Periphery Set To Appear In Eternal Descent Comic

Misha "Bulb" Mansoor brings djent to the fantasy world of Eternal Descent.

Ultimate Guitar

Continuing to explore the unholy alliance that has long existed between the worlds of heavy metal music and fantasy comics, multi-media phenomenon "Eternal Descent" has teamed up with Misha Mansoor, innovative guitarist and producer behind Periphery.

Drawing inspiration from the bands unique online presence, keen fans are sure to notice dozens of nods to the video game, anime and internet culture that Periphery thrives on, bringing you a reimagining of Misha as the high-tech guitar hero he is destined to become. Set for release in April 2012 by IDW Publishing and available worldwide through Diamond Distribution, "Eternal Descent Volume 2 Issue 4" finds our heroes scattered across time and space.

Chosen by an unearthly intellect, a champion is born in Misha Mansoor! With technology beyond our comprehension, his destiny lies at the heart of the time stream, and the fate of humanity may rest on his shoulders. Determined to find Sirian, Lyra turns to Richard for answers, but when her questions awaken a long dormant power the duo form a reluctant alliance. A narrow escape finds Lyra in a tainted world of familiar foes, where the supernatural succubus and a high-tech hero must fight for their future.

The brainchild of British guitarist and comic creator Llexi Leon, "Eternal Descent" immerses fans in a dark fantasy world where angels and demons battle for supremacy alongside some of the biggest names in rock and metal, including Joe Satriani, Arch Enemy, Firewind and many more. Lost souls lurk in every shadow, darkness veils sinister designs and heavy metal could be the key to salvation... or the gateway to destruction!

Eternal Descent will mark the debut appearance of Misha Mansoor with 2 alternate covers from from Santi Casas & Jason Metcalf, distributed equally. The 6 issue "Eternal Descent Vol.2" series will also feature a brand-new 4page back-up story in every issue, where a vigilante with a grim gift takes his own brand of justice to the streets.

Offering a comic series, annual graphic novels, animations, games, limited edition ESP guitars and Digitech effects pedals to keep fans occupied, no wonder "Eternal Descent" is fast becoming an international phenomenon. Fans of comics and heavy metal alike will be staggered in the scale of "Eternal Descent"'s ambitions and volume two of the cult comic promises to plunge readers even more deeply into the graphic novel's dark, multi-faceted world.

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    4-5 month old news as usual. He isn't "set to appear", he IS appearing in it, as it has been released today.