Pearl Jam Looking to Be More Like Pink Floyd

artist: Pearl Jam date: 10/16/2013 category: music news
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Pearl Jam Looking to Be More Like Pink Floyd
Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready recently discussed the band's "Sirens" single off the latest record "Lightning Bolt," calling it somewhat of an homage to rock icons Pink Floyd. As Classic Rock reports, McCready told Billboard that the tune had a clear goal of bringing the band's sound closer to Floyd vibe. "Before it was called 'Sirens,' it was written two years ago," he said. "I was at Roger Waters concert and was completely blown away by 'The Wall.' I wanted to write something that would have a Pink Floyd type feel." He explained further, "We recorded a demo of it [but singer Eddie Vedder] didn't put the lyrics on it until the second time we went back in. I heard them the night that he put them on there and they just brought me to tears. This is Ed at his best in my mind." "Sirens" dropped in mid-September as the record's second single and was followed with an official video. The album itself saw its release yesterday (Ocbober 15) through Monkeywrench Records. Check out the tune below and let us know if you hear any Pink Floyd similarities.
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