Pete Townshend: ''Quadrophenia' Was The Last Definitive Who Album'

Everyone has their favorites, and when it comes to Who albums, Pete Townshend's is "Quadrophenia".

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Everyone has their favorites, and when it comes to Who albums, Pete Townshend's is Quadrophenia. "I'm very proud of it," he said at the media launch of the director's cut reissue of Quadrophenia this week (via Music Radar).

"It's the only Who album I produced on my own. I'm amazed by what we managed to achieve with an eight-track studio. I had complete control and it proved that when I have complete control I get it right."

Townshend went on to say that The Who, "only made three landmark records: Tommy, Who's Next and Quadrophenia."

"I've always felt that Quadrophenia was the last definitive Who album," he added. "I've always regarded it as a very ambitious album, but what got away was the story But to me, it felt to me like it was the end. The reason I've spent so much time working on this new edition is because it's an epochal record, the last great album by The Who."

Quadrophenia the Director's Cut box set arrives November 15. The set, which runs $143.99 plus shipping will include the digitally re-mastered and expanded Super Deluxe edition of the 1973 album in four CDs, a DVD and a vinyl seven-inch single. The set also packs Townshend's previously unheard demos, bonus tracks, a deluxe hardcover book, previously unseen personal notes, photographs, memorabilia and more.

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    Golden eye kid
    gees, its so sad when you see rockstars so many years on. Pete in particular but also jack bruce from cream look so frail now.
    Having seen Tshe Who a couple of times over the years I would hesitate to call Pete "frail" - sure, he's a bloke in his late 60s, but hardly frail...