Phil Anselmo: 'Forget About Pantera Reunion'

Phil is open to a Pantera reunion with Zakk Wylde on guitar, but nothing will happen until drummer Vinnie Abbott is ready to talk.

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Phil Anselmo says fans should forget about ever seeing a Pantera reunion until drummer Vinnie Abbott is ready to talk.

Pantera broke up in 2003, and Vinnie's brother Dimebag Darrell was shot on stage at a Damageplan gig one year later. Anselmo never managed to reconcile his differences with the Abbott brothers before Darrell's death.

When asked by Radio Metal (via Blabbermouth) if he's tired of being asked about a potential Pantera reunion, Anselmo said he understands why fans want more but in reality it's a hard thing to revive.

"It's not a very hopeful thing to think about, because I would guess Vinnie Paul and I would have to sit down and talk, and right now, I don't think he wants to talk about that at all. And he definitely, sure as hell, doesn't wanna talk to me," Anselmo said.

He continued: "Put it this way: my door is open always; his door is closed and locked. And until we can sort the situation out - if we can ever sort the situation out - then I would pretty much forget about a Pantera reunion."

That doesn't mean Anselmo has moved on from Pantera, despite giving his current project Down his full attention these days.

"I think about Pantera every day, as well there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about Dimebag, or I'm not reminded in one way or another of the days of Pantera and how I view things today," he said. "Pantera, for me, was a very positive thing in my life for many years, so I choose to remember the good stuff."

