Paul McCartney May Be Working On Two Albums

Despite having released "Kisses on the Bottom" as recently as this past February, Sir Paul McCartney is reportedly back at work on a new album.

Ultimate Guitar

Even at the age of 70, Sir Paul McCartney refuses to slow down. Despite having released "Kisses on the Bottom" as recently as this past February, he is reportedly back at work on a new album. It's possible that he may even have two new projects in the pipeline, UltimateClassicRock reports.

Producer Ethan Johns, best known for his work with hitmakers Kings of Leon, recently told that he has been recording with McCartney. "It's sounding great," Johns said. "He's still one of the most extraordinary recording talents. There's a song on the record called 'Hosanna' which is absolutely heartbreaking - just Paul and an acoustic guitar. It's gorgeous."

Johns, who called the work, "classic Paul," has already booked two sessions with McCartney and has a third coming in the next few weeks. "I'm not sure what [the plan] is," he continued. "I'm simply a guy in his phone book he calls up every now and again and asks if I want to do something. And you don't say no to McCartney.

This summer, McCartney spent some time in the studio with another in-demand producer, Mark Ronson, who has worked with Adele and Amy Winehouse. McCartney has known Ronson, whose mother was married to Foreigner's Mick Jones, for years, and even saved his life when Ronson was a little boy.

But McCartney doesn't usually work with multiple producers on an album, which fuels speculation about whether or not he has two albums in the works. McCartney is also working to compose music for Bungie, creators of the popular video game series "Halo", on their newest game.

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    70 years old, working on new material and still tours relentlessly... Alimony is a bitch
    really excited to see the work he's doing with bungie on their next game. marty o'donnell is one of my favorite musical minds.
    Josh Reubenking
    Gotta respect this man. I am not a huge fan, but gotta respect him for continuing to do what he loves even at his age. He's still out there, doing what he loves to do. Keep it up, Sir Paul!