Petition Demanding Ozzy Osbourne to Be Knighted, Gathers Over 11,000 Signatures

About 9,000 more signatures needed, petition details inside.

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If the idea of Ozzy Osbourne receiving knighthood sounds like an awesome idea to you, we'll glad to let you know that you're not alone.

An online petition over at is demanding that Black Sabbath singer gets the prestigious tile for over 40 years of service to the guitar-driven world.

"I am petitioning for Ozzy Osbourne, frontman for Black Sabbath to receive a Knighthood after over 40 years of service to the music industry. Birmingham born John Michael Osbourne, has been entertaining and inspiring a great many throughout his life, he has been a huge success world wide with many successful albums with both Black Sabbath as well as in his solo career. Now in his mid '60s, I believe the time has come for him to receive a Knighthood. Please consider Mr. Osbourne for this honor as it is well deserved and long over due," the description reads.

The petition has already fetched over 11,000 signatures and is requiring about 9,000 more to reach the goal. If you want to see the queen recognize Ozzy as a Sir he is, head over here for further details.

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    Ozzy just seems like the complete opposite of someone who would be knighted, and because of that I think it would be bloody awesome if he got knighted.
    I agree, it would be awesome to have the archetypical "black knight". I vote yes.
    He's the prince of darkness, if he gets knighted it's like giving the finger to God. I really hope it happens.
    I'd prefer Tony Iommi to be honest.
    Hell, while we're at it, why don't we just have Bullet for My Valentine or Bring Me the Horizon knighted. Yeah, Tony Iommi is good, but come on, Ozzy definitely deserves it!
    Are you seriously trying to say that Tony only deserves to be knighted as much as BFMV and BMTH do?
    Not that i'm a scene kid or anything but I actually like those two bands. Not that I want them knighted however
    How does Ozzy deserve it over Tony? In fact, Geezer and Tony before Ozzy if you ask me.
    The hell are you talking about? Tony could play circles around them and hes missing parts of his fingers and has cancer for ****s sake! Anyways Tony does deserve it more than Ozzy does. Hell hes been the ONLY constant member of Black Sabbath for the FORTY SIX years of its existence.
    I think Jimmy Page needs to get knighted first. Imagine 'Sir Jimmy Page'.
    Fuck the king
    dey shud nite da king even doe he's nt brtash bcos ov dis qwote alon: "i am a ladys man dey tink i am cool and dis is bcoz i am cool i hav da coolest harecut " - KerryKing01
    Wha, I can't understand a damn thing you just said for pHoOks sake just sing it Ozzy!
    You could try google translate though I'm not sure prepubescent retard is available as a language.
    He's already dined with the former President of the USA, surely this is the next logical step!
    Blaaaaah.. Really? <.< let's get one of the biggest icons of rock 'n roll and ****-the-system-i-make-my-own-way attitude kneel before the queen of England and get a noble title? Meh.. Now i'm kind of sad.
    I can't believe people waste time with this kind of thing. And also can't believe I wasted time commenting it!
    A knight is supposed to be an example! Ozzy is cool and all, but he is certainly not an example for anyone!!!
    OBEs are getting ridiculous. Once, they used to mean something. But now, anybody can get one. Don't misunderstand me, I like Ozzie, but he's just a musician.
    So what are Elton Jon, Paul McCartney, Bono, Mick Jagger then? Just to name a few of the top of my head... there are a few more less known to me I'm sure.
    "we'll glad to let you know..." "prestigious tile". Another day, another article written by a junior high school dropout, right UG?
    As a person from that area i dont believe he should be knighted. why knight ozzy and not iommi? iommi kept his sh1t together while ozzy was off doing drugs. i think too many people have been watching the osbournes reruns...
    Why not make him King?Or kickass duke,Sir Ozzy just sounds inappropriate IMO,but it would still be cool if he were knighted though,simply because he is the ****ing prince of darkness!
    "sounds like an awesome idea to you, WE'LL glad to let you know that you're not alone." Really????? Learn the English language before you get a job as a copywriter or journalist.
    I would prefer the whole band were knighted for their work and influence, but ill sign this.
    He can have it , his witch sold him out as a comedy icon and pandered him to the mainstream press for more exposure and money , and he took it all lying down . Fuck em Oz , don't bow before wrinkly Liz the 2nd . Can't believe that in this day and age the British taxpayer pays a large part of her upkeep , shesounds like a benefit scrounger to me .
    I don't think the metalhead comunity does "REALLY" mind if ozzy gets knighted or not, but nobody can't deny that if that happens, it would be awsome.
    yea nooooo..... dont mean to enrage y'all i just think that for someone who really couldnt sing and survived for 40 years as a ****ed up personality figure while getting away with ridiculous things that most of us would be condemned for and have work visas revoked for.... idk maybe someone like who worked harder as an active member of his community. but on that i dont really care for the monarchy which in itself is just a personality tourist attraction that wastes a lot of britains money these days, so maybe he fits in perfectly!
    except that part where he fostered the spot for some of the best and most influential guitar players in rock/metal history? Not only was he a great frontman in BS and was actually a great fit vocal wise, but people like Jake E Lee, Rhoads, Wylde, and Gus got great recognition for their fantastic skills.
    Lee, Rhoads, Wylde would have done absolutely fine without Ozzy, off pure talent alone... Ozzy & Sharon needed them not the other way around.
    Of what importance is it to the hard rock/metal community that Ozzy be knighted that is English political mumbo jumbo, it's kind of like saying Obama needs to acknowledge and create an award for the achievements Ozzy made in the hardrock/metal culture.
    Second Rate
    I take it you've never heard of The Presidential Medal of Freedom or the Kennedy Center Honors, then? The U.S. government does give out useless awards to pop culture figures. We just don't call it Knighthood or Order of (Insert Country Here).
    Out of the original lineup of black Sabbath, he's the LAST one that should be knighted. Then again, wasn't Elton John knighted? If he had as many dicks sticking out of him, as he has had stuck in him, he'd look like a porcupine. So I guess, more power to Ozzy.
    "demanding that Black Sabbath singer gets the prestigious tile" Makes me wonder what kind of über TILE that might be.
    Well, I do love me some Ozzy, but is knighthood really. . . appropriate? I'm sure some knighted persons have done more drugs and damage than he has, but. . . wait! Pissing on the Alamo, he struck the last blow of UK v US warfare. . . whatever, give it to him. He fought the last battle between the two countries.
    How about Ozzy and Lemmy. Lemmy has given however many years as well. And it would just be hillarious
    I think Lemmy would say the same as David Bowie, that's not what I spent my career working for and decline.
    Pretty sure those next to be knighted are not chosen from petitions on Causes.
    Technically you wouldn't have to call him Sir if it was just an OBE, the only ranks that entitle a person to use the title 'Sir' are KBE or GBE the two highest ranks of knighthood. Also people that are not of British decent can not use the title 'Sir' an example is Bill Gates, he is knighted KBE but since he is American he is not allowed to be called Sir Bill Gates, even though his honorary knighthood rank would permit it.
    "Welcome to knighthood, Sir Ozzy. Ya know, since you screwed over Bill Ward between the reunion, album, and removing his picture(s) from the website."
    sharon deserves the knighthood over ozzy, since without her he'd be nothing more than a crack alley junkie...+he's way overrated and so are iron man and paranoid...god i hate noobies who start by learning these 2 fking songs...just as bad as smoke on the water, or brown eyed girl.
    bit off the subject but judging on what the top 100 tabs are for this site now, we have a bunch of early teenage girls dominating the tab search. shame shame shame shame shame
    or a bunch of teenage boys trying to impress the teenage girls by playing them a little something...