Petition Сalling on Lady Gaga to 'Stop Glamourising Bulimia' Launched

Campaign follows her controversial SXSW show.

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A petition calling for Lady Gaga to "stop glamourising bulimia" has been launched following the singer's controversial, vomit-filled performance at SXSWGigwise reports.

The petition, which currently holds 9779 signatures, also urges Gaga to end her working relationship with English performance artist and "vomit painter" Millie Brown, who appeared onstage with Gaga at the SXSW show.

It also points out the singer once struggled with bulimia herself. "Pop star Lady Gaga once struggled with bulimia, but now she is glamorizing the eating disorder," the petition begins. "This stunt was clearly intended to be provocative, tasteless and to create a media buzz around Lady Gaga ... she should be more sensitive, having suffered from bulimia in the past.

"Hundreds of young women die from eating disorders every year, and many of her fans are at an age where women begin to develop these disorders. Lady Gaga needs to recognize the damage she could cause with these types of stunts," it continues.

The petition comes days after Demi Lovato criticised Gaga for the SXSW show, which saw Millie Brown repeatedly stick her fingers down her throat and vomit paint over the "Applause" singer.

"Sad ... As if we didn't have enough people glamorizing eat[ing] disorders already," tweeted Lovato, who has been outspoken about her own former eating disorder. "Young people who are struggling to figure out their identities are seriously influenced by the things they see their idols do ... Bottom line, it's not 'cool' or 'artsy' at all."

Meanwhile, performance artist and Gaga collaborator Brown has defended her work. "There's a clear difference between using my body to create something beautiful, to express myself and feel powerful, rather than using it to punish myself and conform to society's standard," she told TMZ.

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    I honestly don't know a single person who thinks that what she does it "art" in any sense. It's just being an attention-***** through "weirdness."
    I believe that most the stuff she does IS art, coz I'm open minded. I don't care if she's pop music and I like rock and metal, I'm not just gonna shut off somebody saying 'Oh I don't like this kind of music that means they're a bad person'. Too many people do that nowadays whether it's pop or metal or whatever.
    "This stunt was clearly intended to be provocative, tasteless and to create a media buzz around Lady Gaga ..." So, draw more attention to it? Seems counter-productive to your cause, if you ask me. Way to go.
    She probably isn't trying to glamourise it....she's not a dumbass.
    Obviously enough of a dumbass to not think about the thousands of impressionable kids that will watch it without really understanding the deeper issue. Kids have enough poisoning their minds in the modern-age. GaGa needs an Uncle Ben to teach her that with lame power, comes lame responsibilities.
    Eating disorders are linked to high anxiety and frustration, mostly on the side of the family; for instance, parents tend to have unrealistic expectations of their little girls sexuality or behaviour, thus being over controlling their lives. Then, for the girl in question, eating or ****ing can be the only aspect of their lives that they actually can control. Family is detrimental for eating disorders, far more than artists.
    That thing she did was not about eating disorders. It's called emetophilia. Look it up, or don't. Your choice.
    The whole construct Lady Gaga definetely is kinda artificial, even it is at least only brave concerning her topics dealing with discrimination against minorities etc. And only because of her puking at a show as part of her performance to say she would be 'glamourising Bulimia' is just ridiculious - is Gene Simmons glamourising Stomach Cancer when spitting blood???
    This is bloody ridiculous, I saw the performance and she's not 'glamourising it', she used it as a form of art and I can say from seeing the performance it was a little weird but it was artistic and it fit well with the lyrics from the song it wasn't just there to create controversy.
    The irony... You do understand that she's only relevant because of the pretentious "weirdness" and these controversies, right? She is a very talented musician, but what she does, has VERY little to do with talent or music.
    My girlfriend suffers from an eating disorder, and so in a slightly different sense, I suffer from it as well. Art or no, it seems to be a trivialization of something my girlfriend struggles every day to fend off. I don't think petitions, particularly e-petitions, have any weight anywhere in society, but I appreciate the sentiment. Eating disorders are easy to make light of, but for those of us who suffer from them, or suffer with those who have them, they are absolutely serious, horrifying ailments that are not to be taken lightly.
    You should ask your girl to do some therapy, look into the family relations, customs and habits and you'll find more than enough reasons for her to develop an eating disorder. That is far more "traumatizing" or impressive for the psyche than a mere act on a concert. How many heavy metal and rock fans developed eating disorders after watching Blacky Lawless or GG Allin puking on stage? Hell, even Lionel Messi, big ass sport star, pukes every now and then before matches. Are his fans going to puke out just cause their idol does it? Kids are kids, impressionable and whatever, but they ARE NOT stupid.