Petition Demanding Metallica's Removal From Glastonbury Over Bear Hunt Support, Rounds Up 10,000 Supporters

"James Hetfield's support of big-game hunting is incompatible with the spirit of Glastonbury," organizers insist.

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An online campaign has been launched against metal titans Metallica, demanding their removal from the Glastonbury 2014 lineup due to James Hetfield's hunting endeavors.

Apart from being an avid hunter, James was recently announced as the narrator of History TV series "The Hunt," focusing on bear hunting in Alaska.

Insisting that the amount of bear hunt promotion is far too excessive, a Facebook page titled Remove Metallica From Glastonbury was launched last week, now gathering over 13,000 supporters. An online petition was quick to surface, rounding up nearly 1,000 signatures so far.

"This page is an appeal to Glastonbury to remove Metallica from their lineup," the description reads. "We believe James Hetfield's support of big-game hunting is incompatible with the spirit of Glastonbury and brings its good name into disrepute."

"I doubt very much that James Hetfield is the first high-profile big-game hunter to grace the stages - I'm sure there have been many," the page admin has stated. "I do however doubt that any of them have had a prime time History show promoting his view that hunting is a good thing to do, on at the same time. This double-exposure gives his views extra publicity and acceptability, and this is where we can have an effect.

"This is about raising awareness and making both Metallica and Glastonbury aware of what appears to be a large number of people's disapproval," he concluded.

Metallica are set to headline this year's Glasto on June 28 as the first major metal band ever to grace the event's main stage. The remaining headliners include Arcade Fire and Kasabian. Among the performers are also Mogwai, who have recently ripped the metal giants, calling the band "sh-te" and Lars Ulrich "unbelievably bad, terrible drummer."

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    Someone call Ted Nugent. There may be a chance of a short notice gig at Glastonbury.
    Van Guff
    No matter what anyone says, this isn't about bear hunting. This is spearheaded by the fact that people won't give Metallica a chance and won't open their eyes to the music. They're just using this bear hunting thing as a scapegoat to petition. It's stupid.
    I wouldn't be so sure about that. Glastonbury is well known for being commited to environmental issues, so it's perfectly understandable that some Glasto fans back up that point of view. Example:
    I don't get why hunting is an environnement issue... You know, hunters have quota that they have to respect, so hunting is not really a problem. The real problem is illegal hunting and James doesn't seem to do it...
    I think opposing legal hunting is a matter of ethics more than anything, really. I know very little about it though, so anyone who knows better than us is more than welcome here.
    except we here in the states have a problem with game animals over populating because there are no natural predators. Deer, rabbit, and hog are a huge problem where i live. they run out into traffic and destroy swathes of property.
    So, how much damage are bears doing, anywhere? Serious question - I don't know. I understand hunting deer, rabbit, and hog because not only do they do a lot of damage, but we actually eat those meats. I haven't heard of people eating bear or of bears destroying 'swathes' of property, so isn't hunting them way more wasteful than hunting just about anything else?
    Well, when they start entering cities and raiding garbage cans and invading homes they become a problem. They end up being shot by animal control anyways. Their populations do need controlling as well. You can make the argument that man has created the problem of bears intruding in our neighborhoods, but that doesn't change the fact that it still is a problem. I live in a place where bears are quite prevalent. As soon as one attacks a human/ pet/ livestock or invades a property to raid its food it is killed by animal control. This is because once it does it once, it will do it again, guaranteed. There is no talking a bear out of doing something. That is why their populations need controlling.
    Legal big game hunting is about conservation AND sport. People who oppose it only see a dead animal, but a lot of research go into what you can and cannot take.
    Killing a animal is killing a animal, they still shoot a living thing you see. I think that's their problem. I don't have problems with hunting but i can see that these environmentalists are against it.
    Things die in the environment. Bears eat fish. Fish eat anything they can. Hunting shouldn't be an "environmentalist" issue. Now if you are killing just to kill, that is different. Judging by the fact that James said he was freaked out that while hunting in Russia they couldn't eat the bear in Some Kind of Monster, I'm guessing he harvests nearly all game he hunts.
