Periphery Post 3 Minutes of New Album

Listen to a guitar-shredding 3 minutes of their experimental new album, based on a concept by Deftones’ Stephen Carpenter.

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Periphery have posted a 3 minute preview from their "experimental" new album "Clear." You can listen to the preview in the player below.

"Clear" is a different kind of concept album, with only six tracks. Band members took the time to write one track each, and the final song combines them all into a dramatic overture. The idea for the experimental release came from Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter who suggested the idea when they toured together last year.

"It's rare when you have a band where every member is capable of writing and producing music," said guitarist Jake Bowen in December. "With each member controlling their own track, this recording enabled us to go down any path we chose in terms of style and sound."

The band are keen to point out that this shouldn't be confused with their third full-length album, nor should it be considered an EP. But that does rock journalists no good, so we'll be calling it their new album nonetheless. Hey, if you want to reinvent the wheel, give it a name!

Listen to 3 minutes of "Clear" by Periphery here:

YouTube preview picture

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    Looking forward to this release! And UG, this has been out for like a month and a half. If you're going to post "news", I think making sure that it actually is "news" would be a point to consider. Not complaining about a Periphery post, but this has been something that I (and I'm sure others as well) noticed a lot lately. Just trying to give some constructive feedback.
    They are streaming the whole album right now tho.
    Hahahha what crafty song writers! That piano part, plus i wasn't expecting the xylophone XD this is like the modern orchestra! I freakin love Periphery. They're geniuses.
    Yeah I agree - theres absolutely nothing wrong with them saying 'sorry, we know its a little old now, but heres [whatever]'. UG is a small team so its understandable some things slip through, no big deal.
    absolutely, some things slip through, but since this release has been promoted quite well, I don't feel like that's an excuse. Apart from that, they have posted about it already on the 5th of december. I think my point stands: I'm not trying to bash a small team, but at least checking your own articles before posting something that isn't even considered news should be a given.
    I think the worst part about it though is that Periphery put the entire thing up for streaming today, and UG is posting the three minute clip, haha.
    I never understood why this band garners so much hate. They're technically sound and they all come off as a group of dudes who really enjoy playing and making music.
    All of what you said is true, but that does not stop me from not liking whiny singing mixed into my music.. especially not when trying to listen to an 'aggressive' genre. My guess is the hate comes from people who are in my situation and hate 'fake' metal.. or stuff along those lines. If you play 8 strings and call yourself metal, why do you sound like a pop band? I'm not trying to start a flame war, I'm just pointing out how people could hate a band like these guys...
    Amazing musicians….just nothing that I want to hear for more than 30 seconds. Intricate, yet somehow boring to me… This doesn't make me want to move.
    "...and the final song combines them all into a dramatic overture." The overture comes first (written first and first song on the album) and each member wrote their song based on it.
    Every song on this EP is different but equally excellent. Cant wait until their next full-length, Periphery are amazing musicians. Like it or not, this band has changed the sonic landscape in the metal scene.
    They've also been not updating since the holidays so they are catching up. Personally didn't know this was out yet. It's news to me
    True, they haven't updated a lot lately. But this is the internet after all, UG isn't the only music news related page, six weeks is like three internet years or something. Again, not trying to bash UG at all, I'm really trying to be positive about it. Not sure if they actually take this kind of criticism to heart, but oh well, I tried!
    When i saw this i almost jizzed myself, only to find that i had allready seen it long time ago
    It will be again a djent-metalcore catchy and annoying... I really don't wait this...
    Well luckily for you my friend it isn't compulsory or written into law that you must receive it. Unless I've missed some rather massive world policy changes recently?
    Van Guff
    Each song is different, but go check out 'feed the ground' on youtube. It's Matt's song, and I think it's the best song they've done! The guitars are so heavy and the song is interesting to listen to, but doesn't send your head into a mindf*ck (like most of their songs).
    This album is so good makes periphery ii look like a walk in the park so much effort put into these tracks brilliant
    I don't know why so many people hate on these guys calling them "metalcore playing pussies" This genre is not Metalcore... it's Progressive Metal and its insanely hard to play. Asking Alexandria, Bullet For My Valentine, and Atreyu are all metalcore bands and have easy songs compared to Prog Metal. If you cant play this music then don't shit on it, appreciate it at least. I love this release
    I can play it and I think it's shit. What does that make me?
    I said you should at least appreciate it. Learn to read.
    "If you cant play this music then don't shit on it, appreciate it at least." This tells me that you are only referring to people who can't play the album. I read your post just fine. Why should I appreciate this release, because it's not easy to play? Not easy to play for who, beginners of 1 year, people who have played for 4 years, where does the arbitrary line of difficulty end?
    Never really took the time to listen to them. But I might pick this up. It sounds solid.