Pearl Jam's 'Ten' Officially Sells Over 10 Million Copies

Grunge veterans' landmark debut release joins the 10-million club.

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Pearl Jam's "Ten" album has officially became the 22nd full-length release to reach the 10 million sales figure in the US. According to Nielsen SoundScan, the grunge veterans' 1991 debut record has sold over 4,000 copies within the last week, crossing the 10 million mark by about a 1,000.

Featuring major hit singles such as "Alive", "Even Flow" and "Jeremy", "Ten" has propelled the Seattle based five-piece into rock 'n' roll stardom. With a total of nine studio releases so far, Pearl Jam still remains as one of the biggest groups of the '90s.

"I'm happily shocked to hear that. Wow, we had no idea that it was going to ever do that well. I just felt like it was a really cool record and that I was in a good band", guitarist Mike McCready tells Billboard.

Pearl Jam was recently named the third biggest grunge band according to UG users. As far as the new studio release goes, the band has revealed that the 2009's "Backspacer" follow-up can be expected in about "nine to twelve months".

Top-selling releases since 1991 also include Metallica's "Black Album", which has sold 15.86 million copies, Shania Twain's "Come On Over" with 15.53 million and "Jagged Little Pill" by Alanis Morissette taking the third place with 14.86 million copies sold according to SoundScan.

So this is a pretty big milestone, right? Can "Ten" be found in your record collection and will you be revisiting it anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Funny thing is I started listening to this album last week, for the first time in over 12 years. Still an amazing album.
    Coming up next week... "Music Consumers Battle Over Who Really Has The 10 Millionth Copy of Pearl Jam's Ten"
    I just got my copy last week so I'm pretty sure it's me. We don't need to fight about it, it's obvious.
    Suggestions for a new UG poll.... Best debut album.... Pearl Jam's Ten would definately be up there....
    I agree. They surprised me this week when they didn't do a poll. There's a lot of great debuts out there like Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. It would be a really interesting list.
    Defo one of my top ten albums (no pun intended) of all time. Can go back to it after not hearing it for a while and its still as fresh as the first time I listened to it.
    Just got a copy on vinyl. I am one satisfied dude.
    I'm guessing it sounds better than the '92 version I had-- dubbed on to a 90-minute maxell cassette tape. Pure gold for the car stereo though. (skips less too)
    One of the best grunge albums ever released, no doubt. They deserve this milestone.
    I'm 1 of the 10,000,000. One of the few proper 'grunge' albums in my collection...still sounds great.
    I don't know about the whole sales vs. shipments thing but Pearl Jam's Ten has been listed as a Diamond Album (10 million sales in the US) for a LONG time. Probably since at least 2005.
    Nero Galon
    My local independent CD/Record store still doesn't have it in stock, the owner tells me every week I go there he'll have it by next week
    Order it online?.../confused
    Nero Galon
    I went in there yesterday and he finally had it. I prefer to help out the local stores before ordering online, he's honest when he tells me what CD's he normally has in stock so I wait if he often gets them in stock.
    Such a great album with so many good songs apart from the hits, like Why Go, Black and Porch. Stone and Mike's guitar playing is wonderful, too.
    Great album and if you put it on repeat the ending effects flow right into the beginning. The album that never ends. Unless you have the remaster >.> But it is a great, solid, and powerful debut and in my opinion the best of the grunge debuts as far as songs, packaging, and just sheer awesomeness.
    how do you mention other albums from 1991 and not mention Nevermind or Use your Illusion?
    Ha that is funny. 22 years old, and the 22 album to sell 10 million copies. Even more coincidental that the album is called Ten
    SHaun Steel
    I was never big on the grunge thing when it had it's time but this album is pure gold.
    Wow. 10 million ****tards.. Or probably 9,500,000 ****tards, and 500,000 *****s who bought the album twice.
    I bought it 3 times because my original copy was scratched beyond repair and then they came out with the ridiculously cool deluxe box set which I got a pretty sweet deal on. Had the record sounded closer to the Brendan O'Brien remix back when it was first released this would definitely have been my favorite early 90's album. That honor goes to Superunknown now but it's a close call Oh, and I'll buy it again if I feel like it. I'll take the f*cktard comment as a compliment
    There is more to music than metal, you dimwit. Does trolling all the grunge news stories get you chubby?
    I rarely listen to metal though...
    I'm glad of that. I'd hate to include you with the "Metalheads". We have enough morons who listen to Metal as it is.
    Oh, and I don't mean people are morons for listening to Metal. I mean, we need less people who act like morons and also listen to Metal. Edit: @Flying Afros: Sorry, I didn't mean to imply hating on Metal; I love Metal. But we've too many young kids who hate on anything that isn't Metal, and that's moronic. Also, I'll check out Obtest. Thanks!
    ^This. It's metal, metal, and only metal and everything else sucks. Pains me to see the prevalence of it. It's like, you can own all of Radiohead's albums AND all of Slayer's albums with a little bit of the in-between. Or something. Then again, the people who hate literally EVERYTHING remotely popular are worse.
    Flying Afros
    Hey man, don't hate on metal. Pearl Jam has been and always will be one of my all-time favorite bands. Have all their albums, plus at least 10 different bootleged concerts. And as I type this I'm listening to Obtest, an awesome Lithuanian black metal band, with talent.
    So 9.5million listeners bout 9.5m albums, and .5m listeners bought 2 each giving a total of 1m albums. This sums up to 10,500,000 albums. Fail maths is fail.
    It's one of the few albums I have that isn't some kind of metal and I love it Like all the tracks on it, my favorite might be Black but it's really tough to listen to (those who've experienced know why)
    I would have thought that this album would have achieved this by now. Strange.
    Pearl Jam ARE NOT grunge. They've been mis-classified this whole time. Theyre just a good old fashioned ROCK band.
    After all these years, I still listen to this record from the begining to the end. What a great record!!! It brings back lot's of good memories!
    Never bought it. Never found it, always sold out first. Was a good album, but its not a priority of mine to get anyway anymore.
    A great album, even though I've heard it a hundred times by now, Black manages to get me every single time.