    Things die in the environment. Bears eat fish. Fish eat anything they can. Hunting shouldn't be an "environmentalist" issue. Now if you are killing just to kill, that is different. Judging by the fact that James said he was freaked out that while hunting in Russia they couldn't eat the bear in Some Kind of Monster, I'm guessing he harvests nearly all game he hunts.
    Hunters in the US provide more funding for wildlife and the environment than any other group. I don't know about the UK, as hunting isn't as prevalent there, but this isn't about the environment, it's about anti-hunting. I can respect an anti-hunting position if you're also a vegetarian, but if not, STFU!
    It makes sense that those who rely on the wild to hunt would be pro-conserving it. It makes no sense to be a fisherman AND support dumping toxic waste in the lakes. That is just ruining the opportunities to fish. Same thing with (many) hunters. Over hunting only removes the possibility of future hunts. I shake my head at the hunters who don't support conserving their own environments. It's only going to ruin the thing they love.
    I think the face of hunting in the UK is still the fox hunt, and it's often portrayed as a classist and inhumane practice. So, the exposure to hunting that most Brits have is probably quite different to the exposure most Americans have.
    It makes sense that those who rely on the wild to hunt would be pro-conserving it. It makes no sense to be a fisherman AND support dumping toxic waste in the lakes. That is just ruining the opportunities to fish. Same thing with (many) hunters. Over hunting only removes the possibility of future hunts. I shake my head at the hunters who don't support conserving their own environments. It's only going to ruin the thing they love.
    If you read the Facebook page it's not aimed at Metallica they are more using Metallica as an excuse to get bear hunting banned far few of their comments are about Metallica.
    Having Metallica headline Glastonbury is like having Oasis headline Ozzfest. I don't think that anyone's being closed-minded about Metallica. Being closed-minded about Metallica is like being closed-minded about cell phones, or cars or popular soft drinks or fast food chains... if your eyes and ears work properly and have access to things like the internet, television, fresh air, other humans, etc. you know EXACTLY who Metallica are and what they're about. There's really no mystery there - if you're part of the 99.9% of the population with the above mentioned "connections" you either like them or don't like them. What this whole Glastonbury - Metallica thing is really doing is highlighting the fact that a lot of American Metallica fans just don't realize that their beloved band is NOT as popular globally as they are in the U.S. It's hard to argue that Metallica were a great band from the early 80's until the early 90's and deserved their popularity. The money that they (and mostly their record company) earned created a massive marketing machine that has kept their popularity up in the U.S. and some other parts of the globe (despite the huge decline in the quality of their music over the past 20 years) but NOT EVERYWHERE! There are SO MANY other younger and/or more relevant bands making quality music and putting 110% into their performances that booking an aging, declining-for-decades band like Metallica to headline a show like Glastonbury doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Long story short - Metallica in 2014 doesn't command the respect or generate the buzz that they did in 1991. Most of the world realizes this... apparently a lot of Metallica fans don't (or won't). The hunting show thing just makes the band look even more irrelevant and silly. Metallica were my favorite band in the world from '87 when I first heard them until about '91 when they quit trying. I'm just not hanging on to any delusions about where they stand today.
