Paul Di'Anno Scraps Retirement Plans, Launches New Band Architects of Chaoz

"I spoke to the wife and she said, 'If you stay home for two months, I'll probably murder you.'"

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Former Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di'Anno officially scrapped his retirement plans and is set to return with a new band called Architects of Chaoz.

As Blabbermouth reports, the band will feature members of Di'Anno's longtime German touring group The Phantomz. The release of a studio album is also expected in the near future.

"I was gonna retire because of a bad knee," the singer told Metal Voice. "And it was really p-ssing me off. What it is, I've got a knee replacement, 'cause it's all damaged; I've had a couple of motorcycle accidents.

"I thought about quitting - not because I wanted to, but I thought, 'This could get worse. I'm doing more damage to it.' But then I thought, it doesn't make a difference; it's about the voice."

Getting down to the real reason, Paul added, "And I spoke to the wife and she said, 'Oh, my God. If you stay home for two months, I'll probably murder you.' So I decided in the end, 'F--k it.' Doing all these things is great, but I actually wanna be part of a band."

Prior to knee issues, Di'Anno already announced a retirement, but soon pointed out that "it's not an actual retirement retirement." More info here and here.

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    I saw Dianno a couple of years ago, playing in a club with a crowd of about 30 people. But it was ****en awesome! Hope he keeps goin!
    hahaahah Architectz of Chaoz? Really? are these guys a fourteen years old Asking ALexandria cover band or what?
    That picture makes him look like he's gone mad with jealousy - jealousy over Iron Maiden's success without him, that is.
    Let's see if he can finally stop milking out his Maiden days.I doubt he can...
    Why should he? Pretty much every singer who was in a successful band keeps performing the songs he did with them live. Also, honestly, I don't know if anyone would come to his shows if he stops playing Maiden songs.
    That's not exactly a positive thing, is it? It just proves he's done nothing of quality if the only attraction is "Oh hey, Di'Anno's on tonight, maybe he'll sing Running Free!"