Pearl Jam Unveil 'Lightining Bolt' Short Film, Tease New Songs

Check out five new song snippets and other exclusive content; record due out on October 15.

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Grunge veterans Pearl Jam have unveiled a "Lightning Bolt" short film by director Danny Clinch featuring various exclusive content, including snippets of five new tracks. Two of the new tunes, "Mind Your Manners" and "Sirens," were already released as singles, but the remaining three - the title track, "Future Days" and "Getaway" come as definite exclusive premieres. The film shows the band sitting down with Judd Apatow, Carrie Brownstein, Mark Richards and Steve Gleason and talking about "Lightning Bolt," as well as the overall state of affairs among PJ ranks. As the tenth studio effort in group's opus, the album is due out on October 15 through Monkeywrench Records. "I think it's good to wait until we have something to say," bassist Jeff Ament said about the lengthy album break, with singer Eddie Vedder pointing out that "everyone's kind of playing out of their minds on this record." The album features 12 new songs and was produced by Brendan O'Brien. Check out the full track listing and the film below. "Lightning Bolt" track listing: 01. Getaway 02. Mind Your Manners 03. My Father's Son 04. Sirens 05. Lightning Bolt 06. Infallible 07. Pendulum 08. Swallowed Whole 09. Let the Records Play 10. Sleeping by Myself 11. Yellow Moon 12. Future Days

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The opening tune "Getaway" seemingly grabbed the most attention from the fans so far. Let us know what you think of the new songs in the comments.

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    It's weird. Comments from Mike and Stone a few months ago implied there was actually some experimental stuff happening on this record (which would be the first time since Riot Act), but there's no evidence of that here. I really miss the idea that an album will have a stand-out track like 'You Are', 'Of The Girl', 'Sleight of Hand', 'In My Tree', 'WMA, - hell, half of the 'Yield' album. These songs are nice, like the last two albums worth of songs, but where's that weird creative edge they have from albums 1-7?
    haven't heard all of the songs from the album yet
    Don't get me wrong, I've no doubt there'll be some cool stuff on the new one. I just hope some of it's cool for reasons I can't predict.