Paul McCartney Is Richest Lead Singer

The former Beatle has been revealed as the world's wealthiest front man.

Ultimate Guitar

A couple of weeks ago, Ultimate-Guitar reported that Ringo Starr was the wealthiest drummer in the world. Today, we can reveal that his former Beatles colleague, Paul McCartney joins him in the rich list, as the world's wealthiest singer. As Classic Rock is reporting, Macca's net worth is approximately $800 million dollars, a whopping $500 million more than Ringo's. McCartney is also $200 million dollars wealthier than U2 singer Bono, who came in second place in the frontman charts. Also included in the top 20 were the likes of Mick Jagger, Dave Grohl, Axl Rose and James Hetfield. A number of famous rockers, such as Robert Plant, Bruce Dickinson and Ozzy Osbourne narrowly missed out on the top 20.

The list's top 30 is as follows:

01. Paul McCartney: $800m 02. Bono: $600m 03. Jimmy Buffett: $400m 04. Elton John: $320m 05. Mick Jagger: $305m 06. Sting: $290m 07. Phil Collins: $250m 08. Dave Matthews: $250m 09. Prince: $250m 10. Dave Grohl: $225m 11. Rod Stewart: $220m 12. David Bowie: $215m 13. Bruce Springsteen: $200m 14. James Hetfield: $175m 15. Axl Rose: $150m 16. Roger Waters: $145m 17. David Gilmour: $130m 18. Steven Tyler: $130m 19. Jon Bon Jovi: $125m 20. Anthony Kiedis: $120m 21. Sammy Hagar: $120m 22. Robert Plant: $120m 23. Bruce Dickinson: $115m 24. Eric Clapton: $115m 25. Brian Johnson: $90m 26. Ozzy Osbourne: $90m 27. Gwen Stefani: $80m 28. Eddie Vedder: $80m 29. Bob Dylan: $80m 30. Brian Wilson: $75m

Celebrity Net Worth, who provided the list, had the following to say about being a rock front man/woman:

"There's no better job on the planet than being frontman or woman for a major rock band. Not only to lead singers get most of the glory, attention, accolades and groupies they also make a ton of money.

"It definitely helps if you also happen to a prolific songwriter.

"The fact that many of the richest lead singers are still performing today is a testament to their talent or maybe they just love making millions of dollars and getting showered with adulation."

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    Surprised to not see Simmons or Stanley on here. Oh and it's pretty great to see Hetfield ahead of Axl. lol
    No shit McCartney is the richest lead singer. I don't really care for their music but the Beatles are arguably the biggest band in history. In other news, the sky is blue, the world is round and UG is still posting painfully obvious articles.
    I would think Tom Petty would be on this list with the countless number of hits hes had over 30+ years
    that awkward moment when James Hetfield has more money than Ozzy, I guess alcohol is cheaper than cocaine.
    And Sir Paul doesn't own his half of the Lennon-McCartney publishing rights. If he owned those as well he'd probably be worth well over $1 billion. ...and kinda surprised David Lee Roth isn't on the list.
    Roger Waters richer than David? I lol'd
    Why? Roger's been much more active than David as far as worldwide Tours are concerned. Also, he has more writing credits than any other person related to Pink Floyd, I think it's logical to assume he gets more royalties thad David.
    Dave Grohl is one of the richest drummers AND one of the richest lead singers. Fuck yeah!
    Surprised that Dave Matthews is in the top ten, not that I don't like him I think he's great.
    A lot of the English rockers are taxed through the roof, about 75% over in England. Paul McCartney really only takes in $200m. It is still a lot of money, and but Jimmy Buffet being taxed at 36% make a little more than $250m.
    I think it is net worth, after taxes. May be wrong. Even if you are 100% correct: $200mil ain't bad.
    Alright, Axl Rose should NOT be that rich. The guy's got an awesome voice but...really? I don't even think he should have made that list.
    he may be a douche, but he was part of some great albums, one of which is one of the most influential albums in rock and he somehow snaked his way into still profiting off of those creations.
    I just don't understand how he's still making money with the new "Guns N' Roses." And he still shows up late.
    Floyd Phoenix
    This isn't really news.... The only person who could have been richer is Elvis, but he's dead. It's a shame Paul's voice sucks these days...
    Cant believe Axl Rose made this list. Sure hes basically toured non stop since democracy was released but before that he did practically nothing except collect royalty cheques for 17 years. Also expected Jon Bon Jovi to be alot higher.