Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder Under Heavy Fire in Israel Following Anti-War Rant

"I swear to f--king God, there are people out there who are looking for a reason to kill!" the singer shouts during show.

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Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder stirred up a major debate with his recent onstage rant about Israel, resulting in heavy fire from many fans, as well as support from others.

The whole thing starter during a July 11 UK performance at the Milton Keynes Bowl, as Eddie shouted during classic track "Daughter":

"What the f--k? What the f--k? We can have this many people having a peaceful time. We can have modern technology. We can reach our friends. We know what they're thinking before they're thinking it. The advertisers know what we're thinking before we're thinking it. We have technology - all this in our hands. At the same time that something this positive is happening, at the same f--king time, not even that far away, they're f--king dropping bombs on each other. What the f--king f--k?"

Vedder continued, "I swear to f--king God, there are people out there who are looking for a reason to kill! They're looking for a reason to go across borders and take over land that doesn't belong to them. They should get the f--k out, and mind their own f--king business...

"Everyone wants the same goddamn thing: to have our children, eat, procreate, draw a painting, make some art, listen to music, f--k some more, have another baby, eat, work, eat, work, love, love, love, everyone's the f--kin' same! So why are people at war? Stop the f--king s--t, now! Now! Now! We don't want to give them our money. We don't want to give them our taxes to drop bombs on children! Now! No more! Now!"

A massive controversy was bound to come, as enraged Israel fans swarmed social networks, calling the singer out for his rant. Among them was rock radio DJ Ben Red, the man previously behind a campaign to bring Pearl Jam to Israel.

"Eddie Vedder, your true face is finally being revealed. You are invited not to come here. I personally do not want to see you, and I will erase the Facebook page calling on bringing Pearl Jam to Israel, but not before I expose who you really are," the DJ said.

The politically outspoken frontman had since issued a statement to the Pulse of Radio, as well as a lengthy post on the band's official website, explaining his stance in more detail.

"I've always been wary, you know, speaking from some kind of a podium as a singer in a rock band," he said. "First of all, I think it's ridiculous that it should be left to the singers of rock bands to have to bring up these issues. But then again, the arts are always going to reflect society, and there could be a responsibility there."

As for the website post, the "Imagine That - I'm Still Anti-War" piece reads as follows: "Most of us have heard John Lennon sing, 'You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.'

"And some of us, after another morning dose of news coverage full of death and destruction, feel the need to reach out to others to see if we are not alone in our outrage. With about a dozen assorted ongoing conflicts in the news everyday, and with the stories becoming more horrific, the level of sadness becomes unbearable. And what becomes of our planet when that sadness becomes apathy? Because we feel helpless. And we turn our heads and turn the page.

"Currently, I'm full of hope. That hope springs from the multitudes of people that our band has been fortunate enough to play for night after night here in Europe. To see flags of so many different nations, and to have these huge crowds gathered peacefully and joyfully is the exact inspiration behind the words I felt the need to emphatically relay. When attempting to make a plea for more peace in the world at a rock concert, we are reflecting the feelings of all those we have come in contact with so we may all have a better understanding of each other.

"That's not something I'm going to stop anytime soon. Call me naive. I'd rather be naive, heartfelt and hopeful than resigned to say nothing for fear of misinterpretation and retribution.

"The majority of humans on this planet are more consumed by the pursuit of love, health, family, food and shelter than any kind of war. War hurts. It hurts no matter which sides the bombs are falling on.

"With all the global achievements in modern technology, enhanced communication and information devices, cracking the human genome, land rovers on Mars etc., do we really have to resign ourselves to the devastating reality that conflict will be resolved with bombs, murder and acts of barbarism?

"We are such a remarkable species. Capable of creating beauty. Capable of awe-inspiring advancements. We must be capable of resolving conflicts without bloodshed.

"I don't know how to reconcile the peaceful rainbow of flags we see each night at our concerts with the daily news of a dozen global conflicts and their horrific consequences. I don't know how to process the feeling of guilt and complicity when I hear about the deaths of a civilian family from a U.S. drone strike. But I know that we can't let the sadness turn into apathy. And I do know we are better off when we reach out to each other.

