Pearl Jam Unveil Jay-Z Collaboration Christmas Single

artist: Pearl Jam date: 12/20/2013 category: music news
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Pearl Jam Unveil Jay-Z Collaboration Christmas Single
Details of this year's Pearl Jam holiday single have recently surfaced, confirming the grunge icons will unveil a Jay Z cover "99 Problems" featuring the rapper himself. The B-side will feature the cover of Rolling Stones' 1978 hit "Shattered." Pearl Jam Online broke the info, posting the following single details as "spoiler alert."

Pearl Jam Holiday Single 2013:

Side A: "99 Problems" - Written by Jay-Z, Performed by Pearl Jam with Jay-Z (9/2/2012 Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Made in America Festival) Side B: "Shattered" - Written by Rolling Stones, Performed by Eddie Vedder with Jeanne Tripplehorn (9/15/2013 Private Location, Malibu, CA, EBMRF Benefit with Ed Vedder) In other Pearl Jam news, the band is expected to keep a busy tour schedule throughout 2014, as drummer Matt Cameron confirmed temporarily leaving Soundgarden to focus on playing with PJ crew. "Hello Knights of the Soundtable faithful," Matt explained in an official announcement. "I will be taking 2014 off from Soundgarden touring due to prior commitments promoting 'Lightning Bolt' with my brothers in Pearl Jam and the desire to have more time at home with my family. I am trying to balance the many twists and turns of my awesome music career." The latest Pearl Jam studio effort, "Lightning Bolt," saw its release on October 14 via Monkeywrench Records.
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