Phil Anselmo: 'I Miss the Pantera Days'

artist: Pantera date: 08/07/2013 category: music news
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Phil Anselmo: 'I Miss the Pantera Days'
Vocalist Phil Anselmo recently reminisced the old Pantera days, admitting that he misses performing with the legendary metal act. During a chat with Lithium Magazine, Anselmo named the crowd response to Pantera tunes as what he specifically misses the most, describing it as a once in a lifetime experience. "Honestly, I miss the Pantera days," the singer kicked off. "I miss playing those songs. And really, what I miss the most about all of that is the feeling that you get from an audience when you play those songs. It's very unique and very once in a lifetime." Anselmo explained further, "It's absolutely mind-blowing and it makes my heart really pump in a different palpitating level, you know? It's like it makes my heart swell, so to speak. Really, I miss the Pantera days. I miss the audience. The mere fact that I can get up there and jam with a lot of my brothers that I grew up with, it's amazing and I love it." The frontman also reached an interesting subject of online critics and music websites, describing the internet hate as a common phenomenon. "It's amazing how many websites out there thrive on the negative comment and the asinine comment," he said. "They love it. And they realize the more hits they get the more recognized their shitty website is. "And I see this in sports websites," the vocalist continued. "Every kind of website you can possibly imagine, and that just shows that we are in a world that everyone has different ideas about how things should tick, how things should work and how things should not work. So everybody is pulling in different directions as f--king usual, so it's just another day in the life, you know?" Anselmo then specifically focused on the so-called hate-oriented music websites. "As for the websites that really cater to this f--king format of negative commentary in the comment section that is sooo important to keyboard warriors, I think it's honestly a bit cowardly. I think its f--king chickensh-t." The singer concluded, "And I think that most of these people who actually take the time of day to go out of their way and comment negatively on something are really just lonely, envious, sad suck f--ks that have nothing else to do with their f--king time. And people like that mean about as much to me as the dirt on the ground. I couldn't give a f--k." Anselmo's debut solo record, "Walk Through Exits Only," dropped on July 16 via Housecore Records featuring a total of eight new tracks.
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