Phil Anselmo: 'I Hate Rock Stars, I Hate All That Untouchable 'Lay Off Me''

"It's ridiculous," the singer adds.

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Phil Anselmo recently gave the rock star attitude a decent bashing, naming Down's down-to-earth behavior as one of the contributing factors to the band's success.

"We're not big image guys; we like to let the music do the talking for us and really approach the audience as one of them, really," Phil kicked off during a Team Rock Radio chat (via Blabbermouth).

"Because I hate rock stars, man. I hate all that untouchable 'lay off me' and entourages and all that s--t. It's ridiculous. So I think the fact that we keep it down to earth, and we play songs that we damn well know are crowd favorites, I think that is a recipe for some type of success. I just don't know how to put my finger on what type of success. So that's even better. The unknown is great, too," the singer added.

During last year's interview with Zoiks Online, Phil elaborated his "rock star" stance in more detail, saying, "I think the more real you can be with people in general, they don't have to be fans or anything like that, just the more real you can be with people in any walk of life, because, honestly, I can't say I'm any good at much else than what I'm into, and if music is my f--king specialty, it doesn't mean I can walk in someone else's shoes and do their job, because I can't.

"That's how I look at everything, especially between people relations. It's hard enough living in my own skin; God knows I can't imagine living for someone else at the same time. I think it's a two-way street, man, and both of us have the right of way. I prefer to make friends over having this worship or be set up on this pedestal. It's bulls--t, man."

In recent news, Anselmo discussed his anti-technology stance, at least when the latest tech is considered, saying that he doesn't own a phone and communicates strictly via e-mail. Check out more here.

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    I like to see this, just a guy enjoying doing what he wants to do, if the fame comes along with it, so be it, but a guy just priviledged to be given the chance to perform to people. Phil must be one of the most down to earth people in metal
    This is the difference between someone with charisma and a personality. Anselmo can walk on stage with a weird ass beard and clothes he slept in the night before and people pay attention. This is something very few pop stars have. Take away their look and stage production and people wouldn't really care.
    I feel like there are a decent number of musicians who are starting to act more like this. The rock star persona isn't as common now and some of the older musicians who are still around have managed to stay down to earth. The guys in Iron Maiden for instance are pretty great.
    waiting for a maiden < / > ***** which seem to be really popular in these news lately ;P ot: yep right, the maiden guys are great in this matter
    Professor Philip H. Anselmo in the photo. He's a pure metalhead, his attitude is great. Long live Phil!
    I think the Rockstar fad has up and left rock music itself. Even some of the upper tier musicians in terms of money and fame I love are very humble. Slash, Bruce Springsteen, Zakk Wylde, they had no problem going out of their way to meet the fans
    Phil Anselmo is just awesome. He has the PERFECT attitude... and he also happens to be one of the best metal singers of the last 25+ years.
    1) I think Down has surpassed Pantera for me. 2) Love his attitude.
    highly unpopular opinion, if Dime hadn't tragically died Pantera wouldn't have their high tier status.
    He def didn't have that attitude a few years ago at a Down show: he got in an argument with someone in the crowd and pulled him up onstage to make him kneel down before him for forgiveness. It's on YouTube. If he has cleared up as much as he seems to have lately, then its for the better.
    Josh Homme and that douche in crow bar could take a lesson from this. Seriously Josh Homme is a total diva bitch
    you mean the "douche" that was in Down with Phil and would meet the fans just like him until he left to focus on crowbar.
    That "douche from Crowbar" is one of the most down to earth dudes you'll ever meet. I've met him and Pepper from Down, and trust me, they're the furthest thing from being douche bags.
    U gota love Phil. He puts himself out there and speaks his mind, the direct kunt. Respect 2 the man, fo' sho'. Not a bad singer, either ; ) \m/