Petition Demanding Justin Bieber's Deportation, Gathers Over 50,000 Signatures

Meanwhile, Anthrax tell JB to "experience it, but don't get hurt."

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In wake of Justin Bieber's latest DUI arrest, a petition demanding deportation of the Canadian star has surfaced online, gathering over 50,000 signatures in less than five days.

"We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture," the petition reads. "We would like to see the dangerous, reckless, destructive, and drug abusing, Justin Bieber deported and his green card revoked. He is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nations youth. We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society."

Launched on January 23, the petition has reached over half of its 100,000 signatures goal. More details here.

In related news, several prominent rock figures gave their thoughts on JB, sharing a few words of advice along the way. Chatting with Fuse, thrash veterans Anthrax weren't too harsh on the young pop star, basically telling Justin to enjoy the ride, but take it easy.

"I would say one thing to Justin Bieber - experience it," drummer Charlie Benante said at this year's Grammy Awards. "Do it, it's the only way you're gonna grow."

"But don't get hurt. Just don't hurt anybody really," bassist Frank Bello chipped in.

Sharon Osbourne also gave a brief comment, adding, "He just needs to get into the studio and work. He needs to work, he needs to be occupied. He's got too much time on his hands. Put that little thing to work."

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    I think some prison time would help this child grow up, and then deport him.
    Prepeare yourself for a gangsta rap album after his 14 days in jail.
    WE DO NOT IN ANY WAY WANT HIM BACK IN CANADA. You can have him lol.
    You Canucks unleash on us Americans Celine Dion and I still have that abomination that is the "Titanic" song ringing in my this little clown. No more! The line must be drawn HERE and NOW. Back to the land of maple syrup and hockey he goes.
    Be happy that it only happens every 15 years. USA seems to unleash a little piss ant every year.
    After giving Neil Young and Rush to the world, the canadians have my permission to shit on this world at will. Deal with it, you yanks!
    I honestly thought when the news tried branding him as a 'rock star' after his litle Lambourghini incident and that he keeps saying 'I'm a fan of Metallica' that he'd try and bring out an edgy rock record...
    If he gets prison time he'll be on Maury 8 months later asking "who the daddy?"
    Get over it. I don't like beibers music and I've never met the guy.I did a lot more dumb stuff than him when I was 19. I was just never fortunate enough to get caught in a lambo, with a model, the night after I drooped 75k on strippers. Nothing this kid could ever do would fit a punishment of getting sent back to Canada... that place is a dump
    Here in Canada I like to forget about the existence of Bieber and instead crank up Annihilator..
    Annihilator is one of the best things to come from Canada, next to Canadian maple syrup. You guys have good taste!
    I think he's a spoilt little brat as much as anyone else, however people forget that he's no way the first to act like this. Rick Allen from Def Leopard was only 21 himself when he lost his arm racing in his Corvette. He learned the hard way. I think the real problem is that a 19 year old has access to such huge amounts of money and able to buy such powerful cars. We forget that these lamborghinis and Ferraris should be left to those with plenty of driving experience, not some snotty kid who has barely passed his driving test. Millionaire or not, a 19 year old shouldn't be allowed to drive a car with over 600bhp. He's not even legal to drink in the US, yet he can walk out of a Lambo dealership with a monster of a car quite legally? Surely you should have a minimum of like, 10 years experience behind the wheel before you're let loose in one of these things? Or maybe he should speak to the families of people killed by DUI drivers. But alas, hes not the only one, just the most famous.
    Dear America, We will give you whatever you want but he's your problem now. Sorry boot that eh but we don't want him back. Like I said, we will give you ANYTHING but you have to keep him. Sincerely, Canada
    lol, I'd laugh if many countries write to America pleading them to not deport Bieber to their country. America has the strongest weapon in the world now... mwuahahaa
    Battery Chicken
    He's a 19 year old kid with unfathomable amounts of money and is surrounded by people who tell him how fantastically wonderful he is. His behaviour is/was inevitable. Now that he has gone from being a media darling to being demonised by them at almost every turn (not an uncommon story) things are most likely only going to get worse.