Paul Gray's Widow Testifies Against Doctor for Involuntarily Murdering Bassist, Accuses Band of Not Helping

"Nobody cared, nobody was involved, they told me it was my problem," Brenna Gray explains.

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Late Slipknot bassist Paul Gray's widow recently testified against the doctor who treated the bassist prior to his death and is now facing involuntary manslaughter charges.

Brenna Gray took the witness stand this Tuesday (April 22), accusing Dr. Daniel Baldi of careless prescription habits, also noting that none of Paul's bandmates cared about helping him.

As Des Moines Register reports, Baldi reportedly continued prescribing Gray with Xanax despite knowing he was a struggling drug addict. "I just knew it was his drug of choice, that he'd struggled with it," Brenna told the court. "So I just wasn't really sure why he was on it, why he needed it along with the medication he was taking for addiction."

Baldi's also facing charges for involuntarily murdering eight other patients. In Paul's case, the doctor's attorney insisted that only one out of numerous pill bottles found in the bassist apartment following his death was prescribed by Baldi - a bottle of Suboxone pills.

The attorney also asked the widow on whether she was aware that the autopsy showed her husband overdosed on painkillers fentanyl and morphine, neither of which Baldi ever prescribed to him.

"You understand, do you not, ma'am, that if Paul got the morphine and the fentanyl on the street somewhere, that it's nobody's fault except Mr. Gray or the person he got it from?" the lawyer asked.

Brenna also insisted that Gray's bandmates didn't care about him, not wanting to get involved with the bassist's issues. "One was playing golf two minutes away from our house but couldn't come," she testified. "Nobody else cared, nobody was involved. They told me it was my problem."

The widow also testified about being afraid to call the authorities due to a fear of being arrested for possessing drugs stashed in their home. As Brenna also noted, Paul's final days were a blur of extreme drug abuse.

If convicted, Baldi could face up to 18 years in prison.

