Petrucci Reacts to Ben Weinman Saying He Saw Him Get Super Angry Over Asian Kid Playing Faster Than Him

"I think that kinda happens on a daily basis now," Dream Theater guitarist says.

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Petrucci Reacts to Ben Weinman Saying He Saw Him Get Super Angry Over Asian Kid Playing Faster Than Him

Back in December, The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman told UG he once saw John Petrucci get super angry after seeing some Asian kid on YouTube play guitar faster than him.

And now, John was told this story by Metal Wani, to which he replied (transcribed by UG): "[Laughs] I think that kinda happens on a daily basis now. [Laughs]

"I don't know if I locked myself in a hotel room, but I can tell you - the amount of technical ability that kids have now, not only on guitar but other instruments, is just mind-blowing.

"When we were younger and wanted to learn a song or a guitar solo, there wasn't any way to see it unless you went to a show, and even then it kinda went by quickly and maybe you were far away... you had to drop a needle on a record player over and over and try to figure out what the guitar player was doing.

"It was really, really, really tricky, but now kids have access to YouTube and the internet. There's so much instructional material where you can see exactly how someone is doing something.

"They can click that up in two seconds... they're younger and younger, better and better, it's pretty mind-blowing, pretty wild."

Back in December, Mr. Weinman told UG: "We played with Dream Theater many, many years ago and I remember one day Petrucci wouldn't come out of his dressing room because he found some Japanese kid who could play something a couple BPMs faster than him. He was so pissed off he just sat in there practicing like, 'I gotta beat it!'

"I didn't really ever understand that. I was like, 'Man, I wanna go check out catering and meet people and talk to people.' That's part of the experience of why I'm doing this - so I can kind of see the world and get influences from outside."

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    No matter how good you're at something, there's always some asian kid that's better than you. Even if you are God Petrucci.
    That's a bit of a dick thing to say about someone, regardless if it's true or not. But yeah.... asian kids
    But have the Asian kid COMPOSE music like Petrucci, rather than copy licks, scales, etc., and play them fast.
    This is the only sensible comment. Everything else is plagued by the assumption that faster the player the better.
    I like how he is incredulous that a musician wanted to practice and get better whereas he would prefer to be satiated and get fat at catering. Its called caring about your craft.
    You left out the part where he talked about talking and meeting people. That's called caring about your fans.
    Yeah cause so many fans hang around in catering and he must be sooooo busy that he's surrounded by fans 24/7 and never has time to practice right? Bullshit. He's butthurt cause John didn't want to see him. 
    You sound more butthurt, to be honest. The guy cares about his craft, but he doesn't get the mentality of being 'threatened' by another player's skill. He chooses to use his down time differently. Petrucci can laugh it off and have self awareness, so why take more offense than he did? Honestly, people love speaking freely and openly when it's done anonymously, but the guy gives an offhand opinion that he stands behind, and you're questioning his dedication lol. Well done sir.
    We ain't talking Kurt Cobain here. Ben Weinman is a pretty damn solid guitarist. I'd say he does actually practice occasionally. 
    Big fan of Weinman as a guitar player, but man is it lame to throw another musician under the bus to try and make whatever the fuck his point was. 
    Between this and his story about stealing equipment from a church and still referring to it as metal, I'm starting to think he's kind of a dick.
    Vicryl 2.0
    asian level...  
    Amazing what kids will do when you threaten their lives...
    Actually its because Chinese and Korean children are often forced to practice for hours a day, did you see the Chinese gymnasts? How at a young age their trainers stretch their legs until the kids are crying screaming in agony in order to make them more flexible.
    'I didn't really ever understand that' maybe there's a reason for that eh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Youths , Asians....
    Ah the dichotomy of being white. Regardless of how smart you are, theres always some Asian or Indian guy that's even smarter. Luckily they suck at sports. And the complete opposite is true between us and blacks. 
    White Lives Matter? Or are you phallically challenged, resulting in overcompensating your username? (for the record i'm only joking with ya..these screens don't convey tone)
    "I don't know if I locked myself in a hotel room, but...", not denying it and changing the subject? Wow, that guy really locked himself into a hotel room.
    thats coz as an asian myself we have very few things to distract ourselves as opposed to the land of opportunity. so we just stick to whatever that 1 thing is and keep that ball rolling.
    I think the point was missed.  Doesn't sound like John was pissed so much as it drove him to practice more and/or differently.  The kid was faster, so John wanted to be faster himself.   If he was pissed, it might be more at himself for not practicing as hard as he felt he should have been.
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