot strangers is from Fear Of The Dark?
    right, but there's a live version on Best of the Beast with Blaze.
    Ah, i could imagine that that would be awful, i don't mind Bayley on X and Virtual but he just can't sing the Dickinson songs
    Really? He's better than Bruce on Afraid To Shoot Strangers. This song was made for him.
    That went a lot better than expected, i know he's a very talented vocalist but it's just that most of the live performances i've heard where he has tried to sing some of Dickinsons stuff has been with mixed results,
    IMO the worst Maiden's albums are with Bruce. Just listen to "No Prayer for the Dying", "Fear of the Dark" (only fear of the dark and afraid to shoot are great songs on this album IMO) and "Brave New World" which is overrated. Dance of Death is not a good album too i think. Just my opinion...
    I love Prayer and Fear of the Dark. I think those two albums catch more flack than they deserve.
    Dude... Number. Somewhere in Time. 7th Son. Powerslave. Peace of Mind has couple of the best Maiden songs. Maybe you check them out.
    DexterF - not sure if you were replying to the comment above but no-one has said anything negative about the '80's Bruce albums which all of those are.
    You're dead on with the 90's Bruce albums, especially No prayer for the dying. BNW is overrated but it's not because of Bruce, it's just the whole "comeback" vibe to it. Dance of Death was better than Brave New World overall, it got rated just fine.
    I feel so bad for Blaze, he's such a great singer, but he'll always be remembered as "the guy who replaced Bruce for those 2 albums no one cares about". Seriously, check out his solo/Wolfsbane stuff, he's fantastic!
    THIS. Plus the guy seems really cool and down to earth unlike Di'Anno. Underrated for sure.
    Even his Maiden's album are pretty cool. Virtual XI is the most underrated album of all Maiden's discography, it was in the Top 10 worst metal album like... Really UG?
    Agreed. I love Blaze's solo albums, especially The Man Who Would Not Die.
    Wolfsbane is seriously underrated, not checked out his solo stuff though.
    It's great, start with either "Silicone Messiah" or "The Man Who Would Not Die", both excellent albums in my opinion.
    Especially a song like Comfortable In Darkness, that should prove his worth.
    Are you kidding me? I like Bruce better in general, but those two albums were perfectly suited for Blaze's voice. And Afraid to Shoot Strangers is probably his best performance on a Bruce-era song.
    Oh plz... The first albums are made for Di'Anno. It's not with Bruce that it will sound better... Di'Anno is maybe a douche but he's a nice singer with unique voice. The 2 first Maiden are my favourite cause Di'Anno is IMO at a higher level than Dickinson. Just my opinion but i really don't wanna hear Dickinson singing 'Wrathchild' or anything else from Di'Anno
    Opinion or not, Bruce Dickinson is a far superior singer than Paul Di'Anno, that's just a fact. If you prefer Di'Anno, then that's fine, but he's not at a "higher level" than Bruce.
    Bruce is a beter frontman, more technical but Vandekill has a point. The First albums were made for Di'Anno.
    Oh no, I agree with that, my comment was a response to Vandekill's claim that Di'Anno is a better singer.
    Though some of the songs might sound odd with Dickinson, i'm imagining something like his raspy early 90s voice, which is reason enough as to why he should never try to rerecord those old records.
    I'v heard Killers with Bruce and I absolutely loved it. Plus seeing the live concert footage of Murders in the Rue Morgue and Wrathchild with Bruce on the early days tour or whatever, I thought he fit the songs better.
    Sewage Rat
    I think you meant to state your opinion as: Di'Anno > Dickinson p.s. omg Dick-in-son LOOOOL
    Their sound changed quite a bit when Bruce came along. Though he doesn't sound too good with some of the earlier songs, I still think he does a pretty good Wrathchild.
    They re-recorded Prowler and Charlotte the Harlot in '88. These should give a general idea what they woulds sound like with Bruce. I'm not saying those new versions were bad, but they simply lacked the grit and vibe that made the originals so brilliant.
    Yeah no. I'll give Dickinson credit. He's a really good vocalist. But Di'Anno just kills it on every song on those albums in a way that Dickinson can't.
    Dickinson is flawless singing Di'anno stuff. That's a fact. They also should re-record some stuff from Factor X and Virtual XI with Bruce Bruce.
    I disagree, it's a raw album, not to mention lower budget. Killers, on the other hand, that album was recorded underwater by the sounds of it.
    It would be cool to hear a modern remix. The problem is that sometimes the originals get replaced. We don't want that.
    I love it raw sound and energy. A band truly hungry for success. Most of my favourite albums are bands 1st albums. (Appetite, Kill em all, Too Fast for Love).
    Paul has a point, but unless the band want it remixed it's never going to happen. It's easy to say these things 30 years on but at the time all the band loved it when released. Do the fans want it remixed?
    I wouldn't mind like a (insert number here) anniversary double disc edition with the first disc being the regular version of it and the second being a remixed version.
    I don't know why all the downvotes, he's totally right compared to killers the production quality is shit.
    Because it's Paul Di'Anno saying it. And according to UG anything Paul Di'Anno = bad. So people probably just saw it and said "I'll just downvote this without reading the article because I'm a dick like that."
    I think he's right, the sound is pretty weak on the 1st album. The only positive thing is that they had a raw energy at that time that was perfectly captured on the album.
    Steve Harris has actually said the same thing. The first album is a really bad quality recording and mix. He says they haven't changed it though because some ppl like the rawer sound. I'd like to hear it with production quality like Killers had.
    The rawness and the energy makes the first album sound great. Its really not as bad as Paul is making it out to be.
    Honestly I think it's best the way it is. Down to every last imperfection. It's gritty and aggresive sounding. Perfect for the songs on those albums.