Pentagram's 'Last Rites' Live In March

March 6 and March 7, 2009 will bear witness to return of the authentic, pioneering madman Bobby Liebling and Pentagram.

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March 6 and March 7, 2009 will bear witness to return of the authentic, pioneering madman Bobby Liebling and Pentagram. This legendary U.S. deity of dark rock and doom will cast its shadow for two nights only, in New York City and Baltimore.

For the first time in 25 years, the "Godfather Of U.S. Doom," Brooklyn-born Bobby Liebling returns to New York City. He and Pentagram bring their relentless, revolutionary, buzz saw rock to Webster's Hall on Friday, March 6, 2009. The show will also be filmed for the 9.14 Pictures ("Rock School", "Two Days In April") documentary, "Last Rites: The Fall & Rise Of Bobby Liebling".

The burning rays will again ignite the very next night, March 7, 2009, as a kindling fire is again prepared for the sign of the wolf. Sonar in Baltimore, Maryland is the sight of this second and final sonic sance. Reside alongside the human hurricane when he and the 'RAM family bleed their inescapable and highly influential lava riffs into the hearts of the heavy.

On stage with Liebling will be ex-'RAM family member, Gary Isom (Spirit Caravan) on drums, who joins Liebling live again for the first time in nearly 15 years. These shows will introduce the shredding talents of D.C.'s Russ Strahan on guitar and the heavier-than-Hades rumble of Mark Ammen (Unorthodox) on bass. Very special guests include Dutch doom rockers The Devil's Blood, Philadelphia's heavily melodic instrumentalists Serpent Throne (Baltimore only) and more to be announced.

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    Awesome band, been a fan of them for years. Pentagram deserves to be up there with black sabbath as one of the founders of metal.
    HELL YES! These guys did more for doom metal than anyone else (other than sabbath). Can't wait!
    Oh, thought this was about Pentagram from Turkey. Awesome band. Anyways, Ill check these guys out.
    SuicidalFreak wrote: I can't believe they're still together. I had the first Pentagram album on vinyl.
    Well the only original member left in the band is Bobby. But every other original member left the band in '76, so you can pretty much say it's more of a solo project now. But this is so cool that pentagram made the front page of the UG news.
    Wow not many posts to this article. Guess they're all wrapped up in the Megadeth and the Zombie one. There should be more people responding to this one though because Pentagram is the shit. They are Real Metal and I can't wait for this release it's gonna rock the hell out of metal. Nothing like Doom Metal and these guys know how to dish it out.