Paul McCartney Joined by Nirvana Members Onstage Again

Band hit the stage with "Cut Me Some Slack" and some of Beatles classics.

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Paul McCartney was joined by the three surviving members of Nirvana at his gig in Seattle last night (July 19), NME reports.

McCartney was giving the first ever concert at the Safeco Field in Seattle, the city whose grunge scene Nirvana became an integral part of. To mark the occasion, he welcomed Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear on stage during his encore to play "Cut Me Some Slack," the track they recorded together last year for Grohl's "Sound City" film project.

The Nirvana trio stayed on to play a selection of Beatles classics with McCartney: "Get Back," "Helter Skelter," "Golden Slumbers", "Carry That Weight" and "The End." Watch Paul McCartney performing "Helter Skelter" with Nirvana below.

McCartney first played live with Grohl and Novoselic at a Hurricane Sandy benefit gig in New York last December. A few days later, they played "Cut Me Some Slack" again on iconic US TV show Saturday Night Live - this time joined by Smear on guitar.

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    I was here, and I've seen bands like Rush and Primus live but this was and probably always will be the best concert I've ever been to. Paul may be 71, but he has the power and energy of a 18 year old. When they played Live and Let Die, during the big transition from soft to fast there was a big BOOM of fireworks that went off for like a minute straight behind the stage that rose reallllly high. Here's a pic In between most of the songs he stopped and talked to the crowd about what the next song was about or just told some random story. For example, at the end of a Wings song they played they transitioned into the main riff for Jimi Hendrix's Foxy Lady and soloed over that. After that song finished he said that he had the pleasure of knowing Jimi and the first sunday after Sgt. Peppers released Jimi played a concert and opened with that title track song. During that concert he used his whammy bar, and since he used it his guitar was wayyyyy out of tune. He stopped mid-song and called Eric Clapton out of the crowd to come up on stage and tune his guitar for him. All in all, Paul is a nice, energetic guy who puts on an AMAZING show and should never die.
    I live near Seattle, and I had no real desire to see Paul, but I would have pretty much sold my soul to see Dave, Krist and Pat. Seriously, I feel I have missed one of the greatest local-concerts of all time. I would have done... terrible things to see the Nirvana-survivors play together, yet all of those appearances have been surprises. Terren Daly (Spelling?), a radio-host for Seattle's 99.9 KISW, made my day really crappy with her bragging about how awesome the show was. *Fetal position*
    Don't get me wrong, these guys are all great but I'm fairly confident that if Dave Grohl took a crap on stage people would be cheering and saying it was the greatest thing ever, this guy can do no wrong
    I'm pretty sure I saw Pat Smear at the Sandy Benefit Gig too... Yes. Yes I did.
    While this is cool, I wish dave had stayed on drums to play the Beatles songs. Grohl + The End = my life made.
    Wohoo Paul!!! Still got the energy!!
    Dude's ****in' 70 and can STILL sing that well...The best argument for vegetarianism I've seen yet.
    Can this please become something bigger already, we need this collaboration to survive
    Glad they played some Beatles tracks, since "Cut Me Some Slack" was kind of *puts on flame shield* ...boring.
    I enjoy the collaboration, but I don't see this as a Nirvana reunion without Kurt. To me it's more a group of musicians just playing together for the enjoyment of it all.
    I would much rather of seen Dave on drums, pat and krist on guitar, Paul on bass and that be the whole band onstage. I hate these jams with 15 guitar players. The member's of Nirvana may as well be dancing up there. This is just Paul's live band with 3 guest guitarist that cannot be's nothing special other than aesthetics.
    Pat Smear was also there for the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert...
    since when was Pap Smear a full time member of Nirvana?
    He's considered by many fans and assumingly, Krist and Dave as the unofficial 4th member of Nirvana. They even wanted Pat to be a full time member but of course, Kurt did what Kurt did and that stopped it.