Paul McCartney May Finish Incomplete George Harrison Song

artist: George Harrison date: 05/14/2012 category: general music news

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Paul McCartney May Finish Incomplete George Harrison Song
Nothing is confirmed yet, but it's possible that Sir Paul McCartney may complete a song that George Harrison left unfinished when he died. Classic Rock reports that Harrison's widow Olivia has several unfinished songs and has contemplated asking Macca for his help. She told: "I had an idea of giving unfinished songs to different people giving one to Paul, maybe, or giving one to somebody else and saying: "Here are the bones of a song, would you like to finished it?" I think that would be a nice idea." Olivia also debunks the myth that Harrison's creativity was stifled by John Lennon and McCartney. "Nobody can stifle you as a writer," she said. "You can just keep writing. You might not get your song on an album. It seems to be history that he was suppressed or something but really, he developed later as a songwriter." Thanks for the story to
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