Phil Anselmo: 'Doing a Full-Length Record Is Thing of the Past'

artist: Phil Anselmo date: 05/20/2014 category: music news
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Phil Anselmo: 'Doing a Full-Length Record Is Thing of the Past'
Phil Anselmo has been talking with 94.9 K-Rock (via Blabbermouth) about the future of recording, and how he feels that full-length albums are a thing of the past. When asked about Down's decision to release "Down IV" as two separate EPs, Anselmo responded:

"The question of the f--king decade! Everyone's attention span these days is a little shorter. Honestly, for me, doing a full-length record is a thing of the past. I'm not doing it again. It's boring.

"If I can concentrate on making five or six songs the best I can, that's the way I would prefer to release it. There's several reasons for Down. On the first three records, it took us five years between every record to put them out, so doing it in the EP formula helps us get it quicker to people. Not so much stress on everyone.

"At the end of the day, Down is still made up of a bunch of other bands. The new Eyehategod is coming out and Jimmy is going to be busy with that. Pat does a lot of grindcore stuff. Pepper does all kinds of stuff. I do the Illegals and run the record label and all. We all realize every one of us has other things ... But when it's Down time, it's Down time. We all commit."

Anselmo also discussed the current state of play with Pantera, noting that he is kept informed of matters regarding the band via-email:

"We are all attached via e-mail. I don't answer back much unless there's a decision or they need an answer from me on if something is cool or whatever. Rex [Brown, bass] and I keep in touch. I love Rex. I love Vinnie [Paul Abbott, drums]. I love them both. Vince is the captain of his ship right now and he does what he does. I'm not going to judge a man by his life or decisions. I've got my own f--king ship to steer. Rex and I are in contact. I respect Vince and his decisions. Love is the law. Love under will."
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