Pearl Jam Officially Top the Billboard Chart With 'Lightning Bolt'

Band sells 166,000 units in the first US week, knocks Miley Cyrus off the throne.

Ultimate Guitar

Seattle rock veterans Pearl Jam have officially scored their fifth No. 1 US record as "Lightning Bolt" topped the Billboard 200 chart this week with 166,000 units shipped within the first week. Eddie Vedder and co. have therefore knocked pop star Miley Cyrus off the throne, since her "Bangerz" release scored 72,000 copies sales figure. As Billboard reports, the given amount of copies is the smallest debut frame in Pearl Jam history, but was still enough to become the largest debut figure in the rock domain since last November. The group's previous album, 2009's "Backspacer," opened with 189,000 units. Apart from five No. 1 spots, the rest of Pearl Jam records also scored impressive sales, as four of their albums reached No. 2 chart peaks and only a single No. 5 spot with 2002's "Riot Act." On the rest of this week's chart, former the Beatles bassist Paul McCartney landed at No. 3 with his "New" effort, country veteran Willie Nelson entered on No. 9 with "To All the Girls" and folk rockers Head and the Heart rounded up the Top 10 with their sophomore record "Let's Be Still." "Lightning Bolt" dropped on October 15 via Monkeywrench Records. Featuring Brendan O'Brien in charge of production duties, the album spawned two singles so far - "Mind Your Manners" back in July and "Sirens" tune in mid-September.

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    now after a very long time..... UG deserves RESPECT(for real and great news)..... i hav faith in humanity now....
    Lightning Bolt is a good album and hitting #1 on Billboard is always a pretty good accomplishment. The sad part of it is that now we're going to see all the "OMFGGG MUSIC HAS BEEN SAVED!!", "I HAVE FAITH IN HUMANITY AGAIN" and "SUCK IT MILEY LOOOOL" comments, as if PJ fans were superior to Miley fans. Oh well...
    I'd certainly rather hang out with Pearl Jam fans than Miley fans. Maybe I'm a little biased cause I'm a PJ fan, but I've seen both fan bases, I'll stick with mine.
    I don't get why people think Backspacer was a disappointment. I thought that album rocked too. Heck, I even liked Riot Act!
    not only is this a refereshing bit of news for rock, but it sounds like Pearl jam is getting back to a VS sound which isa great thing in my opinion! Love the tracks ive heard so far. I need to stop slacking and get the CD!
    Nero Galon
    Does this mean PJ will be on the radio in the US? Because in UK its only really singles charts that get played.
    They get played on the radio in the US, at least the stations around me do, but like you said it's only the singles. You get either one of the hits off of Ten, or you get Just Breathe.
    Nero Galon
    Damn. Everything i've heard about US radio stations sounds 1 million times better than UK.
    my local radio station plays tons of the non single songs, and live stuff too. one of the guys there is a huge fan of the grunge scene, so its not limited to just pearl jam either.
    Nero Galon
    My local radio station is know as Heart Radio. Infamous for its never changing playlists of pop yet they still preach "MORE MUSIC VARIETY". BULLSHITTTTT. Then there are all the copycat stations that play all the same stuff as Heart within the area. Can never trust Radio 1 to play anything decent either.
    Good to see them at the top. The whole knocking Miley off the charts thing is a bit specious, since Bangerz has been out a few weeks and it was easy to outsell at this point, but whatever. The album itself is pretty solid too and I like it a hell of a lot more than I did Backspacer.
    Nice to see Pearl Jam getting some recognition and hopefully gaining some new fans from being at the top of a "mainstream" chart. Well done guys, another brilliant album
    An EXCELLENT album by my favorite band! I have them tattooed on my heart. For real! A blue Stickman on my chest, did it 8 years ago. PJ for the win!!!
    I don't like the album and I'm a PJ fan but nice to see a good band at #1
    Why has he been downvoted? He just said he didn't like the album but it was still good to see the album top the charts, what's the problem?
    Tbh Paul McCartney's "New" album is better than Lightning Bolt.
    Completely agree. No idea why people are down voting, this album really isn't that good. It's too pop punk to be called a true Pearl Jam album. And that's hard for me to say being such a die hard fan.
    A true Pearl Jam album is an album with Pearl Jam on it. Bands evolve dude, they aren't crazy young blokes smashing out grunge tunes anymore, they've grown up
    I'm digging the new Joan Jett and Paul McCartney MUCH more than the Pearl Jam... the new Richie Ramone though, not so much.
    The "instant like" factor isn't as big as the avocado-record but it's certainly not a disappointment thus far. I'm wondering how much I'll like this record a few months from now. But I'm ESPECIALLY eager to see them performing live again because for some inexplicable reason I decided to skip their show last time around (something to do with money I guess, or rather the lack of it). Boy did I feel sorry immediately afterwards
    I really hate it when people refer to an album or a single as a 'unit'.
    For such a long time 'Ten' was the only PJ album i had listened to. After giving the others a listen, i think im definatly going to give this a listen aswell.
    the new pearl jam isnt anything special... some songs put me to sleep. Least its a bit better than backspacer.