Pavement Reunion Might Come To An End

Pavement hinted about their future during a gig in Las Vegas last Friday.

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Pavement hinted about their future during a gig in Las Vegas last Friday (October 1).

The California band broughtthe first day of indie label Madator's 21st birthday celebrations to a close with an 18-song set plagued by sound problems at the Pearl Ballroom in the Palms Casino.

There was an icy atmosphere on stage, with frontman Stephen Malkmus and the other four members barely acknowledging each other, while guitarist Scott Kannberg kicked his monitor and smashed his guitar into his amp in frustration at not being able to hear what he was playing.

Speaking during the set, Malkmus appeared to hint that it may be the reformed band's last gig together.

"It's great that Matador organised this event," he said. "I think it's going to be important that you came here."

The band reformed in 2009 for a string of dates, but have yet to announce further plans.

Playing their first gig in the city since 1994, the band were on fine form when not plagued by technical difficulties, rolling out hits "Shady Lane", "Cut Your Hair" and closer "AT&T".

Malkmus later picked out a member of the front row he recognised, saying: "I remember you. You were a bad girl in New York. You threw up in our bathroom," before breaking into "She Believes".

Pavement played:

01. Grounded 02. Perfect Depth 03. Stereo 04. Elevate Me Later 05. Shady Lane 06. Conduit For Sale 07. Starlings Of The Slipstream 08. Box Elder 09. Fin 10. Kennel District 11. Cut Your Hair 12. Two States 13. Gold Soundz 14. She Believes 15. Range Life 16. Stop Breathin' 17. Shoot The Singer 18. AT&T

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    That is sad news. Well, if they can't play well together and want to call it quits, then they are the artists, they call the shots.
    i got so exited to see Pavement again - Truly one of the last great bands. i still listen to "Grounded" and the "Watery Domestic" EP daily.