Paul Weller Collaborates With Liam Gallagher's Clothing Label

artist: Paul Weller date: 06/01/2010 category: music news
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Paul Weller has agreed to work on designs for Liam Gallagher's clothing label, Pretty Green. The news was relayed via the label's Web site, which also revealed the Modfather wore a bespoke suit made by Pretty Green to his own specifications during his recent five-night residency at London's Royal Albert Hall that finished on Friday, May 28. Weller told the Web site, "Nick [Holland], Pretty Green's creative director, measured me up and it turned out top. It's double-breasted, grey with a chalk stripe. Almost like a gangster suit, but with a little kick to the trousers." Gallagher announced he was entering the rag trade last March, basing his designs on what the former Oasis frontman would wear himself. Now he is working with one of his heroes. "I've got designs for suits, jackets, shoes - I've been talking to Liam about them," Weller said. "It's the same principle as what he's doing, really - stuff I'd wear myself." The ex-Jam main man reckoned his designs would easily complement the Pretty Green range, despite his Surrey upbringing and Gallagher's Mancunian roots. "I certainly admire Northern style; I've got a fantastic white Parka from Pretty Green. Mind you, up there they have to wear big coats, being so cold." Thanks for the report to
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