    "American Metallica fans." You DO realize Metallica IS bigger globally than they are in the U.S. right now, right? Last time I checked, Death Magnetic, their fifth consecutive number one album went number one in almost every major country on the planet, so "American Metallica fans" my ass. You were a Metallica fan from 87 to 91. That's four years and you're suddenly the expert on what their relevancy is today? Like I said, their last album went number one, and they still sell out crowds that are huger than most younger and more "popular" artists. So I'd say "Metallica in 2014" is still very much a thing. Metallica didn't book themselves in at Glastonbury. They didn't bully their way into a headlining spot. They were asked to do it. Metallica are such a cultural phenomenon that they could headline a festival they make themselves and it would still be a big deal. Infact they have been doing just that for years now. Making the "Oasis paying Ozzfest" analogy was also a really crappy one. Unlike Oasis' fame with the metal head crowd, the reverse for Metallica is much different. They have cross-genre success and that attracts more fan outside their genre than the reverse analogy you gave, which is why it was a crappy one to begin with. What this is all actually about is fans stubborn attitudes towards seeing anything else at Glastonbury that might challenge their status quo. If Sir Mick Jagger can give his approval of Metallica playing there, fans should just nut up and shut up about it instead of concocting bullshit facebook petitions where they try to railroad something they can't accept out of their mindsets and masquerade it as some sort of "social issue." Don't kid yourself, there have been other people who've graced that stage at Glastonbury who are guilty of things that are just as shitty as "hunting" or even worse. Again, Metallica were ASKED to perform there. They certainly don't need the attention or the money. They could start their own entire festival again this summer if they wanted it to, and it would still be a success, no matter what continent it was held on. Thats the power of them as pop culture icons today. My point is, bitch all you want, it's not going to change anything. And while we're at it, who are you to say Metallica "stopped trying?" It's not your sweat that was poured into making their music. So just keep THOSE types of opinions to yourself!
    metallica are plenty relevant enough to play at glastonbury. They headline in festivals and stadiums all over the world. not just the US. glastonbury has always meant to be about having a mix of different types of performers who are on the top of their game playing there. metallica suit that perfectly. The problem really is with the glastonbury organizers neglecting and pretending heavy rock and metal just dont exist. Going as far as to not even book a band like the offspring because they dont like the image that comes with it. Im not a fan of metallica or glastonbury's elitism but I hope metallica do play they and it does go down very well and with any luck the organizers will see this ban on "heavy rock" is f**king ridiculous.
    To Abacus11: BULLSHIT!
    @georgi.artakov - Excellent, very insightful.
    just like your comment... i respect old people but if you think Metallica is not relevant, than you are wrong. If theres a band that's still relevant, than it's Metallica. I'm 19 and I freakin know which Metal bands are relavant. Both to musicians, since i play multiple instruments, and to normal people. I've lived in Bulgaria for 14 years and Metallica is big there! Everyone knows and loves them. It's not the same here in Germany but still alot of people know Metallica and think that they are relevant. You say Metallica is not as good as in the late 80s and early 90s. Have you seen them recently??? Their shows can't be topped easily. The thing is. I know what kind of Metallica fan you are. You love the old and hate the new albums ala Metallica died after AJFA. Well imagine that there are fans that love DM and also think that Load/Reload nad St.Anger are just as great as the old albums. And by the way... there are so many other younger relevant artists??? Who??? I can only think of one right now. That beeing Avenged Sevenfold. But i guess you hate them because they are not good enough.
    Why don't people just let Metallica kick azz and shut up! In the end there are more lovers than haters so who the **** cares?
    and the fact that hipster leftists will do anything to get rid of things they don't like, absolutely cowardly and stupid.
    is not stupid but out of line, anyway they're right Metallica isn't the kind of act for a fest like Glastonbury which is known for being more like a soft indie-rock/dance festival, I guess their heaviest act has been Muse so that tells pretty much everything.
    im really sorry for being naive about the situation because im from america.. but is this really a huge deal? ever since metallica has been announced to play this festival everyone has either been bashing them or middle of the road. is this festival only for(based on the bands playing other than metallica)the hipster crowd?
    Thats kinda how I feel. Having seen all this I'd never want to go. Ever. Edit: or play it for that matter. Seems like very snobby people. I thought Bruce Dickinson's comments were strange when I read them at first (being American and having never gone to Glastonbury) but now I see why he said what he did and I feel like I agree whole heartedly
    Floyd Phoenix
    Glastonbury is renowned as a hippy fest - sure there are a lot of indie bands playing, but the pretentious indie douchebags in Britain don't go to it because it's obviously too mainstream. There are far more 'middle class' festivals and Glastonbury does really not deserve the bashing it keeps getting on this site. I for one was looking forward to seeing Metallica at Glasto, and am pretty sure given the people that are known for going most of the people signing the petition aren't actually attending the festival. My only hope is that Eavis tells them to go f*ck themselves, because that's the kind of awesome guy he is.
