Pearl Jam to Knock Miley Cyrus Off No. 1 US Spot With 'Lightning Bolt'

Grunge veterans expected to sell up to 180,000 copies during the first week.

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Grunge veterans Pearl Jam are headed for their sixth No. 1 US record as "Lightning Bolt" is predicted to sell up to 180,000 units in the US within the first week. This means that Eddie Vedder and co. will take over the throne from pop sensation Miley Cyrus, outselling her "Bangerz" release by around 100,000 copies and forcing her to drop to No. 2. Coming it at No. 3 is another rock veteran, former the Beatles bassist Paul McCartney, whose "New" album is likely to sell up to 75,000 units. Possibly rounding up the Top 10 comes Willie Nelson, whose "To All the Girls" is estimated to sell up to 40,000 units. As Vintage Vinyl News reports, the final chart will be released on Thursday. As for Pearl Jam, the band's charts statistic is nothing short of impressive. Apart from six No. 1 spots mentioned beforehand, the group also scored four No. 2 chart peaks and merely a single No. 5 spot with 2002's "Riot Act." "Lightning Bolt" saw its release on October 15 through Monkeywrench Records with 12 new songs. Featuring Brendan O'Brien at the helm of production, the record spawned two singles so far - "Mind Your Manners" back in July and "Sirens" track in mid-September.

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    Finally! In this day age, we have REAL music at the top of the charts. Not this Miley Cyrus-twerking toxic pile of bullshit
    Hey, last time real music topped the charts wasn't too long ago. Black Sabbath's 13 reached no.1 in several countries
    I think QOTSA's Like Clockwork did too, it's just that generally in rock no one cares or talks about getting to No 1, the only reason it matters in pop is because if the album doesn't get to a certain spot, the label will drop them without a 2nd chance.
    ZOSO <(")
    Ass... but yeah, this is good to hear. unfortunately they don't sell the album yet here in the middle of nowhere's ass-crack. I'll get it on vinyl soon enough
    lots of "real" music topped the charts this year; go check out the week-by-week
    Proof that Eddie and crew are some of the most baddest mofos in rock. The album is great too. Pleasantly surprised myself.
    Section 5
    Lightning Bolt is a cracking album, and the fact that it's going to sell so well is really great news!
    'Bout time miley got knocked off number 1. Yeah and better yet, a band that's actually making music got the number 1 spot.
    What a nice pic of Eddie! Cheers to these guys, PJ for the win, this album is excellent!!
    Yeah Pearl Jam does it again. Everyone should go out and buy Lightning Bolt, it is a really solid album. I love it. Listen to "My Father's Son," for something heavier, I swear it'll be worth your time. Support music.
    They came in like a Lightning Bolt! All they ever did was wre-e-ck Mi-ley. Well, not all they every did. But the most recent thing... And that matters.
    I read the title completly wrong. Pearl jam knock Miley Cyrus off no. One US spot with 'lightning bolt'. So confusing