Pete Doherty Says He Wants the La's to Support the Libertines at Hyde Park

Doherty and Carl Barat also want The Bandits to reform for London gig on July 5.

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Pete Doherty has said that he wants the La's to support the Libertines at their Hyde Park gig this summer, NME reports.

The band announced news of their reunion last week and will headline the British Summer Time festival at London's Hyde Park on July 5. Acts already confirmed to perform on the day include the Pogues, Maximo Park and the Enemy. However, Doherty and Carl Barat also have a wish-list of names they want adding to the bill.

Speaking to NME about the Hyde Park line-up, Doherty says: "The Pogues will be brilliant, and also I'd love to see – and I'm gonna get a big groan now, from dickheads – but I'm thinking we should get the Bandits to reform. That'd be cool. Having The La's would be amazing too."

Bandmate Carl Barat adds: "That would be sweet, The La's, wouldn't it? We were trying to do something with the Bandits last time, and Chas and Dave too."

Liverpool band the La's split in 1992. Fronted by Lee Mavers, the La's also featured bassist John Power – later frontman for Cast. The Bandits, also from Liverpool, split in 2004. The La's reformed briefly in 2005 while in 2009, Mavers joined Pete Doherty during a number of his live shows.

Since the announcement of their reunion and live plans, both Doherty and Barat have said that the band will play warm-up gigs prior to appearing at Hyde Park. Pete Doherty said: "There'll be a warm-up, and there might be a free one for people who can't get into Hyde Park, maybe." There is also talk of new material.

Meanwhile, residents living near Hyde Park have complained about the Libertines playing in their area. Residents surrounding the Royal Park are not happy with the booking, objecting to Pete Doherty's presence in the area and fearing curfew times will be disregarded.

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    Holy ****ing Jesus, make it happen, please. The Libertines and The La's are two of my favorite bands of all time. I've seen Pete and Lee Mavers performing together before, but it is not really the same thing. Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to convince Mavers to play to more than 15 people nowadays, but I'll keep the faith in it.
    That'd be so fecking great! The Libertines are by far one of my favourite bands and the La's, well, they're a legend, although I think it is unlikely that they would play in Hyde Park this July. Getting really excited for this gig!