    Kind of the same thing I suspect - I've been to Glasto and I didn't run into those kind of pretentious types. Most were just average people enjoying different kinds of rock/indie music caring more about the music itself than the views and actions of the band. Most of those opposing this are preobably the pretentious hipster-douchebags that aren't even going but just want draw attention to their views, which is the shame because, though I can imagine a lot of the normal middle-class people I met at Glasto being a bit perplexed by Metallica performing, they'd probably most certainly be interrested. Either that or Glasto has really gone far ****ing downhill since I was there last.
    Glastonbury was founded as a full on hippy jam (like when Gong and Hawkwind) were tripping out in the early 70's. Over time it's become more corpro-hippy - it is a bit middle class. Ever since Eavis' daughter has had more of a hand on organising groups it seems to have gone further down the hipstery pop/rock route. So, it's going down that route for the last few years then BOOM! Metallica are going to be a bit of a shock - I can't think of a "heavy" band playing there before. They are a bit of a misfit booking for the festival and with this hunting stuff on top, it makes it look worse. Also, while Metallica are huge worldwide, full-bore metal has never really gone over that well here in Britain. It took "Nothing Else Matters" to proper sell Metallica to us.
    Full bore metal never went over well in Britain? Okay then. We'll claim Maiden, Priest, and Motorhead.
    Don't get me wrong. Those are successful early British metal groups, but they were more a generation before Metallica and their peers. Heavier, faster bands like Xentrix, Acid Reign, Onslaught and a bunch of other British groups never got the same levels of attention.There was a certain point where metal evolved and became largely ignored in the UK.
    Is he a big game hunter or his he just doing the narration to a tv show about big game hunters. Also, what he is hunting is perfectly legal to hunt, not endangered and not tortured to death... Is the rest of the world today so glorious and peaceful that the biggest issue for these middle class part time hippies is a few rednecks in north america hunting some f**king bears.
    link no1
    As far as I know he's just narrating it, though he does hae an interest in hunting so either way, he still shoots things. Personally, I couldn't give two ****s. The things he is hunting are legal and provide actual benefits such as controlling numbers which I assume is really needed. The problem with everybody in Britain having a hissy fit is we don't have that much running around which you would consider 'game' and hunting isn't really a thing. I'm sure these people wouldn't be complaining so much if the number of bears in Britain got out of control and they started mauling everybody. Plus, it's ****ing band, their hobbies don't matter. I don't like fat people but I still watched Fear Factory live and I didn't start a petition because Dino looked like he ate a Horse that day.
    People are too politically correct these days.
    Just struggling to see why this would effect their music... Isn't that why people go to see a band? Rather than to cheer or boo the bands hobbies? Maybe I'm just getting old
    These days making stuff illegal is what it's about, guilting people into political correctness is just a tool to ban anything people can enjoy.
    People who complain about political correctness are usually *******s. Not that I'm calling you an *******. It's just something I've noticed.
    "People". As far as I'm concerned glastonbury is a hippy festival. Those people (wether you like it or not) have strong feelings and are rather libertarian. Considering this there is also a strong sense for animal rights in the crowd. Still I think this is a scapegoat-reason for pushing them away from the festival by people that don't like metal to be played there.
    The Glastonbury crowd is "Libertarian"?!? If you know absolutely nothing about politics PLEASE at the very least use Google or Wiki for 10 seconds before you say something that makes ZERO sense.
    So I just quote wikipedia then, and tell you that what Americans believe is libertarian is not what the rest of the world means with it ? The term libertarianism originally referred to a philosophical belief in free will but later became associated with anti-state socialism and Enlightenment-influenced[8][9] political movements critical of institutional authority believed to serve forms of social domination and injustice. While it has generally retained its earlier political usage as a synonym for either social or individualist anarchism through much of the world, in the United States it has since come to describe pro-capitalist economic liberalism more so than radical, anti-capitalist egalitarianism.
