Phil Anselmo Bashes Modern Technology: 'Quit Playing With F--king Machines, Take a Look Around!'

"Heads up, hands down!" the singer shouts.

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Former Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo warned against the addictive aspect of modern technology and the way it might affect future generations. The subject itself comes as the inspiration behind Phil's "Battalion of Zero" track off his latest solo effort "Walk Through Exits Only." "Everybody's just doing this today [mimics smartphone users]," the singer told Artisan News. "By the way, the world's going on around you. 'They've' got the herd mentality occupied, they got you occupied Jack. I'm convinced of it." Anselmo continued, asking, "How much emotion can be read into black and white? Zero. How much is that gonna affect later generations? A lot. Today's technology - as wonderful as it is to a certain degree - has its addictive, addictive, addictive qualities that I think are definitely disturbing in today's world, hence - head's up, hand's f--king down. Quit playing with your f--king machine, take a look at what's around you - the battalion of zero." Phil is currently working on a new Down studio effort, tentatively scheduled for an early 2014 release. "I think in November we can knock it out, and I think it's not too far-fetched to think that the next EP would be coming out within the first three months of 2014," the singer said during a recent Natalie's World interview.

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    "Can't you see you have been trapped by stupid smartphones one step from fading you You want it glued on your skin and treat it as a friend i 've got real friends unlike you What do you do?!"
    I agree with Phil,,people pay to much dam attention to their phones,stop texting while you drive you little f#@kers!
    I love the look of utter concentration on his face to get every single word out. He's definitely got a point though, the world is watching itself through a tiny camera image on a screen. I'm not saying smartphones should be outlawed or no-one should own one or whatever, just actually live outside of that bubble for a bit. This sort of behaviour with technology isn't progression it's regression.
    Read the article people, he's talking about high levels of investment into devices rather than looking at the concrete world, not electronic music.
    He's not wrong or anything, but from the opinions I've read of him he just seems like a traditionalist ******* that can't accept change
    He's from Louisiana, man. Also, it's good to have traditionalists. Sometimes when you're moving ahead, you forget where you came from. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to move forward, but it's easy to leave good things in the past.
    Apparently he's never read a book, saying how he doesn't realize that emotion can be conveyed in "black and white" Maybe he just can't read...
    I absolutely cannot stand anyone who says "OMggzzz get off ur smartfone cuz its just a screen its not realll go outside get fresh aiiiir". Just stop, please. Have these people ever once considered that perhaps people *enjoy* using their smartphone, notebook, tablet and/or PC? Everyone has their thing. Some people like having liberty spikes, some people enjoy longboarding, some people like trip-hop and some people like TECHNOLOGY. I sit at my computer for hours every evening, for hours during the day; talking to my friends, programming and playing games - and you know what? I f*cking love it. I spend time outside, and I often look at my phone, so what? I'm enjoying myself. F*ck you.
    I think it's less about the fact that some people spend alot of time in front of computers and more about the fact that people meet up and still just look onto their smartphones. which sucks pretty much and is a major dick move, in my opinion.
    You're an idiot. The point is being stuck to tech steers you away from social situations. This means less experience dealing with social situations. This means delicate social situations which require experience to handle, you won't know what the **** to do with. I'm stuck to my phone, total facebook *****, on my xbox or laptop entirely too much. Only go outside when going out to eat or to the store. I don't give a crap how much you enjoy it, there will be times where that reclusive attitude will bite you in the ass. If you can't admit that, then you have no idea what I'm talking about. Tech makes life easier. That's nice, but an easy life makes for a weak person. They didn't have that shit 20 years ago, hence why older people are better at dealing with this shit than us youngins. They had no choice but to get good at it.
    Well, Acoustic guitarists probably tought the same when Electric guitarists came with effects... I dont know why making music with electronic devices it's so bad after all
    Common, man. At least read the article before you comment.
    Wow ok, I have shitty reading comprehension, I suck, continue with your lives, I tought he was talking about making music, I re-read it and damn, Im an idiot
    Hooray for humility! For recognizing your defeat, you should go treat yourself to some nice food. I hear Denny's has a Hobbit menu or something.
    this is a bit of a grey area imo. electronic tech is good cos it gives a lot more opportunity to be creative, bad cos it makes people slack (cough autotune cough). if technology like this didnt exist, then the only thing people would have to get noticed is musical talent.
    I agree with Phil, although a lot of great music is made throughout using just computers and electronics. Take early Daft Punk or Flying Lotus.
    We should all take heed from the smack addict who blew his most promising opportunity in life-Pantera. He certainly knows how we all should live. The guy should focus really hard on not looking like he was just concussed in every photo taken of him.
    I guess he records all of his music with brail carved into slabs of hardwood, and plays it back by running his finger nails over the brail? God forbid if he used electronics to record his music. Dont even get me started about the instruments themselves.
    I honestly fully agree with him. I am addicted to my Samsung Note 2, and am utterly ashamed of it sometimes. A phone call, where you can sit and chat, and have a good time has been replaced by *VVVVV* "Oh, heh.." *click click click* You have to make an effort to call someone, to which half the time they say "let's just text." It is a large contribution to my social awkwardness, and sometimes I wish I could just be rid of it.
    So in Phil's opinion every band should use only acoustic guitars etc. Just kidding, Phil Anselmo is pure old school, he's real and organic.
    I think technology is great for self taught musicians.... But playing music from machines is emotionless as hell.....
    that's a pretty ignorant thing to say. i'll let you in on a little secret you obviously couldn't wrap your head around on your own. there's this concept of a thing called a "medium", a bridge between the artist's mind and the world, whether it be oil paints, a trumpet, or a computer, it's all the same. the only thing electronic mediums do is provide the ability for more people to express their artistic vision, and more options for them to do it. saying electronic music isn't music is the same as saying graphic designing isn't art. it's simply ignorant.
    Perhaps people hav mistaken me.... I was talking abt learning real instruments through internet...