"'I hope someday you'll join us...' Won't you listen to what the man said. -Eddie Vedder"

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    Well y'all do know Gaza killed innocent citizens of Israel first causing them to go into war right? So stop throwing Israel's name into the ****ing headlines because idiots all over the world see it and assume Israel is the one who started it all.
    Except that Israel did... They knowingly went into Gaza to 'save' the boys who they actually knew were already dead. If the rest of the world used the logic of "A minor splinter group of people took our civilians so we'll declare war on the entire people who're associated with them" then all countries would forever be in war with one another. So what has their retaliation achieved? Greater animosity towards Israel, loss of life primarily civilians - so further fermenting any radicalisation, not to mention the refugee crisis which is now becoming a humanitarian crisis. Terrific.
    So when US ****ed up Iraq, with hundreds still dying to this day as a direct result its OK to forget all about that, climb on the old imperialistic chair of moral highground and point fingers at other countries merely defending their people and territory?
    OMG Eddie Vedder is "under fire" for saying he don't want anymore wars? Guess the old motto is really true "the more innocent kids murdered in war the better"
    So because Ed is against war, he is not allowed to get in to Israel according to (former) fans and a DJ? Wtf?
    Carl LOG
    He said what he thought, I agree with what he thought, and he should be ****ing respected for it. He couldn't be more right.
    I've always been annoyed with Eddie Vedder, i just can't stand him. Pearl jam was alright, but he comes off as this holier than thou egotistical douchebag who spews his beliefs and views on everyone when he has the opportunity. he's just like Bono. STFU and play! nobody cares what you have to say. I hope Eddie Vedder goes to a worn torn country to help some people and the very people he is trying to help kill him for being a naive liberal tree hugging fool all the times
    Its like when an armed gunman (Hamas) is holding a person hostage and the policeman (Israel) decides to shoot both the hostage and the gunman. Israel deems the loss of innocent Palestinian civilians to be smaller than the loss it would be to let certain hamas militants live. All this does is create unnecessary bloodshed, furthers tension between both sides and fuels hatred for Israel. In short, Nethanyahu is a war mongering moron.
    People "called him out"? Dafuq did they say? "ERH MAH GERD HE SAID STOP WAR WHAT A LUNATIC!"
    Hey Eddie, why do you need to down 2 bottles of wine at every performance? I think you have a bit of a drinking problem my friend. I find nothing endearing about it, in fact, I find it quite pathetic.
    'Cos he's a naturally shy person who obviously likes to loosen up a bit in order to put on a great show. Let the man enjoy himself for f*cks sake
    Where was the ****ing problem with what he said. It was a heart felt anti war speech. You don't have to live in a war zone to have feelings about the subject. Some ****ing people... Jesus!!!
    I was there, Eddie reminded me of Hitler...but y'know, basically the polar opposite
    you have no "responsibility" there eddie! sing the songs people paid to hear you sing! keep your political views to yourself… god i hate artists that can't just stick to what they do!!!!! responsibility, please what does he think he is some kind of savior??? just do the songs!
    the fact of the matter is, as long as religion exists, there will always be conflict in Israel/Palestine. The basis of each sides claim to the land is fundamentally religious. I lived in northern Israel for a year, when Hafez Al-Assad died. Whenever I met someone for the first time, their first question was "which country are you from?" followed swiftly by "what is your faith?". Not "how are you doing? Pleased to meet you" etc. They attain your nationality and creed and then proceed once they know "you're ok". What a messed up place... such a tragedy
    So technically Israeli fans are not mad at their ****ing government killing hundreds of innocent Palestinians, but they're mad at Vedder for calling them out on it? :/
    As poster # 1 says above: FUCK WAR! The vast majority of us in our world surely want peace. I don't follow the news, I don't know who's involved, I don't wanna point the finger and say whose fault it supposedly is, I would simply like to see it all CEASE. \m/
    Eddie never even mentioned Israel in his letter (there is more than one serious conflict happening in the world right now). It would seem those with a guilty conscience about what has been happening are getting on the defensive.
    Juice Face
    "Fuck war, just love each other!" "You are not welcome in our country, you are terrible person." That whole region of the world is a lost ****ing cause. I'm so sick of hearing about turmoil in the middle east. If they see peaceful discourse as a gigantic controversy, they don't deserve to assimilate into the first world.