    As an envoiromentalist myself, those kind of morally pretentious people really piss me off. Hunting has not only been a part of human society for years upon end, it's quite literally a part of nature. I can see why they'd oppose hunting for those who go out and borderline torture an animal because of ignorance of how to kill it properly and quickly, but most hunters I've encountered have just as much, if not more respect for nature. Especially where I live (Denmark) there is often an abundance of deer as there are no natural predators, which can endager people and themselves crossing in the thousands of small country roads which cut through forests. Hunters usually keep a good eye on what, and how much they may kill, and are often very professional about their passion, meaning that long before they've ever shot a deer they know exactly how to kill it as quickly and painlessly as possible, how to bring it home, and how to put it properly to use. Any envoiromentalist worth his/her salt should know that hunters, while killing animals, are often respectfull and very knowledgable about nature and the importance of preserving it.
    It's different. We have a choice. We don't really want to model ourselves after the Neanderthals do we? "I love nature that's why I kill 'em" - sounds like a Monty Python skit.
    No we don't really have a choice. We have a choice whether we want to eat what is killed or not, but there is not really a choice on whether or not to cull certain animal populations. Deer have no natural predators (anymore) in many areas. Their populations balloon and wreak havoc on crops and cause car accidents, which kills the animal anyways. Would you rather the deer die by a bullet that kills it extremely quickly, or by a car. The car probably won't kill it on impact and it will die slower and will possibly injure the people in the car. Think of it this way. When rabbits are introduced in some environments they consume everything in their paths. They destroy the area and then starve to death. In the end they die anyways, but in even greater numbers in a far more painful way. Culling their numbers prevents this. Now would you prefer that people ate what they killed or waste a perfectly edible carcass. Which is more wasteful. Also, it is not modelling ourselves after Neanderthals (which we never actually evolved from either, they are on a different branch) to say that we have always done it. It is just pointing out that saying it is not natural to hunt is silly. It is completely "natural," by the very definition.
    Soooo, they don't sell burgers at glastonbury?
    shhhhh don't tell the eco-nuts where burgers come from.
    I think you'll find most "eco-nuts" refrain from eating animals since do so is harmful to the environment...
    It's the most stupid thing I've ever heard, Metallica are on the bill for their MUSIC, not their personal interests.
    Does anyone remember what Ian Watkins personal interests were? Anyone?? I'm not exactly disagreeing that this is all a bunch of bullshit, just saying that sometimes personal interests do matter. lol
    There's a difference between being a hunter and being a pedophile. Ian Watkins' personal interests are illegal while James Hetfield's personal interests are not.
    I'd also just like to point out - I've just been informed that the main man behind Glastonbury is pro-badger cull, so what's all this shit about Glastonbury being a peace-loving festival? All these comments about it not being "in the spirit" of Glastonbury and Michael Eavis is down with badger extermination - retarded hippie-ism, I say.
    "I have different beliefs than the frontman for this band so don't let them play this concert that no one is forcing me to go to please."
    Wow. Really?
    I know it's unbearable...
    He is JAMES Mothafukin HETFIELD....what did they expect his hubby to be...ballet dancing?
    I didn't know that James had a husband?
    well, he's too pussy to fight dave mustane back or nikki sixx....but can hide in some trees with a gun and shoot a bear! **** that puusy ass janes!
    he already tried to fight him back idiot. Dave doesnt want to go back. he's happy where he's at. just let it go. It's all about Kirk now.
    Lol, everyone who purchased a ticket has already given Metallica their money. Paying to see a show with them and the n bitching about it is retarded. Fucking vegan hipster ****s
    How about they play the whole of Kill 'em all, then, at then end James can bring a bear on and kill it on stage? Just to say 'Fuck you' to all them damn hippies
    So that'll probably be 10000 people who aren't even going to Glastonbury that have signed it then? Also, how come its frowned upon (for good reason) to be prejudice against a race, creed or colour, but somehow when everyone feigns this kind of bullsh*t faux outrage against metal\rock bands\fans, its accepted by the mainstream? Go f*ck yourself you bunch of hippy's. As someone else posted, I hope they open with 'So What?'
