Phil Anselmo: 'I Wanted Control of My Life Again'

artist: Phil Anselmo date: 06/05/2013 category: general music news

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Phil Anselmo: 'I Wanted Control of My Life Again'
Phil Anselmo says that getting clean has transformed his life, but he's still ashamed of seeing himself in old interviews when he was high. In an interview with Steppin' Out (via journalist Dan Lorenzo), the singer says that every aspect of his life has improved now that he's more reliable and others can depend on him not to flake. "When I look back at old interviews and I'm slurring words and I'm about to fall asleep in front of the f'ing camera, it's embarrassing. It sucked. And it still sucks. I use that shit as a beacon of sorts of where not to ever go again in my life. I felt like I was shortchanging myself, therefore short changing anyone that was ever a fan of my music. It's bullshit. "There's always a better way. With a clear mind, you can get more work done, you can get more personal work done, and then you can extend yourself to other people in a more rational way. Even if it's a dinner date or producing a record. Every walk of life that you take, you can at least be a reliable human being, which is a very tough thing to come by in a lot of cases. I pride myself on being that guy." In the same interview (via Blabbermouth), the ex-Pantera frontman whose debut solo album "Walk Through Exits Only" is out on July 16, says it's impossible to put a tag on his brutal new music. "I wanted it to be a record that's very hard to slide into a particular slot. To call it heavy metal, that's fair enough, but to me, I wanted to do an extreme record that was just as extreme as anything else, but without, I guess, the preconceived notions," he said. "When you listen to death metal or black metal, you already kind of have a general idea where the lyrics are going to go. I wanted to sing about real things. Real things in my life." Hear the title track from Phil Anselmo's solo album "Walk Through Exits Only" here:
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