Phil Anselmo Claims All Pantera Members Were Targeted By Dimebag's Gunman

Frontman reveals new info regarding the murder of Dimebag Darrell and his gunman.

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Former Pantera and current Down frontman Phil Anselmo has recently spoken about the murder of his former bandmate Dimebag Darrell, revealing some new information previously unknown to public. In an interview with Metal Messiah radio, the singer discovered that the murderer wasn't specifically after the guitarist, but the whole band in general, making each member a potential victim.

"I've spoken to the police officers who were there and handled the situation when Dimebag was murdered. And they told me clearly, that after an investigation and going back to the murderer's apartment and digging through his notes that he had taken and threats and death threats that he had written down that any one of us were targets. I had a police officer tell me that on that particular night, had Superjoint [Ritual] been playing, or Down, or any of my other bands at the time, that I most certainly would have been the target. Not that it made me feel any better - it did not, it did not make me feel better at all."

The frontman commented that he finds it "very insulting" that a lot of people have spoken about the murder publicly and they know nothing about it, adding that the media also had their share in "stirring the pot".

"It did clarify in my mind that all of the negative vibe that I had received either from, I guess, media but also, in today's world, where people can leave comments and this and that, I found it very, very insulting and also interesting that people could chime in on a subject that they knew nothing about, really. All they knew is what the media fed them. And you know the media - they're dying to, I guess, in the past sell tangible magazines or get hits on their web site. So anything to stir the pot was... They most certainly did that."

"But honestly, this is all old news_backup. I think that my actions over the past seven, eight years. Now it's almost a decade coming up pretty soon since negativity has really controlled my life, or I allowed it to control my life. I do not let it control my life at all anymore. I am in control. And life is going to dish out negativity no matter what. At the time, I was doing everything possible to let negativity into my life. And that's a tough lesson to learn - that you really are in control of certain aspects of your life."

When asked what would he do in case he was in Randy Blythe's position during the recent Czech Republic trial, the frontman admitted that would've done everything in his power to avoid the trial.

"I would have lawyered up and done everything possible in this country - America - to avoid having to go back to the Czech Republic. Because, honestly, I think it's a bogus charge. I've seen the footage [of the concert in question] and I've done what Randy has done [on stage] a million times. And I think that, from the footage that I saw, there was a big, giant security guard pushing [a fan off the stage] in the same moment. Why don't they go after the security guard as well?"

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    The dude that shot Dime will always, ALWAYS, be on the absolute top of my shit list.
    Why did he decide to go after the guys from Pantera anyway? That is what I don't get.
    Why did Chapman shot Lennon? They're both insane f**ked up people I guess.
    wanna hear something really screwy? both of them died on Dec. 8th, to my knowledge. Either way, schizophrenic or no, this did not need to happen.
    From what I read, it was because he thought their music was directed towards him, and thought they were mocking him? I dunno the details, but from I gathered, it was because of paranoid delusions/being a nutter.
    L.T Kickass
    He was mentally ill with paranoid schizophrenia, and thought that the members of Pantera could read his thoughts, he's really not to blame.
    yes he is to blame! what the F$%# do mean he isn't to blame?? that is the dumbest comment ever ! crazy sick mentally ill whatever this piece of human trash was able to operate a vehicle,weapon he served in the military he went to school like so many others he knew right from wrong! period end of story sick or not he is most certainly to blame! i work with these types of offenders every single day. it's one thing to be empathetic! it's something entirely different to be sympathetic.. he chose to kill innocent people! don't ever say that when someone commits heinous acts such as this they aren't to blame if that were true then you might as well give adolf hitler a pass! DUMBASS!
    You clearly have no idea how mental diseases work whatsoever. While you're in that sort of state of mind, right and wrong don't exist.
    Of course, there's always money to be made when masturbating on webcam. Unless it's on Omegle/Chat Roulette...
    You read my mind... His classmate's half-sister is obviously a *****.
    I am so sick of hearing about Nathan Gale's paranoid schizophrenia. The fact that the cops found notes in his house shows he was planning this. There's a point where mental conditions stop being issues and start being a crutch. People want to throw around his mental health to show some sympathy but the fact is that he was planning on killing all of them. Fuck Nathan Gale.
    In an interview with Metal Messiah radio, the singer discovered that the murderer wasn't specifically after the guitarist He discovered all that in the interview?
    I'm not really sure this is news.
    hey you, shut up..
    I think your the one that needs to shut up, he told this in an interview with High Times in september 2011.. Here's the link, 6 minutes in.
    Come on people mop there has a great point FUCK Nathan Gale. Even chad from nickelfag has the balls to say it. Fuck Nathan Gale! The only thing I really hate is that I couldn't have been the officer to pull the trigger and put him away.
    bad production on radio show.alot of pantera news but crap news....