Paul McCartney's Plan To Save The Planet

Paul proposes a "meat free monday" to reduce the effect of livestock on climate change. Meanwhile, hear his new charity single to support families affected in the Hillsborough disaster.

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Paul McCartney says that eating less meat could save the planet.

He proposes a weekly Meat Free Monday, as the livestock industry is apparently one of the most underrated causes of climate change.

"Although more and more evidence is coming to light showing how the growth of the global meat industry is having alarming environmental consequences, the impact of the livestock sector on global warming does not yet seem to have been acknowledged," Paul writes in a letter to world leaders (via UltimateClassicRock). "Encouraging initiatives such as Meat Free Monday would make a considerable difference to the future of the planet."

Meanwhile, Paul has taken part in a charity single alongside other British singing stars to support families from his native town of Liverpool.

In 1989, a tragedy at Liverpool football stadium left 96 fans dead in a crush due to overcrowding. It was recently revealed that police covered up evidence so they could blame fans for the disaster.

Proceeds from their cover of Neil Diamond's "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" will go to the affected families' ongoing legal battle.

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Do you think a "Meat Free Monday" could help save the planet? Share your views in the comments.

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    People could evolve into a smarter species if we stopped hanging on so tightly to the way things are. It's like we can't do anything unless some politician or a TV show tells us to... but screw 'em, they don't care about our best interests... They're profiting off of our stupidity!
    Not all people are. In every stage of evolution, there'll always be some people left behind or dragged along, and some who understand and take the next step.
    People will never stop eating meat, but conditions in meat factories could improve 10x.
    People could evolve into a smarter species if we stopped hanging on so tightly to the way things are.
    I'm vegetarian anyways, but people really don't realize how terrible the meat industry really is
    As much as I love Paul McCartney, I will eat whatever the hell I want and whenever I want. Sorry.
    He's got a point. If we eat less, we shit less. If we shit less, shit eaters have less to eat and disappear.
    It's more that we're overproducing animals horrendously (Namely cows, who cause 40% of global polution) and if we ate more plants; we could easily feed a growing population, as well as cut down on emissions from our food production. Also it requires 10 times less energy to produce plants than meat for food. And yes, you can get all your nutrients from plants.
    But it does not necessarily mean that we have to stop eating meat altogether.
    which brings us to "meat-free monday" its 1 day in the week. think about it.... even french fries are potatos, which are plants in a way, so you could still go to a snackbar on mondays
    Very true. And as vegan of 3+ months, I can tell you that it's surprisingly easy to not eat meat (though admittedly getting all the other animal-products out of your diet is tricky). That said, another very silly article title from UG. Meat-free monday isn't Paul's invention, it's just something that has already been created that Paul is now promoting. However, I guess since it raises awareness about environmental benefits of vegetarianism I'm actually happy with UG
    I agree that we should eat less meat, but I really feel that that was a naive statement. People aren't just going to change their habits like that. If a few people make the switch though based off of his comments, then all the better, but it's just not realistic to expect a large scale switch and even then people are still going to eat quite a bit of meat on the other days. They might even compensate on the other days to make up for it.
    true, but i think all change comes slow. there's more and more people doing all sorts of little things to make this world a better place, hopefully raising their kids that way and passing it on.
    I don't eat meat anyway, I think Paul's got a good point. He's a great guy for caring and sharing his thoughts. Obviously there'll always be ignorant people who'll be all "wtf I'll do whatever I want and don't care about the planet, I'll die before it'll end anyway..." and so on, but I'm sure there's also people willing to get in the boat and try making things a little better. And honestly, it's unhealthy to eat meat every day anyway. People lack vitamins, fruits and vegetables.
    And it's not Neil Diamond's song either, the Hollies did it first, but it was written by Scott and Russell.
    Paul McCartney is dead!!
    If the real Paul is dead the fake Paul still made Sgt. Pepper, White Album, Let It Be, Abbey Road, Magical Mystery Tour, and Yellow Submarine. Fake Paul is better.
    He died in 1966 and they hired "Faul" as his replacement. Anyone who knew anything about the Beatles back then knows about how that was a conspiracy back in that day. Not saying its true in anyway at all. If anyone was a Beatles fan would find the reference slightly amusing.
    Woow... isn't he amaazing??
    I think I will try it. Not that I think it will benefit the world as much as he thinks, but at least I can say I tried.
    Sorry my dear Paul, but Co2 thing is a complete scam. Eating less meat will change nothing.
    I still don't get how people can be so ignorant to cliate change. IT'S HAPPENING! IT'S SO F*CKING OBVIOUS! there's so much proof that it actually makes my stomach turn when I hear people saying it's not real.
    I respect him for the Hillsborough single because that's my football club but meat free monday is absurd.
    Why did the two great Beatles have to die instead of the douche and the guy no one cares about...
    How dare you Paul. . I eat meat and I always will. . no matter what the day is. . How do you sleep at night??
    Good Luck with it Paul but I think this planet is beyond saving now.