Pendulum Split Up?

artist: Pendulum date: 06/19/2012 category: music news
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Pendulum Split Up?
Pendulum appear to have split up with band member Rob Swire saying he has no plans to make more music with the Australian drum and bass act. The dubstep/metal hybrid band tasted huge success with their albums 'In Silico' and 'Immersion' but have moved away from the band in 2012 to start up a number of side projects,. Knife Party, one of the Pendulum offshoots, have become so successful that band members Rob Swire and Rob McCrillen have confirmed they have no plans to return to their original band. "I don't know if we've outgrown it because it just evolved into something else in the end. But it was time for something new and the music scene itself had changed. Rock bands are having a pretty hard time at the moment and we weren't a rock band but with Pendulum we had the band format. We just decided that in 2012 it was time to put that down for a bit." Swire told Triple J. Adding: "The Knife Party thing is going so well we don't really feel like going back to junior school anytime soon. We're having too much fun with this project. It's also great because Pendulum towards the end sort of felt like we were doing it because we had to and that's never a fun way to do music. Whereas Knife Party is pretty much solely us doing what we want to and if no one likes it we don't care." Pendulum previously told fans that they would take 2012 off and return with a new album in 2013. Thanks to Gigwise for the report.
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