Pay Weezer $10m To Split Up

artist: Weezer date: 10/06/2010 category: music news
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Haters of US rockers Weezer have launched a fundraising campaign to pay the band $10m to split up. Organisers are looking for donations towards the grand total, which they'll offer to mainman Rivers Cuomo in return for agreeing to end what they call an abusive relationship with the public. They're hoping that if all 852,000 people who bought Weezer's Pinkerton album donate $12, the target will be reached and no one will be asked to pay any money unless pledges cross the $10m mark. Spokeman James Burns says: If we reach at least $10m we get a chance to possibly stop hearing about a shitty new Weezer album every goddamn year. I've never been a fan of the band but this isn't about me. This is about Weezer fans they are our brothers and sisters, our friends and our lovers. I'm tired of them being disappointed. Every year Rivers Cuomo swears that he's changed and their new album is the best thing he's done since Pinkerton. And what happens? Another pile of crap. I'm tired of endless whimsical cutesy album covers and videos. This is an abusive relationship and it needs to stop now. I beg you, Weezer: take our money and disappear. Check out the campaign details here. Cuomo and co were recently involved in controversy over naming their latest album Hurley. Cuomo said it was simply because he liked a photo of the character in the TV show Lost of that name but guitarist Brian Bell suggested a surf clothing company called Hurley paid them to use the title. Bell later issued a retraction which said the Hurley company did not pay for the recording or writing of the album but he didn't comment on whether they paid to title the release. Thanks for the report to RockRadio.
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