Paul Stanley: 'I Can See Simmons' Ego From My House'

artist: KISS date: 06/18/2012 category: general music news

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Paul Stanley: 'I Can See Simmons' Ego From My House'
Paul Stanley admits Kiss bandmate Gene Simmons lets his ego run away with him and talks as if their achievements as a partnership are all his own work. And the frontman is amazed that anyone would pay attention to a musician's opinions on other matters, which is why he keeps his thoughts to himself. Stanley tells CNN: "Gene lives about five minutes from me - I can see his ego from my house!" "Gene enjoys being out there saying me, me, me' when it's actually we, we, we.' We're partners, and part of the dynamic of a successful partnership is knowing its limitations." "Friends come and go; we're family, which is more important." While Simmons is happy to answer any political question he's asked, Stanley prefers not to do the same. "I certainly have my own opinions," he says. "But to stand up and think I have some sort of transfusion of knowledge on subjects I'm not that familiar with?" "It's embarrassing and astonishing to see people given media coverage who don't deserve it. There's nothing more embarrassing than seeing people who've become famous in film or music suddenly feeling they're in a position to have qualified opinions about anything other than music." "I'm stunned when people actually take them seriously. That's not a sleight to anybody who's close to me that's my astonishment at what I see on television." "Does it really matter what somebody who has a hit record things of the political scene? It's absurd to me." Meanwhile, Kiss have confirmed a tie-in deal with comedy cartoon franchise Family Guy. The band have appeared in the show three times and they've extended their relationship with a co-branded product line to be released later this year. Stanley says: "We're focusing more and more on the upper-tier, blue-chip opportunities for prestige partnerships. Family Guy's track record and consistent success with its demographic makes this match ideal." Thanks to Classic Rock Magazine for the report.
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