    Some people don't want to compromise, to come to an agreement. I hope for a better place to, but when someone attacks you and you keep on telling them to stop, your words are not enough and you have to take action. It sad what is happening in Israel and I hope for a peaceful consultation, but I am not putting any money on it.
    Sad that we still feel the need to explain and rationalize. Anyone who attempts to attack and hurt civilians in any capacity is doing something wrong.
    /Users/joelduffield/Desktop/warnpeace.jpg I'm all for anybody having the freedom to say whatever he wants in whatever kind of podium he has. Eddie's response completely makes DJ Ben Red's (weak) "threat" so narrow-seeming. A cry out for peace seems like such a natural thing to happen when any part of the world is getting blown the %@#! up But anyways, saw this and made me chuckle
    Wars are also fought over religion which he did not mention. Which is what is going on in Israel. It's not so simple to be explained in a 4min speech. Personally, I think Eddie should shut up and leave his politics for his music to speak. I stopped listening to his music for almost a year for saying. "He almost wish something bad to happen to gun owners". He should stop being a hypocrite really.
    Many Israelis don't like it when you voice moral concerns about what their government and military is doing. Yes tehy have the right to defend themselves, but they're clearly provoking militants into atatcking Isreal through heavy handed collective punishments to the crimes committed by individuals, witholding taxes, illegal annexation, settlement building and violation of UN law (Israel is a UN member). Hamas need to go, but Israel cannot be the ones to do so. So far over 200 Palestinians (80% civilians) have been killed in recent weeks to just one Israeli (probably a soldier). Just the other day 5 boys playing on a beach were bombed, 4 are now dead. You can't force people not to question these things, and you can't force them to favour your side. All you can do is present them with the facts and hope that they will follow their own moral compass. Shame on anyone who tries to threaten or coerce people into not voicing their ethical opinions about a war.
    I am with Vedder on this. The merciless killing of innocents should be stopped today at this very moment. Unfortunately lots of people consider a post like this one to be antisemitic. I assure you all that I am not.
    Am I missing something but I don't think Vedder mentions Isreal at any moment in the above "rant". Everyone else seems to be jumping to these conclusions in an effort to defend what ever war they are behind.
    I will respect every opinion as long as they know these 3 basic facts: -Hamas are terrorist; they want Israel dead and won't mind killing you guys as well. -They are hiding in civilian lands, hospitals, houses and basically use everyone they can as human shields so that every assault against them will result in killing innocent people and cause the media to riot. Look it up: Hamas built thier bunker under the Shifra hospital in Gaza. -Before bombing, Israel usually gives the civilians a notice in advance (by dropping fliers and recenlty by taking over local radio stations) , Hamas threatens to kill them if they leave. As long as you can keep your arguments consistent with these facts, they are indeed valid and worthy of hearing. If you can find a way to stop Hamas peacfully I wont LOVE to hear it, I would love that way to actually exist so that this whole story could end without more suffering. I am an Israeli civilian and personally i believe that Eddie was being more anti war than anti Israel. He is absolutry right, merciless killing of innocents should be stopped, but it cannot be stopped as long as these terrorists rule Gaza and I dont think that Eddie realises the full depth of this situation. Here hoping you wont base my entire arguement on the claim of one sideness... Cheers
    Ignoring the issues with your facts... It's worth to note why this conflict initially started. Supposedly to save the kidnapped Israeli boys, yet it's now been admitted that they knew the boys were dead even as they went in so heavy handedly to the Gaza strip to save them. By the time this was realised on wider spread the killing had begun and it's descended into reprisals, tit for tat, and media panic once more.
    It's wrong that whenever someone criticises Israel they get called anti-Semitic. Not everyone who is Jewish is Israeli and not everyone who is Israeli is Jewish. Vedder is right to speak up. He's not stirring hate, he's just criticising a government.
    Nothing antisemitic about wanting the deaths of innocents to end. Hamas are a pack of terrorist twats but Israel can't hide the fact their indiscriminate bombing of Gaza is taking the lives of civilians who have no part in the conflict. That's my take on the current fight anyhow, I don't know enough to get involved deeper into why the two regions hate each other that much