Do you think Vinnie will ever let Anselmo come to talk about a Pantera reunion, or is it time to give up hope? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    And I Still Ask Myself: 'Who the F--k is Bruno Mars?'
    Yeah but who likes being told what to do? Phil Anselmo: 'Forget About Pantera Reunion' Me: 'Phil, don't think about zebra's, dick!'
    Isn't this kind of obvious? It's been said for ages that for a reunion to happen, Phil and Vinnie would have to be on good terms. This article is just once again echoing everything that has been said before. I'm personally not counting on a reunion. Pantera were ****ing amazing at their prime in the 90s but who's to say they will have that same collective energy and power now, especially considering that 1/4 of that band, Dimebag, is no longer alive?
    Meh, I think a tribute world tour to Dimebag and Pantera would be pretty cool but to call it a reunion, to me just wouldn't make sense.
    Vinnie blames Phil for death of Dime. Vinnie has strong character and I think that unfortunately it won't happen. Anyway reunion with the new band member always have supporters and opponents like "no Pantera without Dime" ect.
    Just like the old GN'R, until Slash and Axl talk, same way with these two. I wish both bands would reunite, but I honestly don't think either one of em will.
    As much as I agree that Dime is irreplaceable, no one would be better for the job than Wylde, and he would make Dime proud.
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    I've always argued that the spot would be better filled by someone like Vinnie LaBella or Brian Patton.
    Great interview with Rex in GW this month. Sounds like Vinnie has completely lost his shit, and was even losing it back in the day. He always seemed like a guy that was trying a little too hard, with the stupid shaved beard patterns, Rob Zombie cowboy hats & all that. I know Anselmo's druggie ways were a problem, but I think Vinnie's ego was the #1 problem, and continues to be to this day.
    It's not as much as the problem with Phil, Vinnie and Rex talking to each other and playing again together it's impossible to fill Dime's shoes. Even if they were getting along. To me.. Dime was the whole band.
    dude then you arent a PanterA fan did dime do the vocals???oh wait how about the drums??? cant forget about bass either!!! no he didnt do any of those. yes dime was and is the best guitar player who ever lived but there would never have been PanterA without all four elements....By saying that Dime was the whole band your just like every idiot in America who's pussy gets wet cause someone died...I bet you think kurt cobain was all of Nirvana and the Best singer ever too???
    Dime wasn't the best player ever. He just happens to have died. Same deal with Hendrix really.
    shreddy seems to be in the camp of "must be overrated because he's not my favorite". He wasn't the most technically gifted but guitar playing, to me, has been composition over everything else. And Pantera's got some of the best riffs ever. I don't claim him to be the best player ever, but implying that his high status is a result of his death is BS. He made great music before he died, and his death doesn't factor into why he was a great player. Buckethead is my contender for greatest guitarist ever, and yet he's still alive. Life and death don't factor into what makes a guitarist great. And Dimebag's guitar playing is great regardless of what happened to him.
    Except when life and death always factor into what makes anyone great. Heath Ledger will always be the best joker to alot of people when they try rebooting batman because it was his last role before he died. He was a phenomenal joker of course, but he'll be that much harder to top because he's dead. Dimebag had THE WORST tone I think I've ever heard out of a guitar and while he was a great guitar player he wasn't the best. It has nothing to do with favoritism. The guy simply said he wasn't the best. Now on to the actual topic. I'd like to hear some new pantera with new blood. No already known guitarist. I want to see someone who was picked for their talent and the band feels like Dimebag would be glad to see a part of Pantera. If they can do that, I'm interested. If they can't then we might as well be listening to that guitarists band.
    link no1
    Your comment is invalid. He IS overrated because he is dead, whether or not he is a good player already. Seriously, Pantera wouldn't be as big as they are today if Dimes death wasn't keeping the fans interested years later. Same with Nirvana, they weren't the messiahs everybody says they where.
    You guys have to be no older than 14 I'm guessing. Here are a few facts from a veteran Pantera fan. - No Dimebag isn't the best guitarist in the world, that's the silliest s**t I've ever heard. He was however, a vital component to the band for a variety of reasons. This is why no Dime= no Pantera -If you had you bestfriend/blood brother's head blown off right in front of you, you'd very likely share the same sort of PTSD that Vinnie has. Leave the guy alone, too borrow Pantera lyrics, it's "beating a dog that's dead" -If a "Pantera" reuinion did happen, it would most likely be a disappointment on all levels anyway. Everyone has changed now 13 years later. They are older and more weary at this point. The album would just feel forced and lack any remnants of what made Pantera great at one time
    The PTSD ain't that bad because he's been playing live with HellYeah and its been a long time now. The man has got to heal. Can't keep carrying that for the rest of his life. But like I said, I wanna see an unknown come in and rock pantera. Otherwise, not interested.
    Reunion or not just bury the hatchet!! Life is way too short to carry all that hatred around with you! The reunion will pronbably NEVER happen but come on people getting tired of storys about who hates who and all that crap!
    I think they should just do a one off show, and have a different guitarist for every song they'd play as a tribute
    Dime and Zakk were close friends, if Dime would want anyone to play in his place, it would be Zakk.