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    and the moral of the story is: if you're a doctor, don't treat famous people.
    It says he also has cases regarding eight other patients. I don't think his fame has much to do with it.
    The case of 8 other's does not necessarily mean anything. Going to play devil's advocate here.. I don't know if it's purely stereotypical because I'm Dutch, but I heard Americans are fast to sue someone, and doctors naturally being on the higher end of the money chain are good "targets". In retrospect.. She sues (blames) the doctor..blames the bandmembers for not stepping in..blames the authority because of drug policy to not call/call sooner...3 blames.. It's highly suggestive of a person who always blames other's..whether it's just the mourning (I hope) or she has a personality problem.
    No, you're quite correct. It's becoming almost blanket North American culture (I'm Canadian, and we're starting to exhibit the same ridiculous behavior) to sue Everything. Hell, I remember a story from years ago, where a guy broke into a house, tripped on a coffee table, or something, and sued the homeowner for negligent placement of the object. Um. What. So, yes. This is just... par for the course. We like to sue people because we have no idea how to properly deal with grief, and the thought that some people just can't stand living (be it normally, or at all). Instead, we seek some pretty goddamned dark outlets. Like making OTHER people suffer with us!
    I heard about one where I guy breaking in fell through a skylight and sued
    You're kind of correct; however, involuntary manslaughter is a criminal offense, not a civil offense (which is the kind of thing you can sue over). It's like this doctor is being prosecuted by the local district attorney, not being sued.
    Well, on the other hand, I may be going by my own experience with doctors in Poland, but the image in my head of a doctor as a compassionate angel that does his job with great passion has died a few years ago. I'm in no way saying this is a case of all doctors, or even the majority - but I've encountered and heard of countless examples of doctors who literally don't give a ****, they feel all-powerful in their position and believe they're untouchable (which, in fact, is sometimes not far from the truth), and neglect their most basic duties on a regular basis. Therefore, I do not completely reject the option Paul's wife just needs to blame someone, but then with this many things working against the doctor, I don't find this to be unlikely. Also, I bet it's not that easy for a drug addict or even his family to just deal with it, and if other responsible people/authorities screwed up, it's not unreasonable to put some blame on them. And here the problem is apparently the doctor not just not helping - the problem is that he actually contributed to the addiction getting worse. We'll just have to see what develops from this I guess.
    You make a good point, however I talked with a few doctors about this. They said they are aware, but say the human body is very complex and you need to be perfect every time in an operation cause you can't restart if someone dies thus tend to stay on top off there game in the best interest for a person in a critical condition. I also asked a oncologist how it feels to say someone has just mere weeks to live, and he replied he became depressed early in his career being the harbringer of bad news. He says the only way to stay focused is to no get emotionally attached to a patient, both for his own fear of emotional disturbance as well as not to get nervous during an operation if the connection is too personal. Imagine you are the deciding factor if someone lives or dies.. Pretty huge... Now imagine if you are close to this person as well. I can see doctors actually underperforming from this pressure so imo they may stay *******s to me if it means an ever so better chance of me staying alive.
    Well, I'm mostly not speaking about truly critical "live or die" cases here since thankfully I did not even have to deal with doctors on that level - I'm talking about much more minor (which is what Paul's case SHOULD have been) cases, which they treat with a level of negligence that can make an otherwise simple prescription go very wrong. And sorry but it does not take years of medical university and experience to know that: Prescribing an addictive drug to a drug addict when there are less dangerous alternatives is ****ing stupid.
    you do realise that most of these doctors solely exist to prescribe the rich and famous with prescription drugs no questions asked for a lot of money. Its not a new phenomenon, its happened for years....Moteley crew even wrote a song about it!
    The moral of the study should be : Don't prescribe an addict drugs that make addicted. There is other medication to help you shortly against acute withdrawal symptons, or on the long run against systematic pain (like from morphine withdrawal) If you are a doctor you should restrain from being a drug dealer for famous people anyway. You already know at that point in time that if someone is going to get killed that you might be in big trouble, besides the fact that you're not neccessarly fullfilling your duty as a doctor.
    Sorry to say but it's Paul's fault he's dead, not the doctor. You have to be accountable for your own actions. If I go to the store to buy a bunch of alcohol and later die of alcohol poisoning, do I blame the clerk who sold me the alcohol?
    That's pretty sad, I always thought Slipknot were all really close.
    Keep in mind that Brenna Gray seems pretty uninformed considering she hasn't read the autopsy. My guess: She's just upset and furious at everybody and tries to put the blame somewhere else than on her husband.
    this. If this turns out to be true, it's pretty sad. Especially considering that video they put out where they all seemed so sad at that press conference where they brought the news out.
    That being said, I've read that there were interventions to prevent Paul from doing drugs, etc. by the other band members. If this is true, they did try and help, but in the end, it was Paul's choice. The other members can't be with him all the time, and I hope they weren't fully aware of the extent of his addiction.
    matteo cubano
    yeah i don't really think this very small claim means otherwise. its easy to overlook these things sometimes with people we've known for a long time and underestimate how dangerous it actually is. also, that press conference would be a pretty damn convincing acting job if they weren't sincerely devastated by the loss
    They have had a lot of troubles though. I think after nearly every album they have gone on hiatus because they needed a break from each other (I know they did after Iowa when relations were slightly turbulent). But I didn't expect it to be this bad.
    "Nobody else cared, nobody was involved. They told me it was my problem." Corey's gonna kill this woman.
    This is an awful story... to say the least. I never thought there was this much involved in his death. Dark stuff!
    The bandmates not caring cant be true. I saw Corey when he was doing his solo tour, and he started crying when he played a tribute to paul. He couldn't have faked emotion like that.
    I know what you're talking about, I hope. Corey dedicated 'Snuff' to Paul and he broke down during it. That was very difficult to listen to without crying a bit; really emotional.
    First of, why should she make that up ? Second Corey is not the band. Sure he is a big part, but with 8 members someone might be a dick or lose his nerves..
    Ow my dear. This story just went from being horrible to being a disaster. Like, every part of this story is awful...
    Sad Paul Gray died but it just sounds like she's aimlessly pointing fingers here. it's terrible what she's going through...but really?! it's everybody's fault for this?! it's the doctor whose truly at fault!
    Maybe Joey left because he couldn't continue the farce that the band was becoming? I wouldn't go on if my fellow brother were to suddenly die. This is getting weird quick. Pretty soon they'll blame other members for providing the drugs that did him in. Much love and respect for his family
    Joey says he didn't quit, remember? Unless maybe the other members picked up on his struggles to cope that he may have been in denial of and decided to let him go...
    "...along with the medication he was taking for addiction." Taking drugs to counter being addicted to drugs... And people still act surprised when people OD and die.
    I had a close friend like this and it literally sucked the life out of me dealing with it. You try, and try, and try. Make some progress but they just keep relapsing over and over again and start using you as a crutch to get them up.Eventually it starts to affect you, and to be honest I don't blame his band mates from wanting to distance themselves after awhile. It fking eats at your soul and eventually you gotta draw a line in the fuking sand.
    SSRI'S may be to blame for his demise. 5% of the worlds population,and 50% of the worlds prescription drug addicts reside here in the U.S. My oldest kid's school "administrator's wanted me to prescribe him Ritalin in 4th grade!!! back in 1999 simply because he was always bored and thumping his pencil eraser on his desk. Paul may have been a victim of the pharmaceutical industrie's grip on society
    You cant stop someone from doing drugs who wants to do drugs. If you commit yourself to someone like that (marriage) then it is your problem. Bandmembers are business associates in the end although they may also be friends. Theyre not family members or spouses.
    Please, somebody tell me that the Slipknot member playing golf was doing it in his mask and jumpsuit... Because that mental image would make my entire year
    "The widow also testified about being afraid to call the authorities due to a fear of being arrested for possessing drugs stashed in their home" So basically you did nothing to save your own ass, what a Wife.
    Anytime there is a sudden death, almost always there is a lawyer looking to profit off of it. The lawyer gets the ear of the deceased family, and convinces them that there was foul play and the says "think of your future, think of your children's future". You don't need a verdict to get money, just a settlement. Most people would rather settle, because if you lose, the verdict will bankrupt you. Search "wrongful death" lawsuits and then tell me I am wrong...
    shes just looking for someone to blame. when it comes to addiction the first line of defence is the closest person/people the the addict in question-in this case it was her, if she really loved him she would do everything that is physically possible to help him, now as a result the planet is deprived of another great musician and possibly a few great songs