    Nobody's denying Hamas. But truth is, they're the perfect excuse for the Sionists (not all israelis are Sionists, there's a huge opposition IN Israel as well, that's not covered by the media) But let's be objective here: -HAMAS fires projectiles at Israel: TRUE. But, they're makeshift mortar charges, maybe a couple of rockets, that can't even detonate properly, because they don't have the resources of technology. -Israel, on the other hand, uses top-of-the-line war technology. That's a historical fact. But, they prefer going berserk, killing children, man and women who have absolutely no part in that, when they could simply pick their targets with accuracy (which they obiously don't).
    What the hell you mean by saying "Zionist"? Every Jewish Israeli person considers himself "Zionist", which means - the belief in the right of the Jews to live in an independent country in the land of Israel. Nothing else.... Let's continue by saying that HAMAS' GOAL IS TO KILL ISRAELI CITIZENS. It is a part of their ideology - to delete the Jewish country from the map. Everyone needs to know that. The rockets they have, were funded and manufactured by Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. Iran spends billions of dollars every year in order to supply Hamas with weapons, rockets, missiles and mortars, and in order to train youngsters how to become suicide bombers. ISRAEL HAS THE RIGHT TO DEFEND ITSELF FROM TERROR. What would you do if your country suffered hundreds of rockets everyday? 70% of the Israeli population is threatened by the Hamas. Most of the Israeli and Palestinian population wants peace, but peace cannot be achieved with this terror organization, which rules Gaza. Yesterday Israel suspended strikes in Gaza for six hours, in order to stop the violence. The Hamas continued firing rockets. Hamas uses civilian buildings for military purposes. Just today, the UN found rockets in a UNRA school they founded in Gaza... The IDF does it's best in order to minimize harm to Palestinian citizens. The IDF only carries out preemptive strikes in order to kill terrorists, but they use citizens as their human shields. Today, the UN requested a humanitarian window in Gaza. Israel agreed, but Hamas took the opportunity to attack its cities. Please, be real. It's really sad when people talk about things they know nothing about.....
    1. Groups like Hamas and Hezbollah only exist due to Israeli land grabbing. Such as in the Six Day War and that disastrous attempt to invade Lebanon. 2. Hamas were never approached about a ceasefire. Let's be real here, Egypt may have aligned itself with the Palestinians in the past, but the current president despises them as Hamas have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. If you want evidence, consider the fact that the Egyptian government blew up all secret tunnels between the two countries (tunnels which formed the basis of Gaza's economy.It was Matti Peled who said that until the Palestinians are given their own fairly sized and sovereign state, Israel should expect nothing less than terrorist acts perpetrated by people who see no other option to fight for the land that was taken from them. Stop this mindless bloodshed by giving the Palestinians the land and rights they deserve.
    Nonsense. 1) In November 29, 1947, the UN proposed a partition of the of the British Mandate in Palestine into two independent states: an Arab state and a Jewish state. THIS PLAN WAS ACCEPTED BY THE JEWISH PUBLIC. ARAB LEADERS REJECTED THE PLAN, AND STARTED A WAR AGAINST THE NEWLY BORN STATE, declaring that "We will sweep them the Jews into the sea". This was the Israeli Independence war, and 5 different nations attacked the newly born state, but Israel made it. Read it up, it's all in wikipedia (and history books). 2) HAMAS -WERE- APPROACHED ABOUT A CEASEFIRE. Twice. Yesterday Egypt actually released a declaration which criticized Hamas as the organization responsible for this war, because they said no for ceasefire. ISRAEL AND THE PALESTINIAN GOVERNMENT had at least 10 different negotiations for peace in the last decade. The Palestinians rejected them all. Israel even agreed giving them the whole West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and to give up Israeli settlements, but still - the answer is no. They won't agree with the existence of a Jewish state and they want 100% of the land. Khaled Mashal, the leader of the Hamas: "Before Israel dies, it must be humiliated and degraded". The countries of the free world - US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, etc. - support Israel's right to exist. IF YOU SUPPORT HAMAS, YOU SUPPORT THE ELIMINATION OF THE JEWISH STATE.
