Pearl Jam And Guns N' Roses Supergroup In The Works

Members of Pearl Jam, Guns N' Roses and Screaming Trees have formed a supergroup.

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Members of Pearl Jam, Guns N' Roses and Screaming Trees have formed a supergroup.

Pearl Jam's Mike McCready has joined forces with former Guns N' Roses member Duff McKagan and former Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin for a brand new, as-yet-unnamed, band, NME reports.

Speaking to Billboard, guitarist McCready said the band will be fronted by a host of different singers, possibly including Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman.

He said: "Duff and Barrett and I got together. We wrote some new stuff and we took some of those old Mad Season demos from that second 'Disinformation' record, so we are trying to find something to do with those. We're talking to Jaz from Killing Joke and I've been trying to find some singers to work on some of that stuff."

Mad Season was the band that McCready and Martin played in with the late Alice In Chains singer, Layne Staley, in the 1990s. The band only released one album, "Above", which will be re-released next month.

The band's second album, "Disinformation", was never released.

The idea for the new band came together when McCready and Martin were working on the Mad Season re-issue. Martin adds: "I had a whole bunch of song ideas and Mike had a whole bunch of song ideas... We decided that we would go into the studio and record them. Right now they're being sent out to different singers. Mike and Duff are overseeing that because they know everybody."

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    Duff has done so much since GNR...
    This is so cool. I love supergroups. Curious to find out who will be singing.
    I seen "Guns N Roses" and thought "who wants to see Axl's studio musicians in a supergroup?" pleasantly surprised to find out it's duff.
    So is there a whole second album with Layne singing or did they just not finish it?
    The whole second album is either instrumentals or have Mark Lanegan of the Screaming Trees on vox. Sadly, Layne wasn't able to get it together to continue with Mad Season. :/
    Aww, man. I was looking forward to hearing Axl sing Eddie Vedder's Uke Songs. Dang.
    Walking Papers?
    I'm really surprised to have only seen two comments having anything to do with Walking Papers. I saw them at a local festival last September and they kicked all sorts of ass. I got Mike McReady to wave to me mid-solo, then after the set he actually gave his FX-pedals used during the show to other people around me in the mosh pit.
    wouldn't it be better if there was a super group with the Spice Girls, N Sync, and the Backstreet Boys :O
    There is, it's called Fall Out Boy. Can't wait to hear what McCready, McKagan and Martin are up to and who will besinging in this project.
    Duff is 1 of the coolest guys in rock and knows everyone. Would love to see velvet revolver get a hard core singer like Corey Taylor in and realease something bit rough n ready though
    I saw the title and got really scared who from GNR was playing with them, then I saw Duff and all was forgive
    So..what about Velvet Revolver?
    I hear Scott Weiland isn't doing anything... But seriously, I do miss Velvet Revolver and wish they would come back
    i miss gnr... they gotta have some old demos and recordings lying around from back in the day. since we wont see them why doesnt axl go f*** you slash and release old material? i mean i love slash and he would probably be pissed but ill take a pissed of slash for old gnr music..
    Scott Weiland is actually on a studio tour playing BOTH the Purple and Core albums. Getting fired will probably help ticket sales, i'm meerly guessing.
    OoOOoHHh sweet bahhwahhaaaaa, Oh oh oh OhhHHhh sweet lurv of mererrnnn
    This is great news, I love Duff's bass playing, and can't wait to hear what they come up with
    Screamed in agony, then realized it's Duff. Everything got better. Fuck GNR.
    How about another Temple of the Dog album huh McCready! Hahaha jks Although...
    So now a supergroup is just a bunch of average guys from different bands?
    dont know where you've been, it's always been this way, and these guys aren't 'average', they've all hold recognition of their own in the business.
    I don't know where you've been. A supergroup is supposed to be when each member is widely known as a legend at their place in the band. It was always this way, until about 2 years ago.
    Did I hear "average" in a comment and the news included Jaz Coleman ?? Kid, you should help yourself, and shut the **** up. Read the history of rock and roll and learn about KILLING JOKE. Afterwords, you will understand how ignorant you are
    I don't need to read about the history of rock and roll, kid, I've lived through it. I was playing music when you were still crawling around in your shit. Get a clue.
    dont know where you've been, it's always been this way, and these guys aren't 'average', they all hold recognition of their own in the business.
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    Sounds interesting, since McCready and Barrett played with Layne Staley on Mad Season, and sounded amazing. I wonder what they'll do with Duff?
    Cool! Jaz is a Kiwi citizen now it'd be good to hear. I was, and still am GNR mad but I don't know why people want a reunion? It would suck. If you missed them in the late 80's early 90's well, tough. You won't get a reunion until Slash leaves Perla anyways. The end.