Periphery's Mark Holcomb: What's It Like When an Airline Loses Your Guitar

"I haven't changed clothes in about 72 hours."

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Periphery's Mark Holcomb: What's It Like When an Airline Loses Your Guitar

Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb talked about how American Airlines lost his gear and luggage, telling Session (transcribed by UG):

"Oh, Jesus... I don't really have much to say besides the fact that I haven't changed clothes in about 72 hours.

"I had to brush my teeth with my finger a couple of times. It was American Airlines, American Airlines lost my luggage on the way to Frankfurt [Germany].

"So I have no clothes, I have no guitars, and I don't know what I'm gonna play tonight on stage.

"Who knows, I could be playing an 8-string Stratocaster on stage, I have no idea. So hopefully they deliver my bags in time. And guitars. Guitars more importantly."

Explaining how the situation was resolved, Mark added:

"I showed up without any guitars, and a fan of ours named Marco - thank you Marco - was kind enough to bring his SE model.

"I haven't laid hand on this guitar up until 20 minutes ago. And it's funny, his guitar is actually set up better than my personal live guitar.

"Maybe [it's a German setup]! Very high attention to detail. But it literally plays like my guitar.

"The only difference that I have with my personal guitar is that I put locking tuners on mine just as a precaution, since I'm always bumping into stuff on stage.

"But, no, it feels just exactly like my personal guitar."

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    Definitely a testimate to the consistency of World Musical Instruments in Korea and the SE line.
    Well there's a plus to having gear nerds as a large portion of your fan base! Would've been more than happy to let him use mine, glad that worked out.
    SE model?
    Yeah, as in the Korean line of PRS guitars.
    There are amazong. I have one I got on clearance (I forget the exact model) and the thing plays incredibly well and sounds great with my DiMarzio Sd/36th anniversary paf. It plays fast and smooth even with an effed up set up. The only thing that sucked we're the original pups and even those were much better than most stock pups. I just need more power for metal and hard rock.
    The Pups in Marks model are worth 250$ alone But seriously the build quality of those SEs is amazing. I'm currently torn between getting the Brent Hinds or the Mark Holcomb Signature. But I'll probably go with Brents model since it's 300$ less, also I'd really like to have a new guitar body shape for once.