    Nonsense. 1. The Palestinians, with a population twice the size of the Israeli's, were offered a smaller share of the land. That's a complete joke. This was closely followed by the expulsion of Arabs living within the new borders at the point of a gun. The Palestinian forces responded in kind. for this. 2. Consider the fact that even IDF sources acknowledge that at despite Egypt's proclamations of war, the Egyptian army (by far the largest army in the conflict) was woefully under prepared, and wouldn't be operable for at least a year. Israel launched attacks on them so that they would never pose a threat. 2. You seem to suggest all this aggression towards Israel is unwarranted. Ever heard of the terrorist Abu Nidal? Nidal's family were once rich, owning large orange groves in Palestine before the division of Palestine. Around 20% of all oranges sold in markets throughout Palestine and neighbouring countries in the region came from his family's groves. On the creation of the new state his family's land and home were seized, and they fled to a refugee camp. They had lost everything.I believe the phrase is 'you reap what you sow'. 3. As for your statements about Egypt's peace deal, see my original comment. The past 'peace' agreements have basically called for the Palestinians to give up any claim to any of the in Israel/Palestine. In 2000, had they agreed, they would have been allowed just 22% of their original land. Which is even less than they have now! Give the Palestinians Israeli settlements? Bullshit. Let me be clear, I don't support Hamas, and I wholeheartedly believe in the Jewish people's right to a state. However I do believe in cause and effect. You can't really expect to keep an entire population in a refugee camp for half a century and not expect them to remain completely placid. As I said before, of you want to stop this madness, give the Palestinians the state they deserve.
    Nonsense. 1) In November 29, 1947, the UN proposed a partition of the of the British Mandate in Palestine into two independent states: an Arab state and a Jewish state. THIS PLAN WAS ACCEPTED BY THE JEWISH PUBLIC. ARAB LEADERS REJECTED THE PLAN, AND STARTED A WAR AGAINST THE NEWLY BORN STATE, declaring that "We will sweep them the Jews into the sea". This was the Israeli Independence war, and 5 different nations attacked the newly born state, but Israel made it. Read it up, it's all in wikipedia (and history books). 2) HAMAS -WERE- APPROACHED ABOUT A CEASEFIRE. Twice. Yesterday Egypt actually released a declaration which criticized Hamas as the organization responsible for this war, because they said no for ceasefire. ISRAEL AND THE PALESTINIAN GOVERNMENT had at least 10 different negotiations for peace in the last decade. The Palestinians rejected them all. Israel even agreed giving them the whole West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and to give up Israeli settlements, but still - the answer is no. They won't agree with the existence of a Jewish state and they want 100% of the land. Khaled Mashal, the leader of the Hamas: "Before Israel dies, it must be humiliated and degraded". The countries of the free world - US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, etc. - support Israel's right to exist. IF YOU SUPPORT HAMAS, YOU SUPPORT THE ELIMINATION OF THE JEWISH STATE.
    It's also sad when someone talks about things they only know something about
    Not all Jews are Zionists. In fact, some the most outspoken critics of Zionism are orthodox. If you're going to post JIDF talking points, at least attempt to base them in reality instead of making shit up to support your misguided ideals.
    Except 1) they aren't "going beserk", 2) they specifically sent out thousands of leaflets to the civilian population of Gaza, 3) Hamas routinely hides within masses of uninvolved civilians; 4) Hamas has refused all cease-fire attempts from Israel. Honestly, it sounds like you'd be doing yourself a favor listening to a CNN report on this issue for 30 minutes or something.
    Hamas uses kidnapped women and children as human shields for their acts of terrorism. What they lack in technology, they similarly lack in moral-compass. I'm not defending Israel for their current shelling and bombing of the Gaza-strip, but I sure-as-hell won't defend Hamas. All parties are terrible.
    not true. hamas smuggled high tech rockets that have a 100 mile radius and more ! more than 400 missiles have been launched at israel and every day there are sirens all over israel because of the many missles hamas launches, get your facts right!
    look it up. the gaza strip is at least 100, 120 kilometers far from cities it bombes so it cant be some shitty missle that doesn't hurt anything. look it up anywhere you want hamas smuggled high tech missiles from Egyp.
    You can't even spell correctly. How can I take you seriously?
    if you want to live in denial you are welcomed to. if you want to get educated and actually know something about this war you can simply look it up-it's true. i don't see why a few mistakes in my spelling should change what is true. IT IS A FACT THAT THESE MISSILES ARE HIGH TECH AND HAVE A VERY WIDE RADIUS OF IMPACT
    Best7 Total fatalities in the history of rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza into Israel: 28 Already, over 100 Palestinian people have died just in this latest conflict. I think you need to realise what that difference means, before you make out its even.
