Pete Townshend Confirms the Who's 50th Anniversary Tour and New Album

The guitarist says "It will be a world tour."

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The Who are gearing up for a world tour and the recording of a new album this year, Gigwise reports.

Guitarist Pete Townshend revealed the information, saying that a worldwide tour starting in the UK was on the cards for Christmas 2014. At the same time he also confirmed that a new album was in the works, but only if the band was able to sort through the thousands of hours of music that they had recorded.

"It will be a world tour. I'm not crazy about going on the road, but I'm in good shape. Once I start doing it, and I'm still very good at it, I'll take some pleasure from it," said Townshend in an interview with Billboard magazine, discussing prospects for the band.

Of the album Townshend said: "I'm trying to go through 20,000 hours of disorganised music. I'll be pulling songs out to give to Roger, to see if we've got enough to make an album. It might be a big waste of time – but I'm hoping there will be an album."

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    I hope I get to see them- such a phenomenally powerful duo of musicians. we're so lucky that they're still alive, and Roger still brings it. I do; however, hope to hear more rare tracks. Not just Baba, Won't Get Fooled Again, Behind Blue Eyes, Pinball Wizard and Who Are You. all great songs, but they have a massive library of classics.