Periphery to Kick Off New Album Recording, Tease Riffs

Band set to enter studio in near future.

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Periphery guitarist Misha Mansoor has announced that the band is set to begin work on a new album. In a post on his official Facebook page, Mansoor stated:

"Yesterday we played the last show we will play until our next album is recorded. Very excited to get to work on this next one!"

The news that Periphery are recording a new album comes after guitarist Mark Holcolmb posted a preview of a new riff on his YouTube channel. In a video demoing the BIAS guitar rig app, Holcomb played a track which he describes as an untitled demo, which may or may not be used for Periphery.

Periphery's last record, the mini-album "Clear," was released on January 28th of this year. The upcoming album will be the third full-length record from the band.

YouTube preview picture

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    Majin Gaara
    Not a huge Periphery fan, but I think it's so cool that Periphery is the only band I know of that releases music as often as they do, in the style & quantity they do. Very cool. Also, Misha is nothing short of amazing as a Producer & Guitarist. His work on the new Animals As Leaders Record is great.
    omg is that new OMNOM track playing in background!!!! i ****in love elliot coleman and misha!!!!! at around 1:35