    so you're saying that because the fatalities are low israel should just ignore being fired at? constantly? many many times everyday? would you ignore such a thing if it was happening to you?
    What I'm saying is, Palestine do not have high tech missiles that have a very wide range of impact, as you are saying. The death toll for Palestine has now passed 500. How many Israelis have died?
    also it's not true that israel pick their target without accuracy. hamas uses it's citizens as human shields, firing missiles from hospitals and schools and that is also a fact! most of their leaders are in hiding and it's hard to kill them. also the israeli army notifies the citizens of a region that they are about to attack. human life is a priority but the hamas uses it and use it's citizens as human shiels.
    Uses them as human shields? Don't be absurd. Israelis tell themselves that to make themselves feel better about the fact that they're firing rockets, powerful enough to level a city block, into an area the size of Washington DC, with a population density twice as high as the centre of Rome.
    1)High tech. Yeah, sure. They may have a wide radius of impact, but nothing else. Otherwise, explain me why Qassam rockets killed only less than 15 people in 14 years of "war", and 0 during the last days of bombing. How can we even call it "war", when one side suffered no deaths and the other (the side whose land was stolen, btw) cried over 200 killed, mostly civilians, often kids and women. 2)Israel doesk pick their targets. Oh, is not true? So tell me why they make a phone call (or send an sms) to the people living in the buildings they are goin' to bomb to say "hey guys, get out of the building in 30 seconds, or die". I'm with the palestinian reistance. What would you do if your land and your rights were stolen,out of the blue, by a foreign invader? Tough this, I didn't like when they use to use kamikaze attacks against civilian targets. But now, when it is about reacting with uneffective rockets to a high tech and full force bombing, well, I se only the desperate try of a people that have seen everything stolen from them (including tons of lives). So, I have no doubt about who is on the wrong side, here.
    the only reason israel have less casualties is because of a device located in many places in israel that shoots out their rocket. it costs about 200 thousand dollars to shoot out only one of their rockets and even then the percentage of success is pretty low and that's why property is being destroyed in israel and a man died.
    so you can keep filling the blanks your self and think that you are right speculating that israel is shooting gaza for fun or you can actually learn facts and here both side's story and understand that it's not so black and white. arabs are not the enemy and i want peace more than anything. hamas is the enemy. it is a fact that the arabs in the gaza strip are living in a reign of terror and they can't object their leaders. hamas uses them as human shields (as you can see in the link i posted or look it up yourself). hamas doesn't build shelters for its people. and israel can't just ignore being bombed every day. i agree that peace is the ultimate solution that everyone must act towards but peace is something both sides (most of them) want but hamas doesn't.
    Vedder never mentioned Israel. He could have easily been talking about Russia/Ukraine....I think that this whole episode says more about Israel and their obvious paranoia that comes to the surface every time they engage in one of their revenge outings...
    of course he was talking about israel if that was true he would've said something about the fact that he wasn't talking about israel in his response
    Fun fact: Semitic just doesn't mean Jewish. It encompasses a wide range of people from the Middle East.
    Yes indeed, it's unfortunate that most people aren't aware of this fact.
    It's disgusting really, you say one word against the political agenda of Israel (note: political agenda, not the people), and they immediately try to brand you as an antisemite. Also, in Israel, is being anti-war = being antisemite? Because he did not side with anyone in that conflict, he's against the conflict in the first place for f**k's sake.
    I'm pretty sure it's a combination of his views on the matter mixed with the fact that he said the land doesn't belong to them. If he says it's not their land, he's saying their religious beliefs are wrong (which could be accurate but is still an incredibly generous assessment... he surely is speaking in geographic and worldly matters, not religious land grants).
    Nobody said he's anti-Semitic. People said so against Roger Waters because he put a Star of David on a pig and wore Nazi-like clothes while doing so.
