Pearl Jam Ready to Make a Big Announcement Next Monday

The iconic grunge band has launched a countdown on their website - what will happen when it comes to an end?

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Looks like Pearl Jam are ready to make a big announcement. The band has launched a countdown on their official website. It ends on Monday, July 8.

The band's new album is "almost done," as it's been revealed this May, and it "might resemble U2 and Pink Floyd" vibe, as the band's axeman Mike McCready said back in April, alsom promising that it will be "way better than 'Backspacer,'" the band's latest studio effort. It was also reported that Pearl Jam will release new single this month, but it was not approved by the band yet.

What do you think, what will we see this Monday? Will this be the band's newest single, or video, or the information about the album, or a "time paradox, the results of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe?"

Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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    Imagine if it was a countdown to them breaking up. How evil would that be haha
    Ha! You beat me to it. I figured such a comment would win the Most Downvotes Ever award, but you're doing pretty well here, so far. } : - ) >
    Good one! -makes nervous akward laugter, runs away, tries to summon satan to prevent this from becoming a thing-
    I'm actually getting the feeling this is going to a be a "this is our last album and tour" announcement.
    I don't know why, but when I read the headline 'Pearl Jam Ready to Make a Big Announcement Next Monday' I was expecting baby news.
    Alice in Chains,Soundgarden and Pearl Jam tour.... C'mon its gonna happen eventually.
    It's probably a release date of the album, along with the first single or something. Anyway, better than Backspacer? That record was already pretty damn solid.
    UG - Big announcement made about a big announcement going to be made
    Yo dawg, I heard you like big announcements, so we took your website of big announcements with big announcements in it and made a big announcement about a big announcement with a big announcement.
    Who edits the copy for these terribly written articles? They can't even spell words right, never mind use decent grammar and readable sentence structure. I don't know what's worse, that or the asinine advertisements vomited all over these pages. Is UG that money hungry? Don't even get me started about being asked to pay a monthly fee for the iPad app....
    May I suggest you apply to become a writer then and show them how it's done? Oh and AdBlocker is everyone's best friend.
    I think their going to announce that Mike McCready made a deal with the devil. Isn't that the only way to get stupid good on the guitar?
    I'm going with info/release of the single, and if the single is called "Back to the Future" by any chance, these guys at UG are wizards.
    I think they said the single was called "Mind Your Manners" but I fell like this is something different, cause im pretty sure they said they were releasing it july 16th
    They'll announce that they got Scott Weiland a job as a backup vocalist.
    Hopefully, it's something like: "Eddie Vedder becomes new Messiah," "Pearl Jam to release album with infinite songs on it."
    hopefully it will announce a gig in Aberdeen. Purely so I can see them...
    Whatever it will be, i'll be waiting p.s. for me every album of Pearl Jam was pretty damn solid
    My friend says he wants to die He's in a band, they sound like Pearl Jam Their clothes are all black The music is crap
    Mind Your Manners so I've heard, hope it's something along the lines of say Off He Goes, rather than The Fixxer.
    I Really hope is not they're splitting up n this is their last album
    i think it might be a new album. the last album came out 2006-ish
    You missed one.Backspacer was in 2009.I think its the self titled [the one with the avacado on the front] your thinking of.