    What I don't get about this is that Hetfield has been a well known hunter and gun-nut for a long time. Don't want that kind of person on your gig? Fine. Don't book them.
    What a load of bollocks. Him hunting bears has nothing to do with him playing a show.
    I would be utterly astonished if they were kicked off the bill, the amount of money that has already went into this, and finding such a huge band to replace them at short notice... this won't happen
    I've been dealing with stupid tree hugging liberal hippie choir boys my whole life because I hunt. These r the same idiots who will go to the grocery store and buy slaughtered cow meat but bitch cuz I killed a deer. My brother just got home from a bear hunt last week lol
    He's not actually hunting bears live on stage, they do realise this don't they? Maybe Metallica should bring a live bear on stage and let it stage dive the pit and see what happens... PPV of course.
    "I doubt very much that James Hetfield is the first high-profile big-game hunter to grace the stages - I'm sure there have been many," the page admin has stated. "I do however doubt that any of them have had a prime time History show..." Translation: "I'm a closed minded f*ckhead who refuses to try anything other than all the indie shit we already have, so I'm using this as an excuse to get rid of Metallica" Let's be honest, that's all this comes down to.
    As stupid as I think the petition is, did you ever think maybe they DO care about animals? I don't think its some quest to get rid of everybody that isn't as "hipster" as them. Not everybody is as close-minded about music as some of the people on this site.
    The show isn't even about hunting completely, it's also about animal control, environmentalism, and other things as well. >.<
    If Glastonbury fans are so motivated to save the environment why is Gojira not on the line-up? Such a pathetic thing to do. And im sure Mogwai had a moan because they thought this festival would be the start of a world conquering career. Then they realised the biggest Metal band on the planet is playing at the same time.
    It is because Gojira and fans are very open minded to understanding of a situation. While they do stand for their beliefs, they do not tolerate extremism, even if it's for their own cause. I've seen many defend the right for their opposition's views to be heard.
    ... I dont understand all the hype about Metallica playing this festival... minus this stupid hunting drama To be fair... I havent read up on it at all either
    I've been keeping up with the articles and not even I get the problem. from these comments, it's a hippie fest and all the hips are mad cause a world-class metal act is headlining. So now, some crazy peta-vegan-feta-organic-biodegradable-lgbt kids are gathering a peition to stop them from playing, because they're trying to change the world one less metallica show at a time. fkn hipsters
    Are you ****ing serious? Don't worry about what one member does as a hobby (legally mind you). Just worry about the music. I don't like hunting either but I'm not gonna let that get in the way of good music. Lighten the **** up people.
    Killing animals just for a hobby its not cool....
    Hobby? Maybe, but most hunters take their quarry to the butcher and end up eating it. The vast majority of (meat-eating) people rely upon the ranchers, farmers, etc. to do the actual killing of the animals. Hunters are just stepping into that role for themselves. And, yes, I realize that farmers don't raise bear, deer, etc., but let's not get into a discussion about which animals are OK to raise for meat vs. which ones aren't.
    I agree hunting and eating at McDonalds are morally equivalent, I disagree that either is "wrong". I strongly disagree that Michael Vick and dogfighting are morally equivalent to hunting/eating meat.
    It's all the same and it's all wrong. You don't have to eat meat to be optimally healthy. This is clear now. Think about that. How do we justify it now. We can't. James Hetfield (or Michael Vick) is no worse than anyone that has lunch at McDonalds.
    it's def not all the same, not even close at all
    All I’m saying is that James Hetfield, Michael Vick and average meat consumer are all killing for pleasure. When you pay someone to kill an animal on your behalf so that you can go to McDonalds for lunch it is morally equivalent to killing the animal yourself. If you hire someone to kill your wife you will go to prison for murder. It is considered an equal crime. And since we do not have to eat meat to be optimally healthy the only justification we have for killing 38 billion land animals per year is that they taste good. We get pleasure out of it. Michael Vick gets pleasure out of sitting around the dog pit, we get pleasure sitting around the barbeque pit, James Hetfield gets pleasure out of hunting, it’s all the same. 99+% of all meat consumed comes from a factory farm not from hunting. Those animals would trade places with Michael Vicks dogs any day of the week. I’m defending James Hetfield by saying that he’s no worse than most of us.
