Pharrell Hoping for Oasis Collaboration: 'Always Wanted to Work With Them'

Singer would also like to work with U2.

Ultimate Guitar

In a new interview with the Telegraph (via Gigwise), Pharrell Williams has expressed his thoughts on not getting the chance to collaborate with Michael Jackson before he died.

As Pharrell notes, he doesn't view the lack of collaboration as a sadness "because we're provided with circumstances that we deduce the lessons that are there for us to learn, and you have to be grateful for those."

Pharrell also revealed that he has "always wanted to work with Oasis" and when asked about the possibility of collaborating with U2, he responded

"F--k yeah! Hell yeah. Who wouldn't? I love sharing the spotlight. That's what it's for. It's like sunlight, right? It's not just for you and me. It's for everyone. There's room under the sun for everyone. I get a joy out of sharing the light."

The singer's latest solo album "Girl" was released in March.

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    Well, he may be a good producer. But: 1. First of all, Oasis no longer exists. Could be a reunion in the future? Maybe, but for now Oasis is a defunct band. 2. I highly doubt Noel who has dissed rap and hip hop artists before ( Jay-Z) would accept working with Pharrell. But... who knows, who knows.
    They're both twats so I'm sure both of them will do whatever they feel like or what makes them money. This whole break for the band I'm sure is a money ploy. They realized multiple bands are selling high rate tickets for reunion tours so play the fighting game then wait a few years and tour for more revenue and all that.
    Please no. We don't need to ruin Oasis anymore than they've already done themselves.