    they did it with A.I.C, cant see why iy cant happen with pantera, im hoping a Acid Bath renunion would happen aswell
    I was there for the first tour of AIC revival and I was pleasantly pleased with finally seeing a band I once thought I would never get to see, and would love to feel this way about Pantera too.. But please, unlike AIC for the love of god do NOT release any more albums.
    Black Gives Way to Blue is an amazing album, and I bet The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here will be, too. You're not listening to AiC objectively if you don't think they're still putting out great music.
    dime and zakk are two diffrent guitar players. dime was far beeter player. even zakk would say so.vinny just don't wanna drag up shit from the past. he has lived it.we just listened from a distance
    enough already! hey megadeth released a song yesterday. black sabbath is getting ready to do a north american tour, lots of summer festivals coming up. eric clapton just put out a new album. maiden is going on tour with megadeth anthrax testament overkill and sabaton. stone sour is heading out in support of the house of gold and bones which by the way is pretty damn good! there is still that slayer dave lombardo thing going on. the bass player for 3 doors down was charged with vehicular homicide zakk wylde just did a semi acoustic performance in frisco which was streamed live on facebook. he also did the unblackened show back in march which i had the pleasure of attending and it was awesome! in other words U.G. start reporting music news that we may not already know or least haven't heard a thousand times before this pantera issue is stale stop telling us what we already know please!
    it's like the tenth time i'm reading the same article in several months already
    Yeah... and they're gonna do a 4way date together with Slash and Axl at the table.
    IMO, Zakk would be the ONLY one to be worthy enough to stand in Dime's spot on stage if it were to ever happen.
    What annoys me more than anything is that before I even clicked on the link to read this article, I was offended to see that someone had actually taken the time to review Michael Bubles new album. Seriously?? Who would do that on a GUITAR site?!?
    Megadeth...meh, Black Sabbath was cool tho and ur right. there are positive things happening in music. i am sure once Rex's book drops, it may clear up a few things or start a bunch of new ones lol. I too am sick of hearing about Phil and Pantera "news". i will take my own advice and move on. thanks centermass
    i bet he is poor nowadays. spending all your money on H can make a guy poor. You must be one of the dumb a$$es who feel it is necessary to defend a druggie who finally may have kicked his habit. just cuz he is on step 12 doesn't mean Vinnie HAS to forgive him. I used to like Phil back when he cared about how he sounded live. I DID GO TO THE LIVE SHOW...he sung like a$$ and you can defend him all u want but if you can't sing like you do on disc then take singing lessons LOL Randy of LoG and even David Draiman and M Shadows have covered Phil better than Phil. i hope that they NEVER reform PANTERA. some chances in life pass you and you can't ever get them back. Phil needs to move on and i don't blame Vinnie one bit. you ever been around a full blown Heroin addict...not fun? I hope every time Phil gets upset about Vinnie he remembers it and uses it as a reason not to do H again...cuz some things you can NEVER get back.
    what Phil is really saying for the 20th time!! "gee, i really hope this Pantera reunion happens so i can make some REAL money, instead of this chump change i get now from the bands and projects that i do now that will NEVER be a good a PANTERA.After all, a man has to think about his retirement."
    LOL! Right because he is so poor nowadays... You must be one of those idiots that blame Phil for Dimebag's murder.
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    They so easily blame Phil for Dime's murder, but forget to credit him for introducing the Abbot brothers to the metal sound that would save them from being another shitty poodle rock band. Folks that slag on Phil so much need to go listen to those first three albums and see what they sounded like before him.
    i agree...forget it. its like asking a hot chick out over and over, u can only try for so long then its like **** that bitch.
    Even if they do talk again, I still say leave it. Some people are simply irreplacable. It's not like Korn where they can have some dude stand behind a curtain and pretend he isn't there.
    No Pantera reunion? Fine, can we just leave it be then? Not another story about how it's not gonna happen?
    I'm fine if there isn't a reunion. Let them do what they want. But, I'd just like Vinnie to forgive Phil, and for them to be friends again.
    Since Dime's death, there have been talks... Honestly, I think the media blew up Phil's shit. Phil, I don't think, is a bad guy. Vinnie has been making money off of Dime's death since he died, (via: Behind the Music, Dime Vision, Hellyeah...). I would love to see a Pantera Reunion but it would never be the same. Zakk would be good. I can't think of anyone else to be honest.
    There's only one person worthy to fill Dime's guitar spot and that's Dime. Time for people to move on.
    the only guitar player i could imagine jamming with pantera at a reunion would be zakk wylde. that could be cool
    The odds of it actually happening would be pretty slim, but if they did decide to play the old songs with a couple guitarists, that'd be pretty damn amazing. If it were to happen, it'd probably be either a single tour or one super special show (probably in Texas). If I could choose who'd be doing the guitar work, I'd pick Zakk Wylde, Scott Ian, Gary Holt, Jeff Hanneman, or Robb Flynn
    I've seen this news with a different title ten times now, and I have one observation: If Phil wants to have a reunion with Vinnie Paul, it probably won't happen by throwing "he's stubborn" jabs at him through the media.