Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown Join Forces at Download Festival for Pantera Classics

Also, cat pants. Yep, cat pants.

Ultimate Guitar

This weekend's Download festival was a bumper event for Pantera fans, featuring not one, but two partial reunions of the band across the weekend.

Things kicked off on Sunday June 12th when Phil Anselmo joined Rex Brown's band Kill Devil Hill on stage for a cover of "Mouth of War." Brown then joined Anselmo and the Illegals later in the day for a cover of "A New Level." Check out videos below.

In related news, Phil Anselmo and Dillinger Escape Plan's Ben Weiman appear to be founding a cat-pants gang. Weiman posted photos on Instagram of the pair wearing the absurd cat based garments backstage at Download.

Who has a better image than us!? NOBODY!

- Philip H. Anselmo (@philiphanselmo) June 16, 2014

YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture

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    UG - I'm pretty sure the title of the song is 'Mouth FOR War'!
    It's cool how Rex & Anselmo are keeping that Pantera spirit alive but at the same time, Vinnie does have a point. A reunion just wouldn't work as the most noticable memebr of the band is missing, it'd be a heartbreak for Vinnie to try and go ahead with the reunion.
    Phil actually sounded badass on New Level. FINALLY! PHIL IS THE BEST METAL FRONTMAN.
    He should have worn those pants on stage.
    Also, under the related news section: Phil Anselmo: 'I Don't Own a Phone, Don't Do Facebook or Any of That Sh-t' *Sees article and notices he has a Twitter* K then.
    A new level!! Of facial hair!! And beeeeaards!! Seriously though, Phil sounded real good in the videos. Good to see Phil and Rex jamming again! Looks like they had a blast!!
    Phil and Rex should do Dime's tribute on their own, without Vince. I wouldn't mind seeing that. It'd work better since they are true friends to this day, and they'll never be friends with Vince again.
    I saw it and it was awesome, they also played Death Rattle and the drop down to Hollow