Pearl Jam Guitarist on Nirvana Relationship: 'There Was This Weird Wall Between Us, Us Versus Them'

artist: Pearl Jam date: 11/01/2013 category: music news
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Pearl Jam Guitarist on Nirvana Relationship: 'There Was This Weird Wall Between Us, Us Versus Them'
Mike McCready of Pearl Jam recently remembered the early days of grunge, particularly the strange tension between his band and Seattle scene icons Nirvana. After explaining Esquire that he's working on a documentary about a Seattle DJ Marco Collins, the guitarist touched on late Kurt Cobainm. "There's some footage of Kurt, of him talking about 'In Utero,' and it made me think, 'Wow, he's so young,'" Mike said. "He was in his mid-20s, when they interviewed him, and it brought me back to that time when there was this supposed tension between all of us, this press-created thing. There probably was some of that, but toward the end of it, there wasn't." McCready continued, "I think he and Ed had talked. I remember we were at the MTV VMAs, and I just jumped over the seats, and I said [to Cobain], 'Hey, I heard you and Ed might be doing a record some day. I'd love to play a lead on it.' And he goes, 'Oh, we'll talk about it some other time.' I just felt like I had to reach out, because there was this weird wall between us, us versus them or them versus us, and it wasn't." Mike then stressed that all Seattle bands shared a strong bond, saying that they "all came from the same scene, in my mind. We came out of a very provincial city that was not very supportive of music, and we had to do our own thing, and flyer everywhere. There was never support from the city to do music there, not as there is now. We had to do that, Nirvana had to do that, the Soundgarden guys did that, but we'd all go to each other's shows, too. We'd go to the same parties.

"So we all kind of came up together. When it got huge and we all went on the road, we were happy for everyone else, and I wish Kurt was happy, too. In this documentary, it made me kind of sad, obviously, to see him as such a young man, and wish he could be around to see where they'd be now, you know what I mean?"
Pearl Jam released their new record "Lightning Bolt" on October 15 through Monkeywrench Records. With 166,000 units shipped in the US within the first week, it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, earning the band their fifth chart topper.
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