Phil Anselmo Explains Why Dimebag Darrel Was the Greatest: 'He Had This Thing Called Soul'

artist: Pantera date: 08/26/2013 category: music news
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Phil Anselmo Explains Why Dimebag Darrel Was the Greatest: 'He Had This Thing Called Soul'
Former Pantera singer Phil Anselmo recently opened up about his late bandmate Dimebag Darrell, naming reasons why he's the greatest metal guitarist of all time. During a chat with Loudwire, Anselmo named Dime's soulful playing as a crucial aspect of his greatness, basically calling him miles ahead of neo-classical titan Yngwie Malmsteen. "He lived it, he breathed it, he meant every f--king second of it and he could do it all," the fronman kicked off. "He had taste, he had a heart, he had this thing called soul - and I'm from New Orleans Jack. When you make a note wiggle, with beautiful vibrato - he had all that." Phil continued, "Then he had that damn whammy bar which at the time might have been considered 'hackney' and somehow he brought it back to life and made it do different things. He could make his guitar talk. He brought this thing called indifferent type of heavy tone as well. He was very responsible for tone - very particular, fought-for for a long time, not happy for the longest time." After praising the rest of Pantera as the tightest group of musicians he's ever played with and sharing a few interesting behind-the-scene stories about Dimebag, Anselmo once again focused on the axeman's playing. "My point is, no matter how hungover, no matter what he did, somehow when he would get on that f--king stage it would click and he would be a machine," Phil said. "And he could fly actually - and not miss a note. I've seen his headstock broken off - not missing a note - I've seen him sh-t onstage in a bucket and hold his guitar while he was doing it." Finally, Phil returned to the soul aspect. "There's different types of guitar players. OK, there's Yngwie Malmsteens out there - great, good for him. Does he have the soul Dimebag had? Nope. I mean not even close. I don't give a flying f--k about sweeps - that's boring bullsh-t for 'guitar nerds.' [burp] I prefer a motherf--ker with soul, heart and goddamn muscle. And passion! Motherf--ker had it all," he concluded. Anselmo's unique vibe is hard to transfer through text, so we recommend checking out the video below to get the full grasp. And do you agree with Phil on this one - do you prefer Dime over Yngwie? Let us know in the comments.
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