    As a vegan I think it's pretty pathetic how people that eat animals get wrapped up and concerned about stupid issues like bear hunting when what they do on a daily basis is so much worse. So to all those stupid f**kers who eat animals but care about some random bears in another continent, stfu, and look to your own habits before condemning some dude from a metal band. Then when you have stopped eating animals, stop wearing leather, stop using products tested on animals ect...then you can focus your beady eye on James Hetfields who occasionally hunts a wild bear Its called being a hippocrit peeps, and any glastonbury-hippie who isn't a vegan and condemns bear hunting is one. just to clarify i personally don't give 2 shirts what James does in his spare time, as long as he doesn't shoot and eat me :S
    It's a funny day when metallica fans call others close minded. Music has nothing to do with this it's ethics. You can argue on here all you want but animal activists will always be against hunting.
    I think I can interpret what they're saying correctly:"We have spent many years building a reputation with our pretentious, middle-class, wannabe proletariat fan-base and we're keen to uphold the interests of the fart smelling, Prius driving fans that we'll do our best to slate anyone that doesn't think like us, Sincerely Glastonbury"
    This is stupid. Metallica never talk about their private lives on stage, or use their position to push an agenda, so the fact that James hunts should not affect whether they play or not
    I really don't understand why people are so up in arms about Metallica playing Glastonbury. It's snobby to say you wouldn't go to a festival because of one band being the headliner. I'm not much of a Metallica fan, but they aren't a terrible band, they are finding relevance in mainstream festivals, big deal. I would say that's pretty damn amazing that a band that's been around for 33 years still headlines and produces huge crowds. This isn't to say I have an open taste in music, but I will always give a new band a try first, they earn that.
    Fucking bullshit, everyone is entitled to opinions and shouldn't be shunned based on beliefs or interests
    I'm sorry, I didn't realize that humans aren't to hunt like wild animals in nature. I didn't know that when we became civilized hunting became so !0,000 B.C.
    F**k off with this crap. This is ridiculous. Some people hunt for their food, others don't. Where is the issue? Unless vegetarians outnumber meat eaters, this topic is hurting.
    Fricken hippies. Well here's a different way to look at it, sissies- The game that he shoots and kills, and harvests meat from, will die within minutes, as opposed to a natural death of days/weeks/months of prolonged agony due to disease/starvation/etc. So you bleeding hearts need to shut your mouths and go sit in the corner.
    I wish these douche bags would understand that hunting has been part of the human race for thousands of years, if not always. Yes people who kill for trophies are **** wits and should be shot, but those that harvest the entire animal and put it to use are just following the way of living that our ancestors did, nothing wrong with being human right? Hunting is perfectly all right in my books as long as you respect the animal in the process. Just leave James alone! If the man wants to shoot bears and be a table, then let him!
    I'm so looking forward to Metallica pissing off the ****s who go to Glastonbury.
    This is the man who missed his son's first birthday to GO SHOOT A BEAR. He is a rock star, not a choir boy. You can still appreciate a mans work and music without having to judge him on his personal choices and lifestyle ffs. For example, I love Megadeth but Dave Mustaine does my effing nut in when he is banging on about politics, so I choose to ignore that side of him and enjoy his music. People hated Metallica when they made a music video. People hated Metallica when they cut their hair. People hated Metallica when they took Napster to court. People hated Metallica when they made St. Anger. People will hate Metalica for even agreeing to do Glastonbury. Ignore the hunting if you disagree and enjoy the BAND. Hetfield's hobbies shouldn't cause the entire band to be punished and the fans to miss out on their favourite band because people don't like it. The man has a real life outside of METALLICA. So why bring this into the Metallica world. It's not Metallica, it's him. oh well, I'm sure Keane will fill in for the biggest band in the world.