Paul Di'Anno Looking For Band

Paul Di'Anno is looking for a structured band outside the UK to be the vocals.

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The ex-Iron Maiden vocalist, Paul Di'Anno, posted on his myspace page that he was looking for a structured band outside the UK for joining.

He said that the band he is looking must to be with a complete formation, have their own website (with mp3's samples or full length mp3's). He also says that the band must inform where they are from and send full contact info (telephones, websites, e-mails).

He is only interested in a full band, individual musicians will not be accepted.

During the year 2008, Di'Anno has made a series of concerts as a singer of the band Rockfellas, playing together with Canisso in bass guitar (from Raimundos, brazilian band), Marco on guitar (from Charlie Brown Jr., also a brazilian band) and Jean Dollabella on drums, which also plays now in the world-famous trash metal band, Sepultura.

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    he looks dead though nowardays. really scary looking. plus didnt anthrax want him?
    Paul is a good singer... maybe he should form his own band though, instead of trying to find a full band already made?
    yea im diggin the velvet revolver idea, him and axl would both be great choices if either was actually possible lol
    *forms a band* He's a nice enough guy, met him in Stansted Airport this year \m/
    As much as wrathchild is great and a lot from the s/t are good, i still struggle listening through an entire paul maiden record. give me dickinson any day!
    This guy was a pretty decent vox. Nowhere near as good as Dickinson, but, still wasn't bad. And first.
    I actually like the idea of him joining Velvet Revolver. And honestly, i like his time in maiden more than dickinson's. Bruce is a better singer, but i really like Di'annos style. It really fits the music of the first two albums, although he wouldnt have been able to do the more dynamic stuff on the later albums.
    ANTHRAX! Anyone else remember that petition that was going around for a while?