    It's the Hamas who doesn't wants the cease-fire. The leaders of the Hamas and PLO, who started the war, are using the money they get from the war to stay even more days in the most expansive hotel they found and to get more lands at ridiculous prices just so they could get more money. And at what price? Their own citizens. If fingers has to be pointed at, it's the Hamas and PLO. And their weaponry is much more advanced then you think, just a few days ago they sent an unmaned-drone into Israel but luckily the IDF succeeded to shoot it down. The IDF aborts most of the attacks due to seeing non-hostile people. Why are those people there? Because the Hamas told them. They hold them from their balls. They are calling their citizens to do so, forcing them. And don't get me wrong, I don't want any side to suffer from anything.
    Spoken like someone whose knowledge of the issue stretches as far as the newspaper headlines.
    Oh, brother. If you studied the history of this particular conflict, INstaNt-RocK, you would know he is right.
    It does, Bit64. Really, we all need to chill out and start cooperating, and it can easily start at home. How many of us even know our neighbors anymore? When was the last time you helped someone out just because you could, not because there was anything in it for you. I don't know, maybe the army just turned me into a hippie. Gonna go play my Minarik and listen to some Coheed
    Who gives a shit if you're pro-israel or pro-palestine. This conflict is stupid and a further indication that humans are still primitive and incapable of compromise. This is garbage.
    "Anti-War Rant", not "Anti-Israel Rant". Sounds like a case of guilty conscience for those criticising him.
    I don't know why they are upset because he'd say this. As a US Soldier, I am pretty f***ng tired of going to war. I get tired of watching get killed by their countrymen for what they believe in, for wanting to be educated, for wanting more in life. These shitty countries need to get their heads out of their asses and think about the future, and stop with all this insane religious BS. Really, everyone needs to smoke a bowl and talk about life, and finally realize how much we have in common over a bag of Dorito's and a mountain dew.
    "Eddie Vedder, your true face is finally being revealed. You are invited not to come here. I personally do not want to see you, and I will erase the Facebook page calling on bringing Pearl Jam to Israel, but not before I expose who you really are,"this guy must be new...
    >"Expose who you really are" What, a peace-mongerer? I'm sure he's quaking in his boots.
    The bottom line is that veder feeds himself with the news he gets from the internet or t.v networks. Until you live in such enviorment you dont now what youre sayin. Both sides are hit with missiles, the difrence is that hamas are terrorists!!! And they are the ones that allways fire first. You know mr. Veder, like el-kayda. Remember them?????
    In all honesty it doesn't matter who is right and who is wrong anymore. If we're all going to keep a score for the tragedies that have occurred, then one side will always feel like they need to settle the score. The violence would just continue. These people have experienced centuries of violence. There's no point of keeping track anymore. Vedder's message was that for all that humanity has achieved, we're still just killing each other senselessly. As long as people keep placing blame, the violence will continue. Vedder's message was to stop...
    Oh no, because the utterly infallible IDF would never attempt a false flag operation to give them an excuse to invade. No sir.
    So you're saying that blowing up innocents is all good as long as you're not the one to throw the first bomb? Get bent. Justifying murder with children's logic is a whole new kind of dumb.
    If anything, people living in that environment are more prone to fanaticism and being stuck in a "us vs them"-mentality (and that's not gonna contribute to a peaceful solution anytime soon, is it now?) But having said that, you should know that a lot of people in that region will ultimately agree with Eddie: they just want this sh*t to end and live a relatively happy, peaceful life. They might not be the political majority, but I think it's hard to say a pacifist Israeli or Palestinian "doesn't know what he's saying" Those outraged Israeli fans obviously view this 'rant' as something directly aimed at them, but believe me: if that were the case he would've been way more direct. He's always felt this way about many conflicts, and if these people can't handle that... Well, that's just their loss. I would still go see their shows if their political views weren't necessarily mine
    Vedder all the way! It's absolutely atrocious what's happening in Israel and the Israeli response to what he's said is absolutely f***ing pathetic. I come from England and because of the minority of fascist a**holes, there's a lot of anti-Muslim sentiment over here, but hell, look at what's being done to them as well. People are stuck in situations they don't want to be in 'cos small sects of complete psychopaths think they represent Islam or Judaism or whatever faith. F**k it man, there's more people who want a happy world than there are those who want the sh*t one that so many people choose to believe we're in (there's good and bad, we're not in Utopia by a long shot, but we're not the apocalyptic wasteland some